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Excerpts From Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s Radio Broadcast On Wednesday 10th June 2020


June 12 2020 | Radio Biafra


* This evening, I want to start by giving affirmation to one of the very genuine intellectuals in the history of mankind and that man is the late Bob Marley.


* Bob Marley was a very intelligent man who made references to and predictions about the present-day challenges.


* Having regard to what Bob Marley said, “failure is as a result of refusing to learn from what happened in history”. The problem of a Blackman is the inability to learn from history.


* The very number one enemy of humanity is MENTAL SLAVERY, second is POVERTY and the third is IGNORANCE.


* We all saw what happened in the contraption called Nigeria in the past several years. The same is still happening today and yet, the idiots called Nigerians have not learnt anything. This is exactly what Bob Marley said before he died.


* I posted a video of the mayhem meted against the Christians in Nigeria but Facebook has covered it trying to prevent humanity from seeing what is happening. Yet the same Facebook will approve and allow pornographic pictures. Facebook in Nigeria is being managed by the Yorubas who are also perpetrating this evil.


* The ongoing protest against the death of George Floyd in the United States of America, could have thought the blacks a lesson but it is unfortunate that the whole system has been compromised. I must also appreciate President Donald Trump for his credible efforts in controlling the situation against the hypocrisy of Democrats in America.


* I want to ask everyone listening to me this evening, have you ever seen any Fulani scientist before? But they appointed a Fulani man as Head of Raw Materials Research Institute in Nigeria.


* In a video assessment of progress with the Fulani Professor, in response to a question by a member of the Senate Committee on how many researches the institute has so far carried out in the past 33 years, he answered that they have been able to research into kilisi (preparation of beef barbeque) popularly referred to as “suya”. And that under his leadership, it has been moved into the Nigerian markets. Yet Nigerians will not talk. Blacks are busy lamenting why George Floyd was killed. I must tell you that if you do not learn from history, white people will keep more blacks.


* All of you are protesting over the killing of George Floyd but hundreds are being slaughtered back home and you do not want to protest. This is what I call high level of hypocrisy among the blacks.


* In Africa, terrorists are busy killing blacks and no one has summoned the courage to protest. This shows that a Blackman has no honour, black people are useless. By the way, the racist police officer that killed George Floyd, only fulfilled his duty.


* Do you know that the first world richest woman is a black American and do you know that her closest neighbours are the Rockefellers? And yet, her riches have never contributed anything to the black communities?


* And today, they are busy pulling down the statutes of black slaves across Europe and America. Is that not stupidity from the brain of the black people?


* Now let me come down to what happened in Nigeria. The reason why you named yourself after a river is because you do not reason. The impact of Britain and Scotland in Nigeria is pure racism.


* Now, listen. There are seven major terrorist groups in Nigeria, created by the Northern Islamists. Who is sponsoring them? It is your political leaders.


* I want to demolish the hypocrisy of the Blackman tonight. In South Africa, they are holding protests for George Floyd. But few months ago, they were busy lynching their fellow black Africans during the peaceful agitation of the family members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). This has shown the evil heart of the Blackman.


* The Whiteman is busy giving you names and yet, you never rose against it. The name “Umuahia”, does not exist. What we have is Ibeku, Ubakala, etcetera. There is nothing like Umuahia.


* It is a sad thing that George Floyd died but it is the Blackman that killed him. How many times have you seen a Whiteman killing a Chinese? Black people are very lazy most especially, in reasoning.


* You have crude oil in your land but it is the Whiteman that is in charge of your oil and other resources.


* If you call us secessionists, you are more of a racist. Why must you call Biafrans, secessionists whereas you know that what we are agitating for is our legitimate right?


* How many people protested in Nigeria against the recent killing of 65 persons in Kano and the 80 innocent persons gruesomely killed in Borno?


* The greatest act of racism in Africa, is the creation of states by the white people, changing and eliminating the original indigenous names in Africa. They twisted everything about Africa and its territory.


* In Biafra, over five million souls were killed and when we talk about it, they will start saying that we are preaching hate. No one has talked about the killing of over five million Biafrans between 1967 and 1970.


* Let me talk about what is happening in Aso Rock which is under the control of Aisha Buhari.


* Let me tell you the great agents of racists in Nigeria. They are Yakubu Gowon, Fulani cabal who were formerly Kaduna mafia.


* Nigeria is an Islamic country. I was told about this when I was in detention in Kuje prison. Barack Obama is the number one racist we have. He masterminded the removal of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, the former Nigerian President, from office. Obama is the number one chief sponsor of Boko Haran terrorists. He was totally against Jonathan because Jonathan is a Christian.


* The Fulanis advised Goodluck Jonathan to visit Israel for help but on arrival there, he was disappointed. MOSSAD asked him to go back to Nigeria and get consent from Ibrahim Babangida, their representative. On getting to Babangida, Goodluck Jonathan was asked to appoint Ibrahim Sambo Dasuki, a Fulani man, as his National Security Adviser. Jonathan obliged and was further asked by Dasuki to appoint Sanusi Lamido Sanusi on condition, another Fulani Islamist, as the Nigerian Central Bank Governor, for unhindered withdrawals of funds to facilitate acquisition of all military hardware to combat terrorism which they of course, created. This was aimed at accomplishing the Fulani Islamic agenda unknown, to Dr. Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan. Ibrahim Babangida though retired as a military General and former Nigerian leader, was yet serving as the MOSSAD anchor-man in Nigeria even on the wheelchair. Jonathan was frustrated in his innocent bid to procure arms assistance to combat Boko Haram terrorism. Everything I tell you is the gospel truth and I am sure the zoo media agents are paying attention.


* In Nigeria, everything is corrupt and evil, historically and otherwise. The politicians are evil, the Fulanis are evil and everything there is under bondage. The territories and boundaries between the indigenous people across Nigeria have gone wrong. That is why there have been heavy political and ethnic clashes. Individuals masterminded this evil act of artificial boundaries.


* I kept saying it that the only solution is by going back to who and how we all were before the Whiteman came to Africa because Africa has the gift of civilization before the Whiteman came.


* Hausa people have the most longest, most flourishing, most colourful, most advanced technological, traditional and rich cultural heritage in the world before they were conquered by the Fulanis. But they do not know who they really are. Britain never wanted you to know who you are. Satan himself, dealt with Britain to destroy your brain. I will help the Hausa people to rediscover the real people they are. We must prepare to defend our land because those that want our population to be reduced, are working very hard.


* I have a few special announcements to make tonight:


* IPOB has Principle Code of Conduct and I have asked the Directorate of State to publish it. It is our own bible. All the Coordinators in Biafraland must have a copy each. Download it and share to every member of IPOB. The Code of Conduct will guide you to know how IPOB operates because all over the whole world, people are now flooding into IPOB. They have seen the light. We have also set a Conflict Resolution Committee to resolve all issues in IPOB and any decision taken there is final. You do not appeal it. We must begin to put in place, the structures of government we are going to adopt and run in Biafra.


* There are some slight changes in USA. Our new Maryland State Coordinator is Mazi Oliver Obi, his deputy is Mazi Cosmos Jude. There is a place called Maryland PG. The Zonal Coordinator there is Mazi Patrick Ndubuisi. These appointments are with immediate effect. I want to thank all officers that have served in these positions previously. Mazi Chimamkpam did very well and I have another job for him to do and he will do it well.


* Mazi Oliver Obi will replace Mazi Chimamkpam and Chimamkpam will be placed on National Assignment which I will tell him when I come over to USA after this whole Covid-19 Pandemic business.


* The new Maryland Treasurer is Madam Evelyn Onuigwe. The new Financial Secretary is Mazi Jude Nnamdi.


* I am also announcing tonight that IPOB is one family. There is nothing called IPOB-USA North America MD Chapter Incorporated. Those that registered the name should hand over every document to the newly appointed officers.


* Our positions in IPOB are temporary and the only thing that is permanent is IPOB and that is Biafra.


* And on that note, we have come to the end of tonight’s program and as always, I thank all of you wherever you are listening to us from. But do not forget, never ever question nor doubt the fact that we are here fighting to restore Biafra. Biafra is our religion and here on Radio Biafra, is where we worship ChukwuOkike Abiama. From me, from here, it is good evening!


Source: The Biafra Herald


Published by:
Chibuike John Nebeokike
For: Radio Biafra Media

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