New York Envisions a State-Run Retirement Plan for Private Workers

Supported by Business Day New York Envisions a State-Run Retirement Plan for Private Workers Photo The state budget that Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo is expected to sign includes a program to create a state retirement option for private sector employees without 401(k)-like programs at work.
Credit Jeenah Moon for The New York Times New York is close to joining a growing list of states that are creating a retirement plan option for private sector employees who do not have access to 401(k)-like programs at work.
The New York program was included in Friday’s budget deal, which Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo is expected to sign. The plan would enable businesses to provide workers with access to Roth individual retirement accounts overseen by the state. An estimated 3.5 million private sector employees in New York work for employers that do not offer a pension, a 401(k) plan or another savings option, according to AARP, which has lobbied in support of the plans.
“For years, we have been working to devel..

Potential Cosby Jurors Are Asked About #MeToo Bias

Supported by Television Potential Cosby Jurors Are Asked About #MeToo Bias Photo Bill Cosby, center, arriving at the Montgomery County Courthouse for jury selection in his sexual assault trial in Norristown, Pa. Credit Corey Perrine/Associated Press NORRISTOWN, Pa. — Bill Cosby sat in a courtroom here Monday. So too, in a way, did hundreds of women who have accused other powerful men of sexual assault in recent months as the #MeToo movement swept across America.
As jury selection got underway in Mr. Cosby’s criminal trial, no one could ignore that the atmosphere surrounding the case was much different than it had been last summer, during Mr. Cosby’s first trial, before one famous figure after another fell in the face of accusations of sexual misconduct or harassment.
Judge Steven T. O’Neill made that clear as he questioned the 120 potential jurors gathered at the Montgomery County Courthouse on a variety of potential conflicts.
“Do you have knowledge, have you read or seen anythin..

Dow Jones drops 450 points as Amazon tumbles and trade war fires rise

Technology company was the subject of another attack from Donald Trump, as China retaliates to president's trade tariffs
Worries over protectionist trade policies between the US and China and controversy surrounding technology companies meant that the Dow Jones industrial average closed more than 400 points down.
There were steep drops in share price on Monday from former big winners including Netflix, Microsoft and Alphabet, Google's parent company.
Among other recent winners, Intel plummeted 6.1 per cent following a report in Bloomberg News that Apple plans to start using its own chips in Mac computers.
Read more Trump renews attack on Amazon as he accuses retailer of running scam And Amazon sank following more broadsides from President Donald Trump via Twitter.
The Dow fell as much as 758 points, although major indexes regained some of their losses later in the afternoon.
The Dow lost 458.92 points, or 1.9 per cent, to 23,644.19. The S&P 500 index gave up 58.99 p..

New tax changes coming into effect this week mean your take home salary should increase

Changes announced in Philip Hammond's Budget last year will take effect this week
The current tax year comes to an end this week and with new rules coming into effect, an increased personal allowance should see workers’ take-home pay go up.
The personal allowance is the amount of income a worker is not required to pay tax on.
Following an announcement in last year’s Autumn Budget, the personal allowance for earners in the basic rate band (those on salaries between £11,501 and £45,000) will rise to £11,850 on Friday 6 April. For earners in the higher rate band – those on salaries from £45,001 to £105,000 – the personal allowance will increase to £46,350.
Read more Council tax burden for poorest in London more than the wealthiest When the chancellor, Philip Hammond, announced the new rates in November last year, the Treasury said the changes would represent a £1,075 reduction in the amount of tax paid by the typical taxpayer in 2018-2019. The average worker on the national ..

Trade War, Oklahoma, March Madness: Your Evening Briefing

Trade War, Oklahoma, March Madness: Your Evening Briefing (Want to get this briefing by email? Here’s the sign-up.)
Good evening. Here’s the latest.
Photo Credit Richard Drew/Associated Press 1. The stock market tumbled.
The cause: tit-for-tat tariffs imposed by China, and tech’s dark hour of the soul.
Facebook is trying to contain the loss of about $100 billion in value. Amazon is under presidential attack.
And Tesla shares fell amid concerns about the electric car maker’s quarterly production numbers for its Model 3 sedan, which are expected in the next day or so. Elon Musk, the chief executive, joked for April Fool’s that the company had gone “completely and totally bankrupt.”
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Photo Credit Doug Mills/The New York Times 2. “DACA is dead.”
Thus tweeted President Trump, venting about the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program and blaming Democrats for failing to salvage it. But if history is a guide, his position on shielding young, u..

Now Read This: Discussion Questions for the PBS NewsHour-New York Times Book Club’s April Pick: ‘The Death and Life of the Great Lakes’

Discussion Questions for the PBS NewsHour-New York Times Book Club’s April Pick: ‘The Death and Life of the Great Lakes’ Photo Our April pick for the PBS NewsHour-New York Times book club, “Now Read This” is Dan Egan’s “The Death and Life of the Great Lakes.” It’s an epic and wonderfully told story of history, science and reportage about the largest source of freshwater in the world, and the threat to America’s waterways. Become a member of the book club by joining our Facebook group, or by signing up to our newsletter. Learn more about the book club here.
Below are questions to help guide your discussions as you read the book over the next month. You can also submit your own questions for Dan Egan on our Facebook page, which he will answer on the NewsHour broadcast at the end of the month.
1. The five great lakes — Lake Erie, Superior, Michigan, Huron and Ontario — make up the world’s largest freshwater system. Some 40 million people live near their shores, and many more of us depend ..

Trump Tweets Transform Immigrant Caravans Into Political Cause Célèbre

Trump Tweets Transform Immigrant Caravans Into Political Cause Célèbre
MEXICO CITY — It has become a regular occurrence, particularly around the Easter holiday: scores or even hundreds of Central American migrants making their way north by foot and vehicle from the southern border of Mexico. They include everyone from infants to the elderly, fleeing violence and poverty in their homelands.
They travel in large groups — the current is one of the largest at about 1,200 participants — in part for protection against the kidnappers, muggers and rapists that stalk the migrant trail, but also to draw more attention to their plight. Some have the United States in mind, but many are only thinking as far as a new home in Mexico.
Called “caravans,” most of the journeys, which date back at least five years, have moved forward with little fanfare, virtually unnoticed north of the border with the United States. But tweets by President Trump have suddenly turned the latest caravan into a major inter..