‘No more DACA deal!’ Trump rules out legal status for childhood arrivals

Donald Trump has said there will be no deal to give legal status to migrants who came to the US as minors. In a series of tweets on Sunday, he also told Republicans to take the “nuclear option” and eliminate the Senate filibuster.
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UK may have staged Skripal poisoning to rally people against Russia, Moscow believes

London’s reluctance to share information on the poisoning of former double agent Sergei Skripal has led Moscow to strongly suspect that it was the actual perpetrator of the crime, the Russian ambassador to Britain said.
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At Least 20 Killed in Kashmir as Indian Army Clashes With Militants

At Least 20 Killed in Kashmir as Indian Army Clashes With Militants Photo A funeral on Sunday for one of the militants killed in the Shopian district of Kashmir. “For every 10 killed, 20 more will join until this land is freed from Indian occupation,” one protester said. Credit Mukhtar Khan/Associated Press SHOPIAN, Kashmir — An Indian Army operation against militants fighting Indian rule in the Muslim-majority Kashmir Valley killed at least 13 militants on Sunday, the largest one-day death toll of insurgents in recent years, officials in Kashmir said.
At least three soldiers and four civilians also died, and about 70 other people were wounded in the army crackdown in the district of Shopian, according to the Kashmir authorities.
Army officials called the operation a major success. “It is a special day for our forces,” Lt. Gen. A. K. Bhatt of the Indian Army said.
Kashmir — caught in a territorial dispute between the Hindu-majority India, which controls much of the territory, and the M..

Countdown to re-entry: Burning space station to hit Earth in ‘next 12 hours’ (VIDEO)

An out-of-control Chinese space station is expected to hit Earth in the next 12 hours. However, experts tracking the decaying orbiter admit they still have no idea exactly where the debris will land.
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Austrian migrant play dubbed ‘propaganda,’ canceled after outrage

An Austrian play about two asylum seekers – a money-motivated man “from Africa” who blundered into an ISIS trap, and an educated Syrian, who flees war – was canceled in Vienna after it was dubbed “the stupidest propaganda.”
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Erdogan calls Netanyahu ‘terrorist’ in wake of Gaza deaths

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has unleashed a blistering attack on Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu calling him a “terrorist” and the “leader of a terrorist state” following the deadly shooting of protesters in Gaza.
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Recognizing transgender identities reduces depression and suicidality, study shows

The transgender community has fought for the right to use adopted names in everyday life and on social media. Now, a new study has revealed that using a transgender person’s chosen name helps to combat depression.
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