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A Biafra Constructed On The Innocent Blood Of Christians And Ndigbo Shall Never Stand


June 06 2024 | Radio Biafra

Being a Statement by International Coalition against Christian Genocide in Nigeria (ICAC-GEN) on the recent killing of five members of the Nigerian Armed Forces and six unnamed civilians at Obikabia Junction, Aba, Abia State on May 30, 2024

The International Coalition against Christian Genocide in Nigeria (ICAC-GEN) views with grave concern the current uncontrollable waves of insecurity in Nigeria, from North to the South, and from East to West, which seem to have defied the gallant capabilities of the Nigerian Armed Forces, the Nigeria Police Force, and the Directorate of State Security (DSS), thus placing Nigeria on the precipice of a failed-State.

We view with sadness and special concern the May 30, 2024 killing of the following soldiers and six other unnamed civilians at Obikabia junction, Obingwa Local Government Area Aba, Abia State:

Sergeant Charles Ugochukwu (94NA/38/1467)

Sergeant Bala Abraham (03NA/53/1028)

Corporal Gideon Egwe (10NA/65/7085)

Corporal Ikpeama Ikechukwu (13NA/70/5483)

Corporal Augustine Emmanuel (13NA/70/6663)

We are particularly saddened by the fact that not only were most of the victims Ndigbo by ethnic extraction but the fact that all the five victims were Christians, thus presumed to be at home with their people. To us therefore, we see their killing as not only sacrilegious in moral terms but unforgivable before God.

We have witnessed many illustrious sons and daughters of Igboland of both the armed forces and the Police slaughtered in Igboland in cold-blood by the same gangsters masquerading as Biafran freedom fighters. We witnessed an Igbo officer of the rank of Major in the Nigerian army abducted and gruesomely slaughtered by the same people.

We have also witnessed an Igbo lady-soldier with her new husband from Benue State who finished their traditional wedding ceremony in Imo State abducted and slaughtered by this same gang. We witnessed a young lady Police officer who was the only bread-winner of her widowed-mother slaughtered at Awka, Anambra State just because she was employed as a Police Officer.

During the infamous operation python dance by the Nigeria armed forces in the Southeast, we accused the Federal Government of deploying wicked and vengeful Muslim soldiers of Northern extraction to torment and slaughter Ndigbo in their home-States. Now that the same Federal Government has deployed Igbo-born soldiers, the same Ndigbo has decided to be their killers.

Ndigbo complain about marginalization in both the armed forces and other Federal security agencies, yet the same Ndigbo have resorted to slaughtering the few they have in the army and other security agencies. Is this not an act that attracts eternal curse on the land? You can’t be having sex with a mother and be suffocating the baby at the same time; and you call it love-making.

It is not enough for IPOB to deny accomplice in the crime with one hand through Mr. Emma Powerful who announced the imposition of sit-at-home order on that day, while with another hand through Mr. Ekpa Simon Njoku of IPOB Autopilot claim accomplice in the same crime. The mere fact that IPOB through its Eastern Security Network (ESN) imposed sit-at-home on the same day of the act throughout the Southeast renders such denial limbless.

If the IPOB and their ESN believe that the killings were the acts of criminals who plan to create state of instability and chaos in Igboland, then let the people see them confront the said intruding criminals. May 30, 2024 was not the first sit-at-home order that was greeted with malicious harassment of the people, destruction of their property, and killing of innocent people.

It is an established fact that on the same May 30, 2024, many vehicles and countless property were destroyed at Ibagwa-Aka in Igboeze South Local Government Area of Enugu State by members of IPOB-ESN enforcing sit-at-home order. You cannot claim to be fighting for a people and at the same time intimidating and killing the same people and destroying their property. This is morally condemnable in all ramifications and any proposed nation called Biafra associated with this wickedness shall never stand.

IPOB and their Eastern Security Network cannot tell the people they are fighting for the creation of Biafra, while Fulani herdsmen and their bandit kinsmen are terrorizing the Igbo all over the Southeast, kidnapping, killing, rapping the women in their farmlands, and destroying farmlands.

These are the major security challenges facing not just Igboland but the entire Middle Belt and Southern regions of Nigeria. There is no day that passes without the news of Fulani herdsmen either rapping Igbo women in their farms or killing them and their husbands.

Just three days ago, a teenage Student of Nsukka High School was gruesomely hacked to death by Fulani herdsmen while traveling back to school from his Ukpata hometown. This kind of recurring slaughter by Fulani herdsmen in Igboland does not concern the Governor of Enugu State Mr. Peter Mbah; rather what concerns him is the establishment of RUGA in the name of Ranches for the same Fulani murderers, just to please the Sokoto Caliphate for rigging him into power. IPOB-ESN should therefore leave the soldiers and face the murderous Fulani herdsmen operating in Igboland with unrivalled impunity if indeed they are fighting for the people.

It is often said among the Igbo that while chasing away the goat that eats the yam shoots, the yam that breads the juicy shoots should equally be advised to curtail the manner it exposes its shoots.

It is not enough for the Abia State Governor Dr. Alex Otti to place 25-million-naira booty on the heads of the killers. This is simply political window-dressing and diplomatic showmanship. Will the 25 million naira bring back the lives of the five soldiers and six civilians killed by the gun-men?

The fact that there are fundamental security problems both in the Southeast and the nation at large that need to be boldly confronted is beyond all reasonable doubts. The Southeast Governors have proved that they lack the moral capability to confront these fundamental problems because of their shameless subservient dispositions to cardinal Fulani political interests.

Furthermore, we wish to deplore any attempt by the Nigerian Army to engage in any act of retaliation against the ordinary people for a crime committee by a select few. If the reason for deploying the slain soldiers was to protect the people against these same killers, then it becomes morally incomprehensible for the army to vent their anger on the same people they were protecting.

Soldiers and officers are slaughtered on daily basis by bandits and their Boko Haram kinsmen in the North; yet the civilians have never been blamed or retaliated against. We witnessed Odi, then Okuama where the army visited their anger on innocent and defenseless civilians. Let it not be seen that different rules of professionalism operate in the Nigerian army for the North and South of the same Nigeria respectively.

There is no doubt that the Nigerian armed forces are facing unfathomable professional challenges within the tempestuous internal security problems created by politicians. This should not be so in any democracy, but it is happening in Nigeria because of the dominance of corrupt political leadership, corrupt judiciary, and corrupt electoral system.

This explains why the only saviours remaining to set Nigerians free the bandage of corrupt politicians are the armed forces. Outside military intervention Nigeria will continue to degenerate from bad to worse, and worse to worst, and worst to unimaginable calamity. A leprous hand can never serve clean water.

Source: Portfolio Media

Published by:
Chibuike Nebeokike
For: Radio Biafra Media

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