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Tech Tip: Keeping Personal Appointments Private on Google Calendar

Keeping Personal Appointments Private on Google Calendar Q. My office uses the business version of Gmail and Google Calendar. Can other people see my appointments on Google Calendar even if I haven’t sent a sharing invitation?
A. Google’s G Suite is the paid version of its mail, calendar, office software and file-sharing applications, and is designed for businesses. The company’s designated administrator controls the default settings for users, so ask your corporate G Suite master about the specific calendar visibility used across your company.
Google notes that it is “common practice” to use the “See all event details” setting as the default for corporate calendars. This means that other people can add your office calendar to their own list of calendars to manage and plan meetings, videoconferences and other collaborative events. Some offices allow people to see when co-workers have time blocked out on their calendars, but generically label the events as “busy” so that co-workers can ..

Is Gibson, a Totem of Guitar Godhead, Headed for Chapter 11?

Supported by Business Day Is Gibson, a Totem of Guitar Godhead, Headed for Chapter 11? Photo Credit Jens Mortensen for The New York Times Gibson, what happened?
There’s been talk of bankruptcy swirling around Gibson, the venerated Nashville-based guitar company, which takes in more than $1.2 billion in annual revenue but is more than $500 million in debt. Buzzards are circling. Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, the private equity giant, is a bondholder. Blackstone is also a major lender.
Gibson’s problems are not hard to diagnose. The company’s longtime chief executive, Henry Juszkiewicz, wanted to diversify by turning Gibson into what he has called a “music lifestyle company” — basically a consumer electronics business that sells headphones and hi-fis as well as guitars. He made a splashy purchase of the audio and home entertainment division of Netherlands-based Royal Philips in 2014, and then ran headlong into the collapse of the euro.
It was a disaster. Mr. Juszkiewicz, in an interview,..

Bits: The Self-Driving Car Industry’s Biggest Turning Point Yet

Supported by Technology The Self-Driving Car Industry’s Biggest Turning Point Yet Photo Waymo said it would order up to 20,000 vehicles from Jaguar Land Rover in the next two years for its self-driving consumer ride service. Credit Joshua Bright for The New York Times Each week, Kevin Roose, technology columnist at The New York Times, discusses developments in the tech industry, offering analysis and maybe a joke or two. Want this newsletter in your inbox? Sign up here.
One perk — or hazard, I suppose — of being a technology writer for the past few years has been getting invited to ride in a bunch of autonomous vehicles. I’ve been shuttled around in nearly a dozen self-driving prototypes, including a Ford in Michigan, an Uber in Pennsylvania and a Chrysler minivan in the California desert.
Whenever anyone asks what it’s like to ride in self-driving cars, my reply is: “Which self-driving cars?” Casual observers tend to talk about the progress of autonomous vehicles as if they’re a ..