At Least 68 Dead as Fire Erupts Amid Riot at Venezuela Jail

At Least 68 Dead as Fire Erupts Amid Riot at Venezuela Jail Photo Anguished relatives of inmates outside a police station in Valencia, Venezuela, where a deadly fire broke out during a riot. Credit Carlos Garcia Rawlins/Reuters CARACAS, Venezuela — At least 68 people died when a fire erupted during a riot at a jail in the northern city of Valencia, the attorney general said late Wednesday.
The announcement hours came after crowds of anguished family members had gathered outside the facility, some weeping and others facing off with police officers in riot gear. Officials had released little information throughout the day.
Tarek Saab, the attorney general, said four prosecutors had been named to investigate the cause and circumstances. All but two of the victims were men, he said.
The facility, attached to a police station, had a capacity of about 60 detainees, workers at the scene said, although prison crowding has often resulted in Venezuelan detention facilities exceeding their capaci..

‘Warfare trigonometry’: Mattis says US refueling Saudi planes would prevent civilian casualties

US Defense Secretary James Mattis suggested that refueling Saudi bombers over Yemen could help minimize civilian casualties. The 3-year conflict has resulted in thousands of civilian deaths.
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Mireille Knoll, Murdered Holocaust Survivor, Is Honored in Paris

Mireille Knoll, Murdered Holocaust Survivor, Is Honored in Paris Photo A march in memory of Mireille Knoll in Paris on Wednesday. Ms. Knoll, a 85-year-old Holocaust survivor, was found murdered in her apartment last week. Credit Gonzalo Fuentes/Reuters PARIS — Every morning, in a part of the 11th Arrondissement of Paris that has not yet gentrified, Mireille Knoll would sit at home watching television as she waited for her personal care aide.
The aide, Leila Dessante, would clean the small second-floor apartment, cook lunch and keep company with Ms. Knoll, a 85-year-old grandmother and Holocaust survivor. “She would take my face in between her hands and always ask, ‘How are you doing today, sweetheart?’” Ms. Dessante recalled on Wednesday.
Ms. Knoll’s gentle routine was brutally interrupted last week when she was killed in her apartment. The attack shocked her neighbors, France’s Jewish community and the country as a whole. Two suspects, men in their 20s, have been placed under formal i..

Vegan activist defends death of butcher in French supermarket attack, investigation launched

An investigation has been opened in France after a vegan activist posted on social media that they had “zero compassion” for the butcher who was killed in the recent terrorist attack in the southwestern part of the country.
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US judge tosses Saudi Arabia’s motion to dismiss 9/11 complicity lawsuits

US District Judge George B. Daniels in Manhattan has dismissed the motion filed by Saudi Arabia to end long-running litigation over what those affected by the 9/11 terrorist attacks claim is Riyadh’s complicity in the tragedy.
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Facebook says it will cease cooperation with all third-party data collectors

Facebook has said it will no longer offer an advertising option that exploits personal data provided by third-party aggregators. The company, still bleeding from the Cambridge Analytica scandal, said it wants to improve privacy.
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