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Zero good news on zero hours contracts?

It's true that the latest figures show that their growth has plateaued but there are still too many people on them who are being exploited and the Government's proposed response is woeful
There would appear to be modest signs of progress when it comes to the exploitative zero hours contracts that hundreds of thousands of Britons find themselves stuck on in the latest data.
Official figures show the number of firms using them did rise to 1.8m in the year to November, up from 1.7m the previous year.
Not exactly good news, but the Office for National Statistics noted that the survey methodology had changed so cautioned against drawing firm conclusions.
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Facebook: How much of a problem is personal finance guru Martin Lewis' planned libel action with results due?

The MoneySavingExpert founder is unhappy over fake ads bearing his likeness and name
A knockout judgement against Facebook coming from a libel suit planned by personal finance guru Martin Lewis, the founder of MoneySavingExpert? It would barely register as a financial hit.
In 2017 – characterised as a ‘hard year’ for the social network – it generated $12.8bn (£9.2bn) in revenues, up 49 per cent, and turned a net profit of $4.3bn on that.
Its growth might be slowing, users might be spending less time on it, but the financial train is still rolling along the tracks. The company looks set to gobble up close to a fifth of the enormous digital ad market this year.
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Co-op's £140m takeover of Nisa cleared by competition watchdog

There are enough local alternative grocery stores to ensure people can still shop around to get the best value, CMA says
The UK’s competition watchdog has cleared the Co-op’s proposed £143m takeover of member-owned groceries wholesaler Nisa.
The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) found that the two companies do not compete head-to-head and that the deal would not result in reduced quality of service or higher prices for customers.
The CMA said it had carefully considered the impact of the deal because Nisa supplies over 4,000 groceries stores but it took into account the fact that those outlets would still be free to set their own prices and decide which products to stock after the merger.
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City drinks Capita kool aid as shares soar but is this wise?

Investors and ministers are desperately hoping new CEO Jon Lewis can pull off a turnaround. The man who called Capita's problems two years ago says they're taking a lot on trust
Talk about a strange start to the week: Troubled outsourcer Capita started it as the stock market’s hot share.
A company that sparked real fears of it being the next outsorucing domino to fall after Carillon shot up like one of Elon Musk’s rockets as it unveiled details of a £700m cash call, and a £300m disposal programme, four days earlier than expected. Alongside the small matter of a half billion pound pre tax loss.
If that makes you go ‘hmm’, the explanation for it is that there are an awful lot of people who really, really, really want to believe that turnaround specialist Jon Lewis can fix the thing. There are just as many of them working in the City of London as in there are in Westminster, where the government needs another Carillion like a hole in the head.
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Pound sterling falls to five week low against US dollar as GDP and Brexit pressures increase

Sterling has fallen back from a post-Brexit high last week
The pound fell to a five-week low against the dollar on Monday morning, continuing the downward momentum seen last week off the back of worse than expected economic data.
By mid-morning, sterling was down 0.2 per cent to $1.3971, a significant dip from last week’s post-Brexit vote high of more than $1.435.
“After being dragged lower by a disappointing wage growth/inflation/retail sales data hat-trick, and subsequent dovishness from Bank of England chief Mark Carney, the currency was unable to regain any of its first half of April momentum in Monday’s early moments,” said Connor Campbell, financial analyst at SpreadEx.
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TSB apologises after customers complain of online banking 'data breach'

Some customers say they can view other people’s accounts through app after bank completes technology upgrade
TSB has apologised to customers who could not access their accounts through the company’s app and online banking service on Sunday night and Monday morning.
A number of customers complained of a “data breach” and said that they were able to view other people’s account information through the app.
The problems came after TSB carried out planned upgrade work to its technology over the weekend. The bank had warned that some services would not be available from 4pm on Friday to 6pm on Sunday but customers found that problems persisted beyond this, leaving them locked out of their accounts.
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