UK companies need more executives like Martin Sorrell to give business a voice

The WPP boss has always been willing to stick his head above the parapet
There will be plenty of people taking great delight in the travails of Sir Martin Sorrell.
We love nothing more in the UK than cutting folk down to size, particularly someone who is paid so much and is so high profile. It’s almost like a national sport, of everyone piling in to give them a good kicking.
No matter that they built up a hugely successful enterprise employing thousands, and when they spoke or wrote or posed for a picture they were also promoting their corporate brand. Somehow, the collective view prevails: they got above themselves and therefore deserve bringing down.
Read more WPP boss Sir Martin Sorrell is under investigation They themselves discover a hard truth, that on the way to the top they collected enemies and “friends”, who, when the boots thud in, turn out to be anything but, preferring to desert them rather than stand beside them.
So it is with Sorrell, 73. The advertising boss pre..

Sir Martin Sorrell quits as WPP boss after investigation launched into personal misconduct allegations

'I believe it is in the best interests of the business if I step down now'
Sir Martin Sorrell, has quit as chief executive of the world's largest advertising agency WPP, less than a fortnight after it was confirmed the company was investigating an allegation of personal misconduct against him.
The 73-year-old said he was obviously “sad” to be leaving the firm he founded 33-years ago.
“It has been a passion, focus and source of energy for so long,” he said in a statement. “However, I believe it is in the best interests of the business if I step down now.”
Read more WPP boss Sir Martin Sorrell is under investigation The company stunned the industry last week when it said it had appointed lawyers to investigate alleged misconduct by Sir Martin, who turned a two-man outfit into the world's biggest advertising group with 200,000 employees.
He denied any misconduct “unreservedly”.
But in a letter to WPP staff published late he said the “current disruption” was ..

News Analysis: ‘Mission Accomplished!’ But What Is the Mission in Syria?

‘Mission Accomplished!’ But What Is the Mission in Syria? Photo President Trump at the White House on Friday. Mr. Trump tweeted “Mission Accomplished!” the morning after the attacks in Syria. Credit Tom Brenner/The New York Times WASHINGTON — On the morning after, President Trump declared success. The surgical strike against chemical weapons facilities in Syria had been executed perfectly, he said on Saturday. “Mission Accomplished!” he wrote on Twitter.
That’s a phrase presidents and politicians have studiously avoided since President George W. Bush’s ill-fated aircraft carrier visit prematurely declaring success in the Iraq war. But aside from the curious choice of words, it raised the essential question regarding Syria going beyond the one-time strike: What exactly is the mission?
For most of Mr. Trump’s presidency, it has been to defeat the Islamic State and then get out. But what Mr. Trump outlined in his televised speech to the nation on Friday night was something more complicate..