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Higher employee satisfaction improves financial performance for businesses, new study says

Online employee reviews can be used to predict a firm's financial performance, says Glassdoor
Employee satisfaction improves the financial performance of companies, a new study suggests.
Research by jobs site Glassdoor found a strong link between a satisfied workforce and a firm's financial health.
The findings followed an analysis of more than 35,000 ratings on Glassdoor given by workers about their employers.
Read more Business leaders call for apprenticeship levy reform Glassdoor's chief economist Dr Andrew Chamberlain said: “These results are striking as they suggest online employee reviews can be used to predict a firm's financial performance and that there is a meaningful economic link between intangible company assets, such as employee satisfaction, and company performance in the United Kingdom.
“Employees are an important resource and not just a homogeneous cost of production.
“Tending to employees is like looking after your garden, helping them gro..

Australian Court to Decide Whether Cardinal Pell Faces Trial

Australian Court to Decide Whether Cardinal Pell Faces Trial Photo Cardinal George Pell, who has been accused of “historical sexual offenses,” outside the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court last week. Credit Luis Ascui/EPA, via Shutterstock MELBOURNE, Australia — The contentious committal hearing of Cardinal George Pell, the Catholic Church’s third highest-ranking priest, adjourned on Thursday, as a magistrate prepared to decide whether the case will go to trial.
The cardinal, the Vatican’s de facto finance chief, has been charged with committing “historical sexual offenses.” He is the most senior member of the Catholic Church ever to face such allegations, and the outcome of the hearing will mark a significant moment for the Vatican as it grapples with the problem of clerical sex abuse.
The magistrate, Belinda Wallington, is expected to announce in mid-April whether the cardinal will be tried.
While Cardinal Pell has been accused of decades-old sexual offenses, further details of the charge..

Instagram Is Changing Its Algorithm. Here’s How.

Instagram Is Changing Its Algorithm. Here’s How. Photo Instagram’s feed ranking is “constantly adapting and improving based on new data,” a company spokesman said. Credit Chandan Khanna/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images Instagram is changing its algorithm to make things a little more timely.
Users are now likely to see newer posts higher up, the image-sharing app said in a statement on Thursday, adding that its feeds will “feel more fresh.” Instagram’s algorithm, in other words, won’t be meddling quite as much. More images and videos will be allowed to bubble up as they come.
The company also said it was testing a “New Posts” button so that users can refresh their feeds when they want to, rather than automatically being transported to the top in the middle of browsing.
The changes are in response to user feedback. They appear to address some common gripes, like how certain posts can keep appearing on your screen for days and days and days, or how your feed can begin to feel skewed in..