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California Lawmakers Kill Housing Bill After Fierce Debate

California Lawmakers Kill Housing Bill After Fierce Debate Photo A bill considered by a California State Senate committee aimed to create increased housing density near rail and ferry stops, overriding local zoning codes. Credit Jim Wilson/The New York Times SACRAMENTO — Just before a committee of California state senators voted on a landmark bill to ramp up housing production by overriding local resistance, legislator after legislator talked about a dire affordable-housing crisis that demanded bold action and a marked increase in new building.
Then they killed the bill.
The vote here on Tuesday evening highlighted the emergence of California’s housing and homeless problem — and the fraught question of how to address it — as a potent election-year issue that promises to dominate the state’s politics for years.
The ferocity of that debate was on display throughout a meeting of the State Senate’s Transportation and Housing Committee, which met to vote on a divisive bill that would force ..

U.S. Moves to Block Sales by Chinese Telecom Equipment Makers

U.S. Moves to Block Sales by Chinese Telecom Equipment Makers
The United States undercut China’s technology ambitions on Tuesday, advancing a new rule that would limit the ability of Chinese telecommunications companies to sell their products in this country.
The Federal Communications Commission voted unanimously to move forward with a plan that would prevent federally subsidized telecommunications carriers from using suppliers deemed to pose a risk to American national security. The decision takes direct aim at Huawei, which makes telecommunications network equipment and smartphones, and its main Chinese rival, ZTE, sending a message that the government doesn’t trust them.
A day earlier, the government barred ZTE from using components made in the United States, saying the company had failed to punish employees who violated American sanctions against North Korea and Iran.
The moves intensify an already testy fight between China and the United States for high-tech supremacy. Although ..

Majority of millennials stay in same career as they fear starting from scratch, survey suggests

'Younger workers are searching for greater meaning in their work and a role that will bring them satisfaction and the social impact they are looking for'
The majority of millennials have chosen to stay in one career as many are reluctant to start from scratch, new research suggests.
More than half (53 per cent) of the millennial generation – those born between 1980 and 1999 – have remained in the same job sector, according to a survey by education charity Teach First.
Almost three in ten millennials do not move on as they worry about starting at entry level in a new sector – or they fear that a career change will not work out, the research suggests.
Read more Millennial renters should have German-style tenancy rights The findings buck the stereotype of “footloose” millennials constantly swapping careers, rather than opting for a job for life, and it suggests younger workers have more in common with prior generations, the charity said.
Russell Hobby, CEO of the Teac..

Pret a Manger adverts which claimed it uses natural ingredients banned for being 'misleading'

Complaint was made by food charity Sustain in 2016
The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned two Pret a Manger ads for making “misleading” claims that the sandwich chain uses natural ingredients.
The ASA received complaints about Pret ads seen in December 2016, the first being a description of the firm on Facebook which stated: “Pret opened in London in 1986. College friends Sinclair and Julian made proper sandwiches avoiding the obscure chemicals, additives and preservatives common to so much of the ‘prepared’ and ‘fast’ food on the market.”
The second ad in question was on the company’s website and contained the phrase “Pret creates handmade natural food… doing the right thing… naturally”, along with repeated uses of the words “good natural food”.
Read more This healthy food delivery service wants to be the new Pret a Manger Food and farming charity Sustain made the complaints on the basis that claims that Pret’s products were natural implied the chain’s food was f..

Costa Coffee pledges to recycle half a billion disposable cups a year

The UK’s largest coffee retailer, Costa Coffee, has committed to recycling half a billion coffee cups a year by 2020 in a landmark act to tackle plastic waste.
The pledge, which amounts to recycling the same volume of cups it puts onto the market, would take a significant chunk out of the 2.5 billion takeaway cups thrown away across the country every year.
Despite often being marked as recyclable, the vast majority of paper coffee cups end up on landfill or being incinerated due to the plastic lining used to make them waterproof.
By paying waste collectors to take coffee cups to specialist facilities, Costa hopes to massively increase the rate at which cups are recycled.
Latte levy: The plastic problem inside your coffee cup Ultimately, all a customer will need to do to ensure their cup avoids landfill is throw it into a standard recycling bin.
The move is the most ambitious so far by a major coffee chain since the start of The Independent’s Cut the Cup Waste campaign.
Launched f..

Aldi tops list of supermarkets stocking most sustainable seafood

Shops selling more Marine Stewardship Council-certified fish than ever in the UK, with sales up 60 per cent in last two years
Aldi stocks the highest proportion of sustainable seafood of any supermarket in the UK, according to new research.
Almost 80 per cent of the German discounter’s seafood range is certified as sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council.
Iceland and Morrisons were at the bottom of the league table with less than 5 per cent of their seafood range certified sustainable. Marks & Spencer had 19 per cent of its seafood products certified.
Read more Stop eating cod and tuna in favour of sustainable fish, Britons told Supermarkets are now selling more sustainable seafood than ever in the UK, with sales up 60 per cent in the last two years the MSC said.
Sainsbury's came second in the table, stocking more than 200 certified products to make up 76 per cent of its wild seafood range.
​Lidl came third with just over 100 products or 72 per cent of its range. Wa..

Divides Over Trade Scramble Midterm Election Messaging

Divides Over Trade Scramble Midterm Election Messaging Photo Production at a Chinese steel plant. Americans are about evenly split on the steel and aluminum tariffs that President Trump announced last month, according to a survey for The New York Times. Credit China Network/Reuters President Trump’s trade policies enjoy the strong backing of his supporters but are less popular among independents, moderate Republicans and others whose votes could decide control of Congress in the midterm election this fall. That could complicate Republicans’ plans to make their economic record a central argument in their case for re-election.
Over all, Americans are about evenly split on the steel and aluminum tariffs that Mr. Trump announced early last month, according to a survey conducted in early April for The New York Times by the online polling firm SurveyMonkey. Support split mostly along predictable partisan lines, with 78 percent of Republicans supporting Mr. Trump’s tariffs and 74 percent of D..

Daphne Sheldrick, 83, Who Saved Orphaned Elephants, Is Dead

Daphne Sheldrick, 83, Who Saved Orphaned Elephants, Is Dead Photo Daphne Sheldrick and her daughter Angela in Tsavo East National Park in Kenya in 1968. They posed with Eleanor, an orphaned elephant that was the subject of Ms. Sheldrick’s book “An Elephant Called Eleanor.” Credit The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Daphne Sheldrick, a wildlife conservationist who saved hundreds of orphaned elephants in Africa, work chronicled in documentaries like “Born to Be Wild,” died on Thursday in Nairobi. She was 83.
The cause was breast cancer, said an announcement on the website of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, the organization Ms. Sheldrick founded in honor of her husband, a noted naturalist and crusader against poaching who died in 1977.
Ms. Sheldrick, a British subject who was born in Africa and spent her life there, became an important voice in the movement to save the declining elephant population and raise awareness about poaching, which is fueled by the ivory trade.
When she spoke a..

Fight Over Values Risks a ‘European Civil War,’ Macron Says

Fight Over Values Risks a ‘European Civil War,’ Macron Says Photo President Emmanuel Macron of France told the European Parliament in Strasbourg on Tuesday that Europeans must turn away from “selfish nationalism.” Credit Vincent Kessler/Reuters BRUSSELS — Emmanuel Macron, who beat back the far-right National Front to win the French presidency, said on Tuesday that there was “an increasing fascination with illiberalism” in Europe and that divisions over values within the European Union were like “a European civil war.”
Speaking after the re-election this month in Hungary of Viktor Orban, the professed champion of “illiberal democracy,” and moves against the judiciary in Poland, Mr. Macron said that Europe was in a battle between the liberal democracy that shaped its postwar vision and a new populist authoritarianism that brushes aside dissents and cares little about the rule of law.
Europeans must turn away from “selfish nationalism,” he told the European Parliament in Strasbourg, Franc..