‘Assange is a war hero, he exposed American war crimes’ – Vivienne Westwood

Fashion icon Vivienne Westwood sent a message of support on RT to her friend Julian Assange, whose Internet access was cut off by the Ecuadorian Embassy in the UK, calling him a “hero” and a “brilliant” man.
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New Arrest in $20 Million Heist, Britain’s Biggest Burglary

New Arrest in $20 Million Heist, Britain’s Biggest Burglary Photo The entrance to Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Ltd. in London, where millions of dollars’ worth of jewels, gold, precious stones and cash were stolen in 2015. Credit Andrew Testa for The New York Times LONDON — The British authorities have made a new arrest in a brazen 2015 robbery in which a gang of graying thieves stole over $20 million worth of cash and jewelry in London, a case that prosecutors have called the largest burglary in English history.
Detectives arrested a 57-year-old man on suspicion of nonresidential burglary in the Hatton Garden case, the Metropolitan Police said in a statement on Wednesday. The suspect, who was not immediately identified, is the latest man linked to the case.
Six other men were each sentenced to between six and seven years in jail in 2016 for breaking into the vaults of the Hatton Garden Safe Deposit company and stealing nearly 14 million pounds worth of cash, gold and gems.
The latest su..

From Boris to Rees-Mogg: Do the Tories have their own racism problem?

Boris Johnson faces demands to apologize after he took part in a Tory campaign accused of “dog-whistle racism.” He is just the latest Tory MP accused of racism, prompting the question: does the party have a racism problem?
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Putin & Macron will still meet despite diplomatic row over Salisbury case

President Emmanuel Macron still intends to meet Vladimir Putin despite France joining a London-backed campaign of diplomatic expulsions against Russia. The Kremlin supports the Elysee’s idea of solving problems through dialogue.
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Skripal ‘lies’ from UK government could get us into another Iraq War, warns Neil Clark (VIDEO)

Neil Clark has issued a warning: the UK may be repeating its mistakes from 2003, when the government used bogus intel to stir up a war. Clark added that the UK’s Skripal ' theory has “more holes in it than a slab of swiss cheese”.
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Serial Rapist’s Release Is Blocked, for Now, by U.K. Court

Serial Rapist’s Release Is Blocked, for Now, by U.K. Court Photo John Worboys, a former London cab driver, was convicted of assaults on 12 female passengers, although the police say he had more than 100 victims. Credit Metropolitan Police, via Associated Press LONDON — A British court ordered a parole board on Wednesday to reconsider its decision to release a notorious sex offender — a former London cabdriver implicated in attacks on more than 100 women — and told the government to lift the shroud of secrecy over parole decisions.
The decision to grant parole to the serial rapist, John Worboys, after a decade in prison prompted outrage when it was made public in January, and two of his victims sought to have the result overturned in court. Victims said they had been assured that Mr. Worboys stood little chance of ever being released, and some said that the authorities had failed to notify them that he was up for parole.
The women said they felt not only betrayed by the decision but als..

Italian club pay €2mn transfer fee to fraudsters who asked for payment in email

Italian club Lazio have reportedly fallen victim to an internet scam after fraudsters tricked them into sending a €2 million ($2.5 million) transfer fee to Feyenoord for Stefan de Vrij into the wrong bank account.
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