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Bulletin Board: What Topics Should the ‘Tech We’re Using’ Column Tackle Next?

What Topics Should the ‘Tech We’re Using’ Column Tackle Next? Photo A FaceTime call connects the Times reporter Vindu Goel’s daughter with her grandmother in New York. Credit Sunil Thakkar for The New York Times The Reader Center is one way we in the newsroom are trying to connect with you, by highlighting your perspectives and experiences and offering insight into how we work.
There’s an app for that, but I’m not sure anyone cares anymore. That thought was stuck in my head when I pitched the idea for Tech We’re Using, a column about how New York Times journalists use tech in their jobs and personal lives.
Over the last decade, smartphones have become the center of how we consume and create media. Apps used to be a novelty; there was a period of time when smartphones were young and we were excited about finding new apps to download.
But by now, there are millions of apps for smartphones, and people have found and settled on the tools that are the most useful to them. So what are peopl..

Spitfire maker GKN loses its Battle of Britain to the barbarians at the gates

Melrose narrowly won the day but will face a tough time convincing customers and workers to play ball
Say goodbye to one of Britain’s oldest manufacturers.
GKN, which once made the Spitfire, in the end failed in its own Battle of Britain against the barbarians at its gates.
Melrose, a financial engineer that buys real engineers for the purposes of shaking ‘em up and selling ‘em off, has won the companies’ bitterly contested takeover battle in a squeaker, securing the support of a shade above 52 per cent of GKN’s shareholders.
Read more Melrose takeover offer approved in GKN shareholder vote Why Melrose’s takeover of GKN is so important to the UK Airbus warns it won’t give business to GKN if Melrose deal goes ahead The real winners, however, are the casino capitalists that poured in, placing big bets on a Melrose victory. The debate around GKN’s problems and who might be best to fix them meant nothing to them.
Having delivered victory and turned their quick buck they will be..

Charlie Walk, Record Executive Accused of Harassment, Is Out at Republic

Supported by Music Charlie Walk, Record Executive Accused of Harassment, Is Out at Republic Photo Charlie Walk, the president of the Republic Group, and the company “have mutually agreed to part ways” following an investigation into allegations of harassment. Credit Richard Shotwell/Invision, via Richard Shotwell, via Invision, via Associated Press Two months after the start of a sexual misconduct investigation into the high-ranking music executive Charlie Walk, the president of the Republic Group, the label and Mr. Walk “have mutually agreed to part ways,” the company said last night in a brief statement.
Universal Music Group, which oversees the label, declined to comment further on the outcome of the review, which was conducted by an outside law firm. Mr. Walk, who worked with artists including Lorde, the Weeknd and Ariana Grande, and who also appeared as a judge on Fox’s singing competition show “The Four,” did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
Accused in Janua..

Eric Holder Says He’ll Sue to Block Citizenship Question on Census

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Eric Holder Says He’ll Sue to Block Citizenship Question on Census


Eric Holder Speaks With The Times

Eric Holder, the United States attorney general under President Barack Obama, said Facebook should be viewed as a communication company and be regulated.

Publish Date March 29, 2018.


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Eric H. Holder Jr., the United States attorney general for six years under President Barack Obama, stepped away from public service in 2015 but has since emerged as a bulwark against the Trump administration, taking a leading role in challenging the president’s policies in court and trying to chip away at the Republicans’ grip on state governments. Mr. Holder discussed his efforts to fight Republican gerrymandering, whether Facebook should be regulated and the potential legacy of Mr. Trump’s presidency in a wide-ranging TimesTalks conversation with the reporter Alexander Burns on Wednesday night in New York.
Here are the takeaw..