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May 16, 2018.

Times are inauspicious, the atmosphere laden with intense emotions; faces are distorted in expression of the biggest tragedy of the moment which has unwittingly ushered us to an unsavoury episode of depression and sorrow. The most unpalatable news on February 16, 2018, about the death of our heroic sister, and diehard activist of the Biafra struggle, Comrade Chimaobi Precious Okafor, came like a big bang that shattered our cognizance; leaving on her trail, a tremendous degree of psychological and emotional damage but we cannot hold mortality’s hand, still God shall vindicate her death because she exited untimely, at an era we never envisaged. However, with God’s promise of a new joy in the morning, we look forward to meeting our dear Comrade, someday.

Ensuingly, we are grief-stricken owing to the demise of our dauntless heroine, Chimaobi, who volunteered duteously regarding the quest for the restoration of Biafra. She was out-and-out to making sure that the goodnews of Biafra restoration is disseminated to the entirety of mankind. She was credulous (practically) in the dictum of the Biafra ideology, as preserved in stanza 1, lines 5 and 6 of the Biafra National Anthem, which quotes:

“…But if the price is death for all we hold dear,
Then let us die without a shred of fear.”

Resultantly, it is conspicuous that Chimaobi never capitulated, even amidst raining bullets of the enemy. In toto, Chimaobi was dedicated and dutiful in all respects of the Biafra struggle. She was ‘here and there’ whenever and wherever duty calls; little wonder her ubiquity warranted the agnomen, “Waka-Waka Biafra”.

Be that as it may, I am prompted to enumerate but a few commitments she was obligated:

• Chimaobi applied herself to the Media department.
• She worked with the Mobilization Officers.
• She served with the Victim-Support team.
• She plied with the Biafra Intelligence Officers.
• Chimaobi was an expository analyst on Radio Biafra (known as Lady Umenwa).


Oh! If I had power I would sink the sea beneath the earth rather than the good ship should be destroyed with all the precious souls within her. Death, albeit, is an inevitable quiet end; but how very softly you tiptoed into our world, almost silently, only a moment you stayed. Notwithstanding, your footsteps have left indelible imprints upon our hearts.


At this point, however, we have chosen not to mourn farther but to eulogize your effronteries. Thereupon we owe a debt that we cannot fully repay, but it is superincumbent upon us to revere your sacrifices; in conformance with stanza 3, line 4 of the Biafra National Anthem, which quotes thus:

“…We shall remember those who died in mass.”


Hence, we shall never forget you, including our fallen Heroes. We shall gravely solemnize your demise. As far as man walks on this planet, we shall immortalize your existence – generation upon generation to come, world without end.


You kept the faith and fought the fight; the honour yours, the duty ours. Sleep on dear Comrade, for in that sleep of death “what” dreams may come.

Oh! Nwa biara uwa a naaa! Waka-Waka a naaa!


Jee nke oma, Ada Biafra.
Sleep well, Chimo.
Good night, Lady Umenwa.
Rest in peace, Waka-Waka Biafra, till we meet in the resurrection morning.

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