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Morrisons pledges to make all its packaging recyclable by 2025

The supermarket has already banned the sale of single use carrier bags
Morrisons has pledged to make all its own-brand packaging reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025 amid a range plans to reduce plastic use within its stores.
The supermarket will allow customers to use their own containers to buy meat and fish from its butcher and fishmonger counters, and will trial the removal of plastic packaging from fruit and vegetables in a number of stores.
It is also replacing the black plastic trays used for fish and meat with recyclable packaging materials, with a target of phasing out the trays by the end 2019.
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How Fake Mark Zuckerbergs Scam Facebook Users Out of Their Cash

How Fake Mark Zuckerbergs Scam Facebook Users Out of Their Cash SAN FRANCISCO — A Facebook notification on Gary Bernhardt’s phone woke him up one night last November with incredible news: a message from Mark Zuckerberg himself, saying that he had won $750,000 in the Facebook lottery.
“I got all excited. Wouldn’t you?” said Mr. Bernhardt, 67, a retired forklift driver and Army veteran in Ham Lake, Minn. He stayed up until dawn trading messages with the person on the other end. To obtain his winnings, he was told, he first needed to send $200 in iTunes gift cards.
Hours later, Mr. Bernhardt bought the gift cards at a gas station and sent the redemption codes to the account that said it was Mr. Zuckerberg. But the requests for money didn’t stop. By January, Mr. Bernhardt had wired an additional $1,310 in cash, or about a third of his social-security checks over three months.
Mr. Bernhardt eventually realized that he had been the unwitting victim of a scam that has thrived on Facebook and ..

Facebook beat Wall Street revenue projections with user numbers on target despite data privacy scandal

Social media giant continues to grow despite Cambridge Analytica controversy
Facebook beat Wall Street revenue projections and announced that its user numbers were in line with estimates in the wake of a user data privacy scandal.
Up to 87m users saw their data end up in the possession of political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica, which worked for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Facebook has since been scrambling to mollify angry politicians and reassure users that it will safeguard their personal information.
Amid that turmoil, observers were keenly watching the company’s user figures to assess the potential damage and see if the scandal would suppress Facebook’s long-term growth.
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