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Judge allows 2,300 women to proceed with gender bias lawsuit against Goldman Sachs

'This case is eight years old, and sometimes it’s worth the wait'
More than 2,300 women are pushing forward with a lawsuit claiming one of Wall Street’s largest banks discriminated against them on grounds of gender, after a federal judge gave the green light to their action.
US District Judge Analisa Torres said the women could bring their lawsuit alleging discrimination in terms of pay, promotions and performance reviews against Goldman Sachs, as a class action. The ruling covers female associates and vice presidents who have worked in Goldman’s investment banking, investment management and securities divisions since September 2004.
Goldman was accused of systematically paying women less than men, and giving them weaker performance reviews that impeded their career growth, Reuters said. The class certification can help plaintiffs achieve greater awards at lower costs than if they sued individually.
Here’s the TicToc on gender pay gap:
-Goldman Sachs pays women in U.K. 56..

Denmark Gets Statue of a ‘Rebel Queen’ Who Led Fiery Revolt Against Colonialism

Denmark Gets Statue of a ‘Rebel Queen’ Who Led Fiery Revolt Against Colonialism Photo The statue of Mary Thomas called “I Am Queen Mary” is the first public monument to a black woman in Denmark, according to the artists. Credit Nick Furbo COPENHAGEN — The statue of the woman is nearly 23 feet tall. Her head is wrapped and she stares straight ahead while sitting barefoot, but regally, in a wide-backed chair, clutching a torch in one hand and a tool used to cut sugar cane in the other.
In Denmark, where most of the public statues represent white men, two artists on Saturday unveiled the striking statute, portraying a 19th-century rebel queen who led a fiery revolt against Danish colonial rule in the Caribbean.
It’s being billed as Denmark’s first public monument to a black woman.
The sculpture was inspired by Mary Thomas, who with two other female leaders known as “Queens” unleashed an uprising in 1878 called the “Fireburn.” Fifty plantations and most of the town of Frederiksted on the w..