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It is not usually conspiring, joining forces, and forcefully robbing one person or group of persons that is usually the problem, but the sharing of the loot. Our people also say that whoever holds what belongs to a child, and puts his hand up, a time will definitely come when his hand will become extremely heavy, and he will bring down his hand, and the child will effortlessly take back what belongs to him.


In these two adages can be seen the predator Britain, (and her team of international parasites and collaborators), as well as the envious, jealous, ignorant and moronic Nigerians, who had joined forces and worked collaboratively to emasculate, annihilate, exterminate, and possibly obliterate Biafra, with the understanding that by so doing, they would acquire and possess the land of Biafra in perpetuity, if not eternally.


But everybody can now see how improper sharing, allocation, and/or distribution of the criminally acquired wealth of Biafra (OIL AND GAS) is tearing the international (Britain and Co), and local (Nigerians) parasites apart, even unto death. This calamity of the parasites is aggravated by the very fact that the rightful owners of what they have been scrambling for are DEMANDING for the repossession of WHAT BELONGS TO THEM.


The disaster befalling the parasites is compounded when they have done everything within their limited capacity (upwards), to provoke us to violence, so that they can swoop on, or invade us, in their usual genocidal strategy, to no avail. This is because we have gone SEVERAL STEPS AHEAD OF THEM, as to know that, as our Supreme Leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu educated us, violence should not be first option. It is on the basis of the above point that we have chosen the path of referendum, which is the most universally accepted legitimate and peaceful means of exiting any existing suffocating contraption or concoction, such as the British inhumanity called Nigeria.


Why is it imperative that we quit this evil cauldron called Nigeria? We must look at a few salient areas that must be top in our list of considerations, as we gear up for our imminent referendum, which must be the propelling force behind the resoluteness of every Biafran towards ensuring a hitch free, but resoundingly successful referendum.


When we consider the obfuscation, deprivations, and denials, we have been subjected to, with such obnoxious and inhuman policies as quota system in admission. You can begin to imagine what the situation will be when we begin to formulate and implement our education policies, as well as building our own educational infrastructures.


Sampler: Obasanjo once said that the number of students in the University of California is more than the number of ALL the students in ALL of the universities in Nigeria put together. Such can be replicated for University of Calabar, Uyo, Yenogoa, Umuagwo, Nsugbe, Eha Amufu, Asaba, or any other place in Biafra. And nobody will be compelled to stay at home for four or five years after School Cert, waiting for admission because of the limited available space. You know what this means in terms of skilled personnel, infrastructural development, employment, and intellectual engagement.


You can begin to visualize a situation whereby our government is really interested in our wellbeing by providing the necessary enabling and favourable environment for the demonstration of this special gift for which the world has come to recognize our distinctiveness.


Imagine where all the water ways in Biafra are made functional, with ports according to the size existing necessity, sited at the prerequisite locations.


With OHAJI-EGBEMA and Enugu and part of Igala land, the whole of the African continent can be supplied electricity for over one hundred years, uninterruptedly. You know what this can translate into, in terms of industrialization and employment.


When there was no advanced technology and mechanized production process, the Biafran part of the inhumanity called Nigeria was not just self-sufficient in food production, but equally exported food products. We also exported some other raw materials such as wood, palm produce, rubber, cocoa, and numerous other products.


Time will not permit me to itemize all the areas that are awaiting the restoration of our dear nation, Biafra, so that the volcanic eruption that has been subdued over these years can take place. Think of our scientific, inventive, creative, and entrepreneurial ingenuity. Think of the estates, mansions, and sky scrapers seen in other industrious nations of the world. Think of the efficient transportation systems built in other sane climes. Think of the entitlements to the citizens, and the value attached to the citizens by their nations. 

Think of the safety and security provided by the nation by reason of considering every citizen to be of great importance. Think of the free and compulsory education that every child will be entitled to. Think of the dignity that will be ascribed to you by reason of your nationality. Have you thought about the excellent medical services that will be provided by the best hands in the world, in the best built hospitals in the world, for the benefit of the most valued humans on earth?


There are so many areas to x-ray but suffice it to say that we are going to have things done the way they are done by progress minded humans, which Biafra represents in all its ramifications.


Do we need to state that all those attractions that exist in the so-called developed nations were not built by spirits, and those that built them are not more communal minded and more patriotic than Biafrans? Do we also need to state that the resources and personnel for building and maintaining those intimidating structures and infrastructures are more available in Biafra THAN ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD?


With these few pieces of information in mind, every Biafran should know that these imaginations can only turn to reality when Biafra becomes a reality. And Biafra can only become a reality when every Biafran joins in the task of evangelizing for the Biafra referendum, and go step further by ensuring the participation of every Biafran in the referendum by making all the necessary sacrifice towards ensuring a resoundingly successful Biafra referendum, which will usher in our Promised Land of the Biafra nation.


God bless Ikemba Nnewi, Odumegwu Ojukwu.
God bless Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.
God bless Biafra and Biafrans.

Come quickly Oh Biafra!


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