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Q&A: Hanging Out the Wash in the Fresh, Clean Air

Hanging Out the Wash in the Fresh, Clean Air
Q. When I hang my laundry outside to dry, what makes it smell so wonderfully of fresh air?
A. It may simply be the absence of bad smells that makes air-dried laundry smell good in comparison, air safety experts have suggested.
Indoor air, especially in a tightly enclosed environment, may have a buildup of scents both benign and dangerous, from cooking odors to mold and mildew to chemical pollutants like volatile cleaning products and heating fuel. Meanwhile, the occupants of the building are breathing the air and depleting it of oxygen, to some extent, and perhaps smoking tobacco.
All these problems are either absent or considerably diluted in the outside air.
Pleasant natural smells may be present, from sources like pine trees and other evergreens, if you are lucky. And the laundry has been cleansed of sweat, mold, bacteria and other potential odor-causing substances and dries quickly in a breeze, removing the moisture on which such smells..

Does Hell Exist? And Did the Pope Give an Answer?

Does Hell Exist? And Did the Pope Give an Answer? Photo Pope Francis has had several chats with a left-wing Italian journalist who considers himself an atheist and occasionally puts words in the pope’s mouth. Credit Max Rossi/Reuters ROME — The Vatican felt obliged this week to reaffirm that Pope Francis believes in a central tenet of Catholicism, that there is a hell.
That odd declaration came after the newspaper La Repubblica published a front-page article on Thursday by an atheist, left-wing and anticlerical giant of Italian journalism, who reported that during a recent meeting the pope had said hell did not exist.
Bad souls are “not punished,” the journalist, Eugenio Scalfari, 93, reported the pope as saying. “A hell doesn’t exist.”
Nor, for Mr. Scalfari, does a tape recorder or notebook or the orthodoxy of quotations marks.
The Vatican characterized the remarks as misquotations.
Continue reading the main story In the past, Mr. Scalfari, the founder of La Repubblica..