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Aba Army Attack: A False Flag Carried Out To Advance An Ugly Political Agenda


May 31 2024 | Radio Biafra

So many things have been said about what happened yesterday, 30th May 2024 at Aba, where there was a killing of soldiers at Obikabia checkpoint during the Biafran Heroes Day Sit-at-home civil disobedience exercise.

According to a viral video clip in the social media, the act was seen being perpetrated by some unidentified masked men. However, the Nigerian Army in less than 24 hours made a press release, vowing to fiercely retaliate for their soldiers killed in that unwarranted attack.

And funnily enough, they also accused the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) and Eastern Security Network (ESN) of being responsible for the attack, without carrying proper investigations.

Meanwhile, the Abia State Government is yet to conclude their investigations on the issue. This shows a wide-gap in cooperation between the two government institutions on the matter.

Notwithstanding, while the tensions are high, any critical thinker should understand the game the Nigerian government and their military played yesterday at Obikabia checkpoint in Aba.

In their sinister game; they must have used their recruited gunmen to kill some Igbo brothers and other officers in that check point so as to achieve the following:

1: Use the opportunity to turn Abia State into a war zone; create fear and tension in the state and have a reason to mount more check points every here and there in Abia.

2: Blackmail IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu before the international community by adding it to their criminal convincing instances to label IPOB a violent organization which they consistently fail to achieve in the past.

3: To send a warning statement to Dr. Alex Otti’s government over his hesitation to go after IPOB Sit-at-home order in his state.

4: To de-market Biafra Restoration by breeding distrust amongst the public and especially those who are sympathetic to Biafra Struggle.

5: To create unnecessary rift between the military and the Abia State Government. This to further punish Abians for obeying the Sit-at-home order.

There are pertinent questions one must find answers to in order to understand the underpinnings behind the whole game, such as:

Who sent these gunmen with flashy cars to attack innocent soldiers at the check point?

Recall that Abia State Government announced on 29th that they are not after those appealing for a Biafra Day Sit-at-home, rather are interested in an inclusive and meaningful efforts that would bring lasting solution to all agitations, unlike the Enugwu state government that vowed to roll out security operatives to stop the Sit-at-home order.

Does this in anyway suggest any justification that IPOB could be responsible for attacking the soldiers at the checkpoint? The answer is no. IPOB and Abia State Government are not in qualms.

However, Enugu State where the governor threatened fire and brimstone did not record any of such ugly development, but only in a peaceful Abia State.

It is important to note that the 30th May, 2024 Biafra Heroes Day anniversary was never enforced by IPOB. IPOB only called for Biafrans to stay at home and remember their Heroes and Heroines past, who were victims of genocide against Biafra. There’s no way IPOB could still enforce her 10th time 30th May Biafra Heroes Day remembrance. Biafrans accepted this as part of them and participated generously in it.

The Nigerian government and military should stop blackmailing IPOB, ESN and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

Recall that Nigerian Army attacked Biafrans at their candle night memorial service last year, a night before 30th May, 2023 Biafra Heroes Day, wounded many and killed scores of other Biafrans.

Biafrans and those in Abia State should just apply caution to avoid the murderous Nigerian military who will begin their illegal arrests and detention around Aba environs.

Source: iCons News

Published by:
Chibuike Nebeokike
For: Radio Biafra Media

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