Bomb in Syria Kills 2 Members of U.S.-Led Coalition

Bomb in Syria Kills 2 Members of U.S.-Led Coalition
Two members of the United States-led coalition fighting in Syria were killed and five others wounded by a bomb in a late-night attack, the military said on Friday.
The attack took place about 11 p.m. local time on Thursday, and used “an improvised explosive device,” the United States Central Command, which directs American forces in the region, said in a statement.
It did not reveal the identities or nationalities of the service members involved, how seriously the survivors were hurt, or where in Syria the attack occurred.
“The names of the deceased will be released at the discretion of the pertinent national authorities,” it said. “Details pertaining to the incident are being withheld pending further investigation.”
Coalition forces have been deployed to Syria to fight, alongside Kurdish militia allies, against the Islamic State. But with that group largely routed, the seven-year civil war in Syria has entered a dangerous new phase…