‘2 Bitter Options’ for Syrians Trapped Between Assad and Extremists

‘2 Bitter Options’ for Syrians Trapped Between Assad and Extremists Photo The Syrian government has been bombing Idlib Province, which has been a refuge for people fleeing the war. Credit Ahmed Rahhal/Anadolu Agency, via Getty Images BEIRUT, Lebanon — When pro-government forces retook her hometown from Syrian rebels, Nisrine accepted the same surrender deal the government has offered tens of thousands of Syrians: a one-way bus trip to a place she had never been — the northern, rebel-held province of Idlib.
Since Syria’s war began, the population of Idlib has doubled as it has taken in a motley mix of fleeing civilians, defeated rebels, hard-line jihadists and those like Nisrine who have packed up their families to ride the government surrender bus.
But as government forces wrap up a blistering campaign in eastern Ghouta, Idlib is likely to be the next target. And this time, there will be nowhere else to run.
“Maybe this is the last chapter of the revolution,” Nisrine, 36, an Arabic tea..

Denmark Gets Statue of a ‘Rebel Queen’ Who Led Fiery Revolt Against Colonialism

Denmark Gets Statue of a ‘Rebel Queen’ Who Led Fiery Revolt Against Colonialism Photo The statue of Mary Thomas called “I Am Queen Mary” is the first public monument to a black woman in Denmark, according to the artists. Credit Nick Furbo COPENHAGEN — The statue of the woman is nearly 23 feet tall. Her head is wrapped and she stares straight ahead while sitting barefoot, but regally, in a wide-backed chair, clutching a torch in one hand and a tool used to cut sugar cane in the other.
In Denmark, where most of the public statues represent white men, two artists on Saturday unveiled the striking statute, portraying a 19th-century rebel queen who led a fiery revolt against Danish colonial rule in the Caribbean.
It’s being billed as Denmark’s first public monument to a black woman.
The sculpture was inspired by Mary Thomas, who with two other female leaders known as “Queens” unleashed an uprising in 1878 called the “Fireburn.” Fifty plantations and most of the town of Frederiksted on the w..

Noam Chomsky and John Pilger join calls demanding Ecuador stop ‘gagging’ Assange

Human rights activists including Noam Chomsky, John Pilger and Pamela Anderson have published an open letter demanding that the Ecuadorian government restore Julian Assange’s freedom of speech.
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‘US doesn’t want strong & independent Brazil backing Latin America’ – Brazil’s Lula da Silva

The political chaos in Brazil is a result of collusion between local elites and the US, which doesn't want a strong new independent player in Latin America and beyond, former Brazilian president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva told RT.
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Britain says Aeroflot plane was searched to protect UK from ‘organized crime & harmful substances’

The controversial search of a Russian plane by British officials at Heathrow Airport was conducted to protect the UK from organized crime and the smuggling of harmful substances, the UK security minister has said.
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