Beef grills G-Mac!

Andrew “Beef” Johnston was our special guest for day three of the Valspar Championship, and his interviewing skills proved as good as his golf game as he welcomed Graeme McDowell to the Sky Cart.

Statue Being Pulled From a Gritty Patch of Cairo Could Be of Ramses

CAIRO — The gritty, working-class neighborhood of Matariya in northeast Cairo brims with noise and poverty, a place where motorized rickshaws vie with donkey carts on narrow, trash-strewn streets. But this week, archaeologists began pulling from a patch of barren ground a glistening 26-foot statue they say might be a world-class find.

WATCH: Stenson rips Radar!

Henrik Stenson is well known for his sense of humour, and he gave the Sky Sports viewers some priceless entertainment at the expense of Wayne Riley on day three at the Valspar Championship.

Nigeria’s Battles With Boko Haram Scar the Land and Its People

While reporting an article on civilian massacres by the Nigerian military, the photographer Ashley Gilbertson and I heard reports that soldiers were burning villages. The militant group Boko Haram, too, has been accused of setting fire to homes, but residents told us the military had now adopted the tactic as a way to clear the countryside so it could freely carry out operations against the insurgents.

Scars of looting, destruction all that remain at Mosul museum

MOSUL, Iraq After two and a half years under Islamic State control, all that is left in Mosul’s museum are the traces of looting and destruction. Inside the rubble-strewn building, where militants filmed themselves destroying ancient artifacts, the large stone wing of a statue of lamassu — an Assyrian winged bull deity — lies on the dusty floor among other broken remnants of the past.