Can North Korea Handle a K-Pop Invasion?

Can North Korea Handle a K-Pop Invasion? Photo Red Velvet on stage in Tokyo, a few days before its Pyongyang debut. According to one Japanese fan, “If anyone can help achieve peace, they can.” Credit Avex Entertainment Inc. TOKYO — Cavorting in sparkly miniskirts and midriff-baring tops, the five members of Red Velvet, one of South Korea’s most popular girl bands, belted out one of their hits, “Red Flavor.”
“We look good together, we’re pretty cool / I like it, it was love at first sight,” they crooned in Japanese, tossing their long hair and flashing runway-worthy pouts on Thursday night, as 10,000 fans at a Tokyo arena shrieked and waved bright pink light sticks in unison to the hip-hop beat.
Yes, but will it play in Pyongyang?
On Saturday, Red Velvet, along with 10 other acts from South Korea, will travel to North Korea to perform in concerts staged by Seoul as part of a campaign of cultural diplomacy.
It is yet another sign of how the usually reclusive North Korean regime is strate..