London’s New Normal: Resilient, Yes. But Not Entirely Intrepid.

LONDON — For the fourth time in 12 weeks I marked myself safe on Facebook. In Britain. It was Wednesday morning, and Londoners had reason to be a bit optimistic. Borough Market, a lively bar and restaurant district near the Thames, was reopening, less than two weeks after terrorists dressed in fake suicide bombs went on a stabbing rampage.

Grenfell Tower Death Toll Rises to 17; U.K. Government Is Criticized

LONDON — With the death toll from a horrific London fire rising and many residents still unaccounted for, Prime Minister Theresa May — under pressure from critics — on Thursday ordered a formal inquiry into the disaster that turned an apartment tower into a smoldering ruin.

Russian MoD publishes image of airstrike that may have killed ISIS leader

The composition picture shows photos of the same location taken on May 13 and May 29, the day after the reported airstrike. © The four buildings, which the MoD said had been used by jihadist commanders for a high-profile meeting on May 28, are marked and have been levelled, as seen in the second photo.