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Extracts From Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s Radio Broadcast Of 31st May 2020

Kanu Radio Broadcast Extracts

Kanu Radio Broadcast Extracts

June 01 2020 | Radio Biafra



Mazi Nnamdi Kanu offers super prayer in the language of heaven as he asks for heavens intervention as our enemies have gathered our land. He also assured heaven that Biafra will never worship any graven image or anything born of a woman.


1. We are going to start in a way people did not expect us to. We want to lay the background on how the zoo became decayed. That humanity will understand the enormity of the problem facing those living in Nigeria.


2. Our enemies are not sleeping; the traitors are not sleeping therefore we must not sleep. Our enemies are numerous.


3. Ali Ndume is a Fulani Janjaweed politician, listen to what he has to say about Nigeria, the video is everywhere, from their we will proceed.


4. Our enemies who are within are using the name of Biafra, their aim is to delay the coming of Biafra in order to please their masters. We have discovered their tactics and we are ready to defeat them.


5. Ali Ndume said they deceived people, that they are not honest. He is telling you that all of them are bad including Nigerians themselves.


6. It is their job to deceive you, it is their job to make sure you have no education. It is their job to make sure you have no jobs. Nigerians instead of fighting for their freedom, are busy fighting those fighting for them.


7. We must not get discouraged. Our determination is unquestionable.


8. If you are wondering how evil a black man can be, Ali Ndume is a good pointer. Ali Ndume is a man accused of sponsoring Boko Haram.


9. I want our people to understand that there are only two factors holding us down as a people, that is the reason why it has been easy for the Fulani Janjaweed to invade our land, kill us and divide us at will.


10. They will do whatever they can to make you feel what you are doing is not working but believe you me, we are holding them at a very bad place.


11. Britain started this very concerted effort to make sure that Biafra did not see the light of the day when they found out we are the descendants of Israel that will bring light to Africa.


12. Another problem that we have is Igbo man’s love for gossip and affinity to back-bite which have to do with greed, envy and jealousy that is why you have Fulanis’ in our homes, bushes and markets.


13. Before the Fulani Janjaweed decided to take over our land, they bribed every major media house in the world, BBC and Co. Now that they are invading, have you heard about it anywhere in the world analysing this influx into Biafra territory?


14. There is a global effort not to allow Biafra to emerge and the Igbo man is not helping either. These are the issues concerning us as a people and it is my duty to let the world know of it.


15. There are many things we do not appreciate or understand, that is why when we preach we use historical references that when you listen, you can never doubt it.


16. Igbo man are their own greatest enemy, when the enemy is busy planning how to take over your land, you are busy gossiping, carrying envy and being jealous.


17. Saboteurs are hiding under the name Niger Delta to delay Biafra. Anybody referring to himself as a Niger Delta, God in heaven knows you are a traitor, their job is to distract us. To make you not to come together to articulate on how to get out of the mess you are into.


18. Biafra is the second most hated people in the whole world apart from Israel. People see you and they hate you for no reason. They see the favour of God on us and they hate us.


19. If you think you are safe, just know we are surrounded.


20. The more they reduce the numbers of our listeners on Facebook, the more I preach. You think this is 1967? When our people were intimidated by the media, as Biafrans were being massacred, you were busy lying to the world using the media – BBC.


21. Nnia Nwodo and the rest of them never rose up to challenge the issue of artificial boundary by Gowon.


22. Chukwu Okike Abiama said Biafra can never come until you go and unite all my people together.


23. It was remaining only six more months to the Biafra war and we stopped during the war, President Nixon was about to step in but Chukwu Okike Abiama made it so.


24. Once you divide the land of Biafra, Elohim will depart from us his glory will never be with you. This is what our so-called elders should have considered.


25. In Otaka village in Obubua Local Government Area in Cross River State they have four market days, they circumcise their children on the eight day. They celebrate new yam festival.


26. Not that we want to force anybody to join Biafra, but we must complete the assignment Heaven gave to us. He will have to shine his light in them so they decide where to belong.


27. Asari Dokubo said he is an Igbo man. No wonder, you said you didn’t know who Uchenna Asiegbu is? Only an Igbo man will deny receiving money after he received it.


28. Asari bring Koran with you and do a video that you never received any money from Uchenna Asiegbu then that God you worship will strike you dead. I challenge you to do that. Did I not send Chika Edoziem, Austin Agbanyim and Nzurumike to you? Did playboy not come to your house?


29. Did I not give you five million naira to defend us in Nkpor on 2016. You went and told the zoo that we have no arms and they came to slaughter us.


30. Some of you claim to be professors but you are empty. Are you more Igbo than someone in Igbanke, Agbor, Otaka. I ask again, why will someone be agitating for Igbo Nation of five states while you have Igbos in other places in Nigeria?


31. When they say you are coming to their area because of oil, tell him you are coming because of your brother his name is Chibuike and not oil.


32. All these so-called great leaders failed in the simplest task God asked them to do. He sends the message through Mazi Mbonu Ojike. He told Zik to gather our people and forget about Nigeria but Zik said no.


33. There is something about Biafra that is driving Britain mad. What is it about Biafra that when you go to UN and talk about Biafra they will all run away? After discussing with them, you will start having malaria and typhoid.


35. We are still going, stronger than ever, they cannot stop us and they know it.


36. I said something about the pig, I told him that I gave him twenty million and I know he will deny it. The pig is to be blamed for Nkpor massacre. I gave him five million but they never come. I was in prison crying because my men were falling. They claimed they were close but they never came.


37. Today Asari Dokubo know that he is an Igbo man. We have our fault.


38. Defence fund!! Show me an Igbo man that can give you hundred thousand [$100,000] dollars and say go and fight. Igbo women can do it but not the Igbo man.


39. The North sent Tony Nnadi to poison your mind against Nnamdi Kanu, I did nothing wrong. I lost my mother and father but our people are not yet satisfied, they will be happy when am dead.


40. You said you are not an IPOB member yet you are asking about defence fund. With the same mouth.


41. Let us look at the genesis of our problem. The pig in the creek said the Portuguese came and named us Biafra, he doesn’t even know his history.


40. Biafra is the anglicised version of the original name.


41. Yoruba is pressing touch for Fulani to commit evil in our land.


42. The Federal Government did not protect our people in the pogroms, it wasn’t just about Igbo but any people whose mothers’ ties two pieces of wrapper.


43. Fulani cabal didn’t start today. It has been there always, it was them that said because we want to kill Christians in the South, let’s get a Christian from the North so they chose Gowon.


44. Some Yorubas fought and died for Biafra, we honour them. Those I am against are the traitors, the same way I hate them in Igbo land. Anywhere I see traitors, I attack them.


45. It was the British that organised Aburi conference not to find a peaceful solution but to find a cover for the genocide. In that conference, Ojukwu and Gowon was there. They agreed on 1963 constitution. On returning back to Lagos, at the insistence of Britain, including the then Oba of Benin, they ganged up against the Igbos. Why did the British say no to a confederation? Because they need power to remain in the hands of the illiterate Fulani North.


46. The Igbo man is a poison to himself. Somebody that killed five million of us is who you want to bring to pray in our land. Go ahead and try it and see.


47. Jonathan was removed because it was coming to a time of oil licensing renewal.


48. Why then did they claim Biafra seceded from Nigeria? Why are they not talking about the breaking of an accord by the Nigerian state at the insistence of Britain?


49. Fredrick Forsyth (an Independent British white journalist), said it was the killing of our people and the failure of Aburi accord that led to the declaration of Biafra.


50. “Niger” is an anglicised version of the word “Nigga”. So, the correct form is Nigga Delta. So, are you “Nigga Delta”? There is a Delta region in Nile, are you close to them? Why are you making a fool of yourself?


51. Because of IPOB they fronted BBC Igbo.


52. American Ambassadors were bribed that they never want to allow their government to know what is happening.


53. Facebook reduced my listeners to 6.5k. Please reduce it more to two people and see if I can stop.


54. The British high commissioner was a racist, he knew what Biafra meant, he didn’t want the light of God to shine in Africa. The British knows that the only hope the black man have is Biafra, that is why they suppressed Biafra.


55. They don’t want Biafra to emerge as Bulgarians told P. K. Nwokedi of the blessed memory. They told him One Japan is enough, that they don’t want another Japan to emerge.


56. You think when our kids build technologies, the whites are happy? You think the Yoruba and Fulani are happy? That is how we know they are fighting against Biafra, there is heavy frustration that we face when we go out to seek for support.


57. The worst war you can fight is the one which you are not prepared. The Fulani planned this takeover of our land for forty years.


58. Mandela went on exile, Mohamed, Jesus Christ etc name them.


59. The Vice President is now in-charge of the latrine while an unelected Boss Mustapha is doing the job of the Vice President.


60. BBC hates Biafra, they want to destroy Biafra. Why Britain wants to see every Biafran killed, I can’t tell. What did we do to them?


60. If you do exactly as I told you, we will bring down Nigeria in 2020.


61. The obliteration of the Igbo race was the priority of the British government, but my confusion is that those that should have seen this earlier didn’t see it.


62. After Covid-19, I will come with fire, Aso Rock will melt. I will so much disgrace Nigeria, ‘Chineke mere mu ebere’. Any person that identify himself as Nigerian will be deported.


63. They want me to show them my strategy of protecting Biafra land. What is your own strategy? You have none.


64. Yoruba media know very well that Osinbajo is in trouble, but their fear is that Nigeria will collapse once they say it and the Pastors will lose their jobs.


65. We don’t support evil, that is the way Biafra is going to be.


66. Nigeria could not defeat Biafra and Britain became upset and started interfering in the war. They supplied them with fresh weapons.


67. Biafra war was a third world war, Britain fought Biafra through the use of Yoruba and Fulani.


68. Britain succeed because of the template we used during the war, now is different, just do as I tell you and miracle will happen.


69. The only ambition of the Yoruba man is to do better than the Igbo.


70. According to the British journalist Fredrick Forsyth, Britain set up war advisory committee for Nigeria to fight Biafra.


71. Britain came and couldn’t defeat Biafra, they invited Russia to join. Biafra war was the third world war. Russians were bombing Biafra land. Why would Russia come to Biafra dumping bombs that ravaged Biafra land that has done nothing to them and bomb them.


72. Why would Britain make peace with Russia just to destroy tiny Biafra. The day you answer this question, then I know you are intelligent.


73. Russia came to kill us as well, we didn’t even know who they were.


74. Roman Catholic Church did a lot to help the dying Biafra. The Anglican Church did nothing.


75. BBC was working hand in hand with the British government to conceal a holocaust in Biafra.


76. Go and talk about Biafra at the UN, you know what will happen to you, that is if they don’t poison you there.


77. If a Yoruba man see a subdued Igbo man they are happy because they know that you are blessed.


78. Portugal helped Biafra, God will bless them.


79. The people that brought us Jesus Christ, killed us. They brought us Christianity and in turn killed us, they gave us Bible, the same people that gave us Bible joined Ahmed and Almajiri to kill us.


80. Russia was bombing us, Egypt came, OAU also joined in bombing us.


81. I ask Britain, before you came was there anything as Nigeria? So now how can you call me a secessionist in my own land?

82. Nigeria is good because it is Westernized and Biafra is bad because it is Africanized. That is racism in action.


83. They think to themselves, do you want to see Biafra free that a ‘nigga’ will start building aircraft? And they said No. That it is an abomination to see a black man building aircrafts. White Supremacists!


84. How many Fulani scientists have you seen?


85. The pig in the creek didn’t know that Chief Frank Opigo was a historian.


86. I want to bury the ignorance of the pig in the creek this night.


87. There are four names for Biafra. 88. There are things people don’t understand that’s why whenever I am talking I make use of historical references.


89. The only way to keep black people down all over the world is to keep Biafra down. The Whiteman knows this.


90. They keep talking nonsense, they don’t know what Biafra means and represents.


91. The name Biafra originated from Afar region of Ethiopia from the house of Ephraim and Manasseh.


92. We are the only people that are light skinned in the whole of West Africa through our sojourn from Ethiopia.


93. A Portuguese writer, Duarte said from the Benue down to the Atlantic Ocean is Biafra land and he called us Igbo not Niger Delta.


94. The Portuguese came, they could not pronounce Biafara, they called it Biafrares.


95. Even before Christopher Columbus claimed of discovering America, the Portuguese were already discussing Biafra.


96. The Garden of Eden is in Biafra land, that is the secret, next I will tell you why Enugu was made the capital when British came.


97. Let no idiot come and tell you nonsense about Biafra.


98. Our name is Biafara which means come and join.


99. We will be ending tonight’s broadcast at this point.


:::::::::::::::::::::::::Closing Remark:::::::::::::::::::
As always, Biafra is our religion, here on radio Biafra is where we worship and Chukwu Okike Abiama is our God. From me from here, it is Good evening.


Source: The Biafra Post


Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Radio Biafra Media

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