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Elon Musk tells Tesla staff to break rules and walk out of meetings. Business revolution or a recipe for corporate chaos?

The Tesla boss has also outlined plans to take production of the Model 3 24/7 in a leaked email sent to staff
Elon Musk is either a certifiable genius or certifiably crazy. He might be both.
Evidence for that can be seen in an email, purportedly sent by him to Tesla employees, which has conveniently found its way into the public domain.
You may be aware that Tesla, his electric car company, has been under a cloud of late, with its shares under pressure such the company’s market value has dipped back below General Motors, which it at one point surpassed despite selling just over 1 vehicle for every 100 shifted by the latter in 2017.
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It seeks to send a message, to make a statement of intent, and to te..

De La Rue sensibly quits battle over blue passports

It's bad news for those of us laughing at the silliness. But having issued its second profit warning in a month the company was faced with fighting a war on two fronts
Were you, like me, enjoying the “couldn’t make it up” stupidity unleashed when De La Rue, the British multinational passport printer, lost the contract to make the new post Brexit blue ones to a Franco-Dutch rival?
Were you looking forward to seeing Tory Brexiteers once again claim to be free marketeers while tying themselves up in knots trying to attack a decision based upon admirably free market principles, that will save the taxpayer £60m, when the company’s appeal inevitably failed?
I hate to disappoint you, but it looks like it’s now not going to happen after all. So that’s your De La Lot. For the moment.
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IMF sounds alarm over $164 trillion global debt pile

In its latest Fiscal Monitor, the Fund estimates that global debt now stands at 225 per cent of GDP, up from its previous peak of 213 per cent in 2009
The International Monetary Fund has returned to its warnings about global debt, highlighting in its latest report that leverage across the planet is now higher than it was before the global financial crisis.
In its latest Fiscal Monitor, the Fund estimates that global debt now stands at $164 trillion, equivalent to 225 per cent of GDP, up from a previous peak of 213 per cent in 2009.
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The warning makes for a change of tone from the Fund’s report a year ago. At that stage, the Fund..

UK will be £615m per week worse off under government's preferred Brexit scenario, estimates study

Just 23% of voters think the weekly cost of leaving the EU would be worth paying
The government’s preferred Brexit scenario would leave the UK public finances £615m per week worse off than staying in the EU, according to new analysis.
That would mean the country has the equivalent of almost £1bn per week less to spend on public services than the £350m positive benefit that the Leave campaign claimed would result from leaving the EU.
A study for the think tank Global Future carried out by Jonathan Portes, a professor of economics at King’s College, London, looked at each of the three scenarios assessed by the government in its own leaked analysis.
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South Africa to Investigate 2 A.N.C. Officials in Farm Corruption Case

South Africa to Investigate 2 A.N.C. Officials in Farm Corruption Case Photo Ace Magashule, secretary general of the African National Congress, was the premier of the province of Free State from 2009 to this year. Credit Joao Silva/The New York Times JOHANNESBURG — A top corruption inspector in South Africa has announced that she will investigate two high-ranking African National Congress politicians in a case related to the abuse of public funds for a dairy farm — a rare sign that powerful members of the governing party could be held to account for endemic corruption under former President Jacob Zuma.
The inspector, Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane, said on Tuesday that the inquiry would focus on Ace Magashule, secretary general of the A.N.C, and Mosebenzi Joseph Zwane, the former minister of mineral resources — the two officials behind the dairy farm project in Vrede, in the province of Free State. Prosecutors describe the project, which was meant to help struggling black farmers,..

UK house prices rise 4.4% but economists warn property market slowdown is underway

Official measure of housing market health beginning to reflect the slowdown recorded in other closely watched statistics
Average UK house prices rose 4.4 per cent to £225,000, new official figures show, but economists warned a slowdown in the property market was underway.
Prices in London fell 1 per cent in the year to February 2018, continuing a slump, the Office for National Statistics revealed on Wednesday. Month-on-month, prices across the UK were up 0.2 per cent.
The official measure of house price growth has recently begun to reflect the slowdown recorded in other closely watched statistics. The ONS house price figures can lag other data by as much as a year because they reflect completed transactions, rather than mortgage offers or asking prices.
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