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$5.7Million Arms Deal: Jonathan’s Government Equals “Money Launderers” – APC


The All Progressives Congress (APC) has asked President Goodluck Jonathan
to urgently address Nigerians on the serial embarrassments to which his
administration is subjecting the country in the comity of nations, after
another seizure of $5.7 million of Nigerian arms money by the South
African authorities.

In a statement issued in Lagos on Tuesday by its National Publicity
Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the party said the issues surrounding the
first seizure of $9.3 million have yet to be resolved before this latest
scandal, wondering why the government would want to turn Nigeria to a
rogue nation by taking ownership of money laundering and other acts of
illegality, thus devaluing the currency of every Nigerian.

”Again, Mr. President, Nigerians are urging you to please come clean over
these cash-for-arms scandals. They want you to answer critical questions
on the legality of your administration’s repeated conduct. They want to
know the identities of the two Nigerians who were arrested with an Israeli
in South Africa over the first illegal deal, especially since the Israeli
has been named.

”Nigerians want to why the purported arms procurement for the government
is done illegally between private companies that are neither known nor
registered for dealing in arms? And why are the movement of monies not
transparently documented for what they really are, if they are truly for
legitimate purposes?

”They want to know whether indeed the weapons which the government is
seeking so furiously to procure are for the battle against Boko Haram or
for a sinister motive, considering the desperation of your Administration
to continue to rule at all cost and by any means possible. They want to
know whether every Nigerian should begin to fear what will happen in the
days and weeks leading to the forthcoming general elections, against the
backdrop of your Administration and party’s do-or-die politics.

”Mr. President, if the funds involved in the latest seizure were sent
through bank transfer, can the government explain why Oritsejafor’s plane
was stuffed with cash and transported to South Africa? Can your
Administration’s embarrassing explanation that it is customary for other
country’s security agencies, including with MOSSAD, KGB and CIA, to cart
plane loads of cash across the world to purchase black market weapons hold
any more water now? These are some of the questions Nigerians are asking,
not an untenable spin by untruthful government officials,” it said.

The party also wondered whether the funds being ferried up and down by the
Administration were appropriated by the National Assembly, or whether they
are part of the missing $20 billion oil money.

APC slammed the federal government for issuing childish and immature
threats against South Africa threatening its investments in the country,
instead of addressing the pertinent questions surrounding the illegal arms
procurement deals.

”Mr. President, you cannot threaten another country when your
Administration is willfully breaking the laws of that country. In this
case, your Administration stands on a weak moral ground, as its hands have
been caught in the cookie jar. Therefore, issuing infantile threats is
laughable, unacceptable and wrong,” the party said.

It reminded the Jonathan Administration that nowhere else does a
government engage in illegal black market movement of money or arms – both
signatures of terrorism worldwide, adding that only terrorists and pariah
nations move money and procure arms in clandestine manners as the Jonathan
Administration is doing.

”Even at a time when we were ruled by military dictators and our country
was a pariah nation, we did not experience these repeated and embarrassing
national disgrace and clandestine, terrorist groups’ approach to the
purchase of arms. How can Nigeria truly be a respected member of the
Financial Action Task Force (FATF)  when our own government and its
operatives are self identified and self confessed money launderers?” APC

The party wondered how many other unknown scandals the Jonathan
Administration has plunged Nigeria, and appealed to the Administration to
tread softly in the interest of all Nigerians, who will be the ones to
suffer the repercussions of the government’s repeated illegal conduct.

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