Crumbling Coat of Arms nigeria

Editorial 2 May 2013

Who says the North is afraid of break-up? Certainly not! The Northern Hausa/Fulani people were the first to threaten the Nigerian federation with secession when on the eve of the birth of an independent country they vowed to break away if 50% of the legislative seat was not given to them. The North again in…

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Steal N2, 000 in Nigeria and face Hanging; steal N3.9 trillion and become Grand Commander of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (GCFRN)

Is this really the Nigeria we live in. A nation (zoo) where people steal billions of naira in public funds, and go scot free, or receive presidential pardons or rewarded with high public offices? Last week, an Ogwashi-Uku High Court in Delta Statesentenced a 23-year old student, Aruhor Ezekiel, to death by hanging for robbing…

Nigerian Police Army Killing 1

Nigeria the Theatre of Death: How Over 1000 Citizens Were Murdered In Four Months By Malicious Elements-Human rights group

(Onitsha Nigeria) Nigeria In Review By: International Society for Civil Liberties & the Rule of Law: January to April 2013 remain the darkest periods in the history of Nigeria outside the full blown war and violence such as the 2011 post election violence in nine northern Nigerian States and the 2009 military action against the Boko…

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Editorial 1 May 2013

Nigeria is the Angel of Death Through the years-from 1945 to be exact-to the present day, various Islamic movements with Jihadist tendencies have risen in the North, Middle Belt and Western regions of Nigeria to attack and kill Igbo people and other Christian ethnic groups from Eastern Nigeria.

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Editorial 30 April 2013

The intellectual emptiness of One Nigeria apologists For those that readily dismiss the sanctity and importance of distinct ethnic and cultural uniqueness of the various groups conscripted to make up One Nigeria and advocate instead that dissolution of these divergent cultures into one cauldron of diversity are guilty of intellectual dishonesty. This flawed and misleading…