Tech Tip: Setting Options for Ad Blockers

Setting Options for Ad Blockers Q. I installed ad-blocking software on my computer, but I still see advertisements on some pages, even though the site did not ask me to turn off the blocker. Why is this?
A. Even when you have the software enabled, browser utilities like AdBlock or AdBlock Plus may still display less-intrusive advertisements from companies that have been approved by the independent Acceptable Ads Committee. The Acceptable Ads initiative was started by AdBlock Plus, which makes money by allowing the ads through its filters.
The initiative attempts to balance the needs of web surfers who do not want to be pelted with aggressive online ads and the needs of websites that rely on advertising revenue to support their content. (Google recently began to filter intrusive ads in its Chrome browser in a similar manner.)
“Acceptable” ads include those that lack animation and do not jam themselves into the middle of the reader’s experience on the site. Even if the ad-blocker progra..

Woman Identified as YouTube Shooter Had Complained About Company

Supported by U.S. Woman Identified as YouTube Shooter Had Complained About Company The woman identified by the police as the person who shot three people at YouTube’s headquarters in California on Tuesday before killing herself had long accused the video site and its owner of discrimination.
The San Bruno Police Department said that the attacker, Nasim Najafi Aghdam, who was in her late 30s and had lived in Southern California, opened fire with a handgun in a courtyard at YouTube’s offices in San Bruno. While the police have not provided a possible motive, Ms. Aghdam had alleged that YouTube and Google, which owns it, took measures to hurt her website in search results and reduce the number of views on her videos.
She also told her family in recent weeks that she “hated” YouTube because it was censoring her videos and paying her less.
“She was angry,” her father, Ismail Aghdam, who lives outside Los Angeles in Riverside County, told the Bay Area News Group.

With Brazil Ex-President’s Fate in Balance, Army Chief Weighs In

With Brazil Ex-President’s Fate in Balance, Army Chief Weighs In Photo Former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva of Brazil during a campaign rally in in March. He has a significant lead in polls ahead of a presidential election scheduled for October. Credit Eraldo Peres/Associated Press BOA VISTA, Brazil — On the eve of a fateful court ruling that could determine whether a former president of Brazil continues a comeback bid or goes to prison, the army chief made a rare incursion into politics Tuesday night, saying that the armed forces “repudiated impunity.”
The former president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, is considered the front-runner in Brazil’s presidential election later this year, despite his conviction on corruption charges. The country’s highest court is expected to decide on Wednesday whether a lower court can send him to prison while he appeals the conviction, which would end his campaign.
In two posts on Twitter on Tuesday night, Gen. Eduardo Villas Bôas declared that the a..

The Wing: Exclusive women-only club to open in London

London and Toronto among the cities where new launches planned
The Wing, a women-only co-working space and club, announced earlier this week that it's opening six new locations, and going international.
After raising $32m (£23m) in a Series B funding from investors like WeWork last November, The Wing's total investment was up to $42m (£30m), according to Forbes. The club currently has four open locations, three of which are in New York City, and one in Washington DC.
The new locations will be in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Williamsburg (Brooklyn), plus two international locations, including London and Toronto.
Read more A look inside WeWork's communal housing project in New York As WeWork embraces big business, will it lose its cool? The club, which has received over 13,000 applicants since its launch in 2016, provides its members with speaking events, community volunteer opportunities, movie screenings, happy hours and more, acting as a homebase for member..

Thank Peppa Pig for Molly's Game as Enertainment One's porcine princess gobbles up Asia

The blockbuster franchise helps Entertainment One wear the sort misses that are endemic to the creative industries where the company plays, and helps get quality movies to cinemas increasingly ruled by blockbusters
Talk about bringing home the bacon.
The juggernaut that is Peppa Pig has rolled into Asia, where the porcine princess has hit pay dirt for the franchise’s controller Entertainment One. Again.
There are some things that are almost universal to the human condition and it appears that one is the devotion of those of pre school age to a precocious talking pig whose genius is that she talks like they do.
Read more Peppa Pig’s march into Asia boosts Entertainment One revenues Peppa Pig accused of piling pressure on GPs Survey reveals the kids' TV shows parents can most and least tolerate China is being conquered and it looks like its rival Japan is also poised to fall under her spell. Who knows, perhaps their leaders can one day find a way of bonding over their share..