Trump’s New Order Bans Immigrants From 6 Muslim Nations, Except Iraq

WASHINGTON — President Trump on Monday signed a revised version of his executive order banning migrants from predominantly Muslim nations, removing citizens from Iraq from the original travel embargo and scrapping a provision that explicitly protected religious minorities.

North Korea Launch Could Be Test of New Attack Strategy, Japan Analysts Say

TOKYO — The apparent success of four simultaneous missile launchings by North Korea on Monday raised new alarms about the threat to its neighbors and its progress toward developing an ability to overcome their ballistic missile defense systems, including those that have yet to be deployed.

Celestial resurrection? Pluto could become a planet again – along with 100+ other objects

Pluto could become a planet again depending on changes to the International Astronomical Union’s (IAU) criteria. While some may celebrate Pluto’s return to planetary mnemonics, changing those criteria could potentially add another 102 celestial bodies to the list of planets, the Astronaut reported Saturday.