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Buhari, Tinubu invite Amaechi to join APC


Governor-AmaechiA former Head of State, Maj.-Gen. Muhammadu Buhari and ex-Lagos State Governor Bola Tinubu, on Tuesday renewed their calls on Rivers State Governor, Mr. Rotimi Amaechi to join the All Progressives Congress.

Buhari and Tinubu, who led a team of top APC officials to Port Harcourt for a rally, described Amaechi as an asset to Rivers people and Nigeria.

They spoke before the governor alleged that the desperation of the Peoples Democratic Party had made it to hire the state Police Commissioner, Mr. Joseph Mbu, to lead its “military wing” in the state.

Buhari had said the leadership of the APC was in the state to seek the understanding and support of the people through Amaechi.


He said the governor’s projects in the state had increased his respect for him.

Buhari added, “Governor Amaechi is a great asset to the people of the state and to the nation. We are at a crossroad and whichever way you try to look at it, there is going to be a change in Nigerian politics.

“If we remain divided, we may not achieve the aim to save this country. We decided to come together to make sure we savage this country from misgovernance and to save its material and human resources.”

Tinubu warned that the country would not progress in an atmosphere of intimidation, harassment and lies.

He dismissed insinuations that Amaechi did not have followers in the state, saying, “We know he (Amaechi) couldn’t have been elected without the support of his people and we are educated enough to see the basis of his persecution.

“It (basis of persecution) is because he (Amaechi) was fighting to protect the asset, revenue and resources of Rivers State. We have heard so many propagandas like you have heard. I know Rotimi Amaechi. I know that he is a progressive.

“I invite all of you to please ask Governor Amaechi to lead you to the APC. I know if there is a referendum here today (Tuesday), we will score 100 per cent.”

Amaechi had called on the people of the state to be ready to confront the police.

He said the police would oppress the masses and rig 2015 election if not resisted.

Amaechi told the gathering that there could be no revolution without blood, maintaining that the people must be courageous.

The governor said that the people of the state would only be able to control their resources if they were ready for the police.

He pointed out that the desperation of the PDP had led it to hire Mbu as the military wing of the party.

The governor said, “They said policemen don’t want us to go inside the airport. I came down and these young boys and girls forced the gate open and we walked from that junction; five kilometres into the airport.

“I trekked with you into the airport. The reason I did that is that the police will come after you. The only way to stop them is what I call the people’s power. It must not be one, two or three persons.

“We must go now when we leave here and begin to mobilise our people to prepare ourselves from now to the election to confront the Nigerian police. When you hear impunity, impunity, it’s because you allow it.

“If you sit in your houses and you don’t take the risk, are you courageous? All of you must get ready.

“We will continue to march and make sure we stop them. There is no revolution without blood. The only revolution without blood is reform. That is what you must know. So to control our wealth, let’s be ready for the police.

“We shall continue to be law abiding, but henceforth, we will continue to resist the police. If we do not resist the police, they will continue to oppress the people; they will do what they did in Delta State, where they used gun to chase people and rig elections. What we want is an election that people would like to vote.”

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