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BT fined by Transport for London for putting public at risk during street works

During works at Bishopsgate in August, BT failed to properly sign and guard the work area. TfL said it also used the wrong traffic management methods
British Telecom has been fined £90,000 by Transport for London for putting the public at risk during street works in the capital last year.
TfL on Thursday said that, during works at Bishopsgate in August, BT had failed to properly sign and guard the work area while also using the wrong traffic management methods.
Despite repeated demands by TfL, the company also failed to take actions to improve the situation, which TfL said led to unsafe conditions for road users and pedestrians as well as cyclists.
BT this week pleaded guilty to the charges at Westminster Magistrates Court. In addition to the £90,000 fine, the company was ordered to pay a further £3,394 in court costs.
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Woman Becomes First South African Imprisoned for Racist Speech

Woman Becomes First South African Imprisoned for Racist Speech


The Racist Tirade That Sent Her to Prison

A white South African woman, Vicki Momberg, lashed out at black police officers with the country’s most charged racial epithet. Her tirade was recorded on video.

By THE NEW YORK TIMES on Publish Date October 27, 2016.

Photo by Joao Silva/The New York Times.

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LONDON — If Vicki Momberg had only unleashed a high-volume tirade at the South African police officers, video of it would have been of mere passing interest. But her repeated use of a racial slur — unfamiliar to most Americans, but explosive in South Africa — made her notorious, and led to demands to make her an example.
On Wednesday, Ms. Momberg, a white woman, became the first person in South Africa to be sent to prison for using racist language against someone, according to prosecutors and legal experts. Specifically, she hurled the term “kaffir,” considered the most offensive ..

AT&T Would Use Time Warner as a ‘Weapon,’ Justice Dept. Says

AT&T Would Use Time Warner as a ‘Weapon,’ Justice Dept. Says Video If Media Giants Grow, So May Your Bills The government doesn’t want you to pay too much to watch your shows. That’s why the Justice Department says it is challenging the proposed merger between AT&T and Time Warner.
By ERICA BERENSTEIN on Publish Date March 22, 2018. Photo by Aaron P. Bernstein/Reuters. Watch in Times Video » embed WASHINGTON — The much-watched antitrust trial between the Justice Department and AT&T began on Thursday, with opening statements that presented starkly different visions for how the company’s blockbuster merger with Time Warner would fit into a media industry upturned by the internet.
Before a packed courtroom with some of the industry’s leading figures, the two sides zeroed in on the case’s central question: Whether the deal would force consumers to pay more to watch their favorite shows on Time Warner cable channels like CNN and TNT.
The Justice Department, which is suing to block the $85 ..

Tech Tip: Recording Skype Video Calls

Recording Skype Video Calls Q. Is there a way to record and save Skype video calls with family members on my computer?
A. For most versions of its Skype software, Microsoft recommends using a third-party program to record your audio and video calls. The company’s site hosts a list of recording programs that work with Skype for Windows, Mac and Linux systems but notes, “Third-party applications have not been checked, verified, certified or otherwise approved or endorsed by Skype.” (Also, saving conversations with consenting members of your family is one thing, but keep in mind that laws about recording other people vary by state.)
More than a dozen programs are listed, with a link to each one available. Apple’s built-in QuickTime Player software for the Mac can also record screen video. When trying to decide which app to use, check out the program’s list of features and reviews — and make sure the software that interests you records video as well as audio. Depending on your Windows set..

Nissan and Renault in talks to merge and form a new company, say reports

The two companies have been in an alliance for almost 20 years, but could now begin operating as one entity
Shares in Renault rose almost 5 per cent on Thursday following reports the French motor company is in talks with Nissan exploring a potential merger.
The two firms formed an alliance in 1999, and describe it as a “buffer to protect its partners during regional downturns”.
Last year, the partnership became the world's largest car maker, ahead of Volkswagen.
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India Spurns the Dalai Lama’s Celebration, Worried About China

India Spurns the Dalai Lama’s Celebration, Worried About China Photo The Dalai Lama at a Tibetan Buddhist temple in McLeod Ganj, India, in August. India has sheltered the Dalai Lama and his followers since a Chinese crackdown on Tibetans 60 years ago. Credit Harish Tyagi/EPA, via Shutterstock McLEOD GANJ, India — An original song of thanks to India had been rehearsed, and a stadium in New Delhi had been reserved for a celebratory rally — all a gesture of gratitude from the Dalai Lama and his followers for India’s role in sheltering them after a Chinese crackdown on rebellious Tibetans 60 years ago.
Instead, the planned “Thank You India” celebrations, set for this coming weekend, set off apprehension in New Delhi and embarrassment among Tibetans.
A directive from India’s foreign secretary urged officials to discard their invitations, and it was blunt in saying the timing of the events coincided with a “sensitive time” for New Delhi’s relations with Beijing. A series of high-level meetin..