Amsale Aberra, Trendsetting Bridal Gown Designer, Is Dead at 64

Supported by Business Day Amsale Aberra, Trendsetting Bridal Gown Designer, Is Dead at 64 Photo Amsale Aberra, an Ethiopian-American fashion designer and entrepreneur who is credited with shaping the modern American wedding dress. Credit Courtesy of Amsale Amsale Aberra, an Ethiopian-born fashion designer whose simple, minimalist aesthetic transformed the modern American wedding dress, died on Sunday in Manhattan. She was 64.
Her death, at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, was caused by uterine cancer, her husband, Neil Brown, said.
While most wedding dress designers in the 1980s were making elaborate, tulle-and-lace affairs with long trains and decorative appliqués, Ms. Aberra pared everything down. Her dresses had little fluff or flounce and were often strapless with sheer illusion necklines.
Describing Ms. Aberra’s wildly modern styles in 1997, Constance C. R. White wrote in The New York Times, “To be sure, the leg-of-mutton dress, the traditional, high-neck, puff-sleeve ..

The Paris Review Names a New Editor: Emily Nemens of The Southern Review

Supported by Media The Paris Review Names a New Editor: Emily Nemens of The Southern Review Photo Emily Nemens’s eclectic taste and creative ambitions proved to be a draw for the Paris Review board, which chose her over a pool of candidates better known in New York’s literary circles. Credit Jeremiah Ariaz Emily Nemens, a co-editor of The Southern Review, seems agnostic and omnivorous when it comes to narrative mediums. In addition to publishing poetry, fiction and essays, she is a prolific illustrator who has amassed a large following on Tumblr for her watercolor portraits of women serving in Congress.
She will now take on a more prominent role in American letters. On Thursday, she was named the new editor of The Paris Review, one of the most prestigious literary magazines in the United States.
Ms. Nemens, who lives in Baton Rouge, La., and has been a co-editor of The Southern Review since 2013, is a surprising choice for a publication so closely tied to the New York literary wor..

Target Agrees to Review Screening of Job Applicants Amid Claims of Bias

Supported by Business Day Target Agrees to Review Screening of Job Applicants Amid Claims of Bias Photo A Target store in Dallas. The retailer said Thursday that it would revise how it used criminal background checks in its hiring process. Credit LM Otero/Associated Press Target agreed on Thursday to revise guidelines for how it screens people seeking jobs at its stores, a step meant to quell complaints that the retailer discriminates against black and Hispanic applicants with criminal records that can include offenses too minor or old to affect their performance as employees.
The move comes in a labor market so tight that companies are hiring applicants they would not have considered before, including people who have criminal records or, in some cases, are still incarcerated.
Those pressing the complaints against Target said the agreement announced on Thursday would create even more opportunities for fresh starts.
“Target’s background check policy was out of step with best practi..

Review: A Surgeon Performs Miracles in Sudan in ‘The Heart of Nuba’

Review: A Surgeon Performs Miracles in Sudan in ‘The Heart of Nuba’ Photo Tom Catena, second from left, in the documentary “The Heart of Nuba.” Credit Kenneth A. Carlson/Abramorama One of the smarter things the director Kenneth A. Carlson does in this documentary is to open with a scene of inexplicable horror: a bombing attack on unarmed civilians in the Nuba Mountains in Sudan. The bomber planes are sent by Sudan’s own president, Omar Hassan al-Bashir. This scene, showing victims both wounded and dead, is followed by a shocking revelation. There’s only a single hospital in this region, and there’s only a single surgeon on the staff.
Video Trailer: ‘The Heart of Nuba’ A preview of the film.
By ABRAMORAMA on Publish Date March 26, 2018. . He is Tom Catena, an American who since 2007 has been tending Mother of Mercy Hospital, which he also helped found. This film is more about Dr. Catena and his work than the appalling political situation that keeps Mr. Bashir in power and restricts Un..

Yulia Skripal Is Awake and at the Center of a Russia-U.K. Confrontation

Yulia Skripal Is Awake and at the Center of a Russia-U.K. Confrontation Photo A picture of Yulia Skripal obtained from her Facebook account. A month after being poisoned by a rare nerve agent, she is awake and talking. Credit Yulia Skripal LONDON — Russian television broadcast a telephone recording on Thursday said to be of Yulia Skripal, who was poisoned with a military-grade nerve agent a month ago and is at the center of an escalating confrontation between Russia and Britain.
In the recording, which the Rossiya 24 news announcer emphasized could not be verified, Ms. Skripal tells her cousin Viktoria that both she and her father, Sergei V. Skripal, are healthy, and that neither of them have suffered long-term health damage from the poisoning.
The recording contradicted public statements by the British authorities, who have described Mr. Skripal’s condition as “critical but stable,” and said that only Ms. Skripal was conscious.
Within hours of the program’s broadcast, the British poli..

HSBC tax evasion whistleblower released after being detained on Swiss extradition request

German MEP says Hervé Falciani should be given a medal not put in jail for being 'pioneer in fight against tax fraud'
An HSBC whistleblower who leaked data that led to a tax evasion scandal has been released by a Spanish judge after being arrested on an extradition request from Switzerland.
Hervé Falciani, a former IT worker at HSBC’s secretive Swiss bank, faces a five-year prison sentence in Switzerland after being convicted in absentia for industrial sabotage in 2015.
Police arrested Mr Falciani in Madrid on Wednesday on his way to speak at a conference on whistleblowing. Swiss authorities had requested that he be remanded in custody but he was released without bail on Thursday and ordered to surrender his passport while Spanish authorities consider whether to extradite him.
Read more HSBC accused of 'criminal complicity' in money-laundering scandal In 2008, Mr Falciani fled Switzerland, having stolen data on 130,000 HSBC clients, many of whom he suspected..

Trump's Twitter war with Amazon is about more than preserving the Post Office

The President's tweets have previously had a dramatic impact on the retailer's share value
It’s no secret that Donald Trump has become a bit of a problem for Amazon lately.
His gripe with the retail giant is, according to his Twitter account, due to the firm’s tax practices and failure to support the US postal service – he alleges that the company is costing the US Post Office billions of dollars each year.
Read more Kimmel on why Trump hates Amazon: “Bezos is actually a billionaire' However, commentators have long linked the US President’s anti-Amazon agenda with Jeff Bezos’ ownership of the Washington Post, not least because Mr Trump has made that link publicly several times.
He has previously accused the newspaper of being little more than a vehicle through which Mr Bezos can lobby on behalf of his business interests, using the hashtag #AmazonWashingtonPost on more than one occasion. On Thursday, in his fifth tweet targeting Amazon this week, Mr Trump called..

Why China Is Confident It Can Beat Trump in a Trade War

Supported by Asia Pacific Why China Is Confident It Can Beat Trump in a Trade War Photo Imported soybeans at a port in Nantong, China. The latest Chinese tariffs were intended to deliver a warning that American producers and consumers would pay in a trade war. Credit Chinatopix, via Associated Press BEIJING — China’s leaders sound supremely confident that they can win a trade war with President Trump.
The state news media has depicted him as a reckless bully intent on undermining the global trading system, while presenting the Chinese government as a fair-minded champion of free trade. And China’s leader, Xi Jinping, has used the standoff to reinforce the Communist Party’s message that the United States is determined to stop China’s rise — but that it no longer can. China is already too strong, its economy too big.
“China is not afraid of a trade war,” the vice minister of finance, Zhu Guangyao, declared at a news conference to discuss possible countermeasures. More than once, he ..