Riots & clashes erupt in Paris suburb after man ‘raped with baton’ by police (VIDEOS)

Scenes of burned-out cars, shattered shop windows and armed riot police combing through Seine-Saint-Denis by night could be seen on videos uploaded by RT’s Ruptly news agency. Protesters also used fireworks and lit fires to vent their outrage at the incident, in which the man, identified only as “Theo,” was beaten and then had a police baton allegedly pushed into his anus on Thursday.

Canada to arm Kurdish forces fighting ISIS in Iraq – reports

“Canada had requested the Iraqi government to send an official endorsement on the arms delivery to the Kurdish forces and we have received Baghdad’s official endorsement, signed in December of last year,” the Canadian Defense Ministry’s Communications Advisor Dominique Tessie told Kurdish media outlet Xendan on Monday, Kurdistan 24 reported.

Recidivist drug dealer faces jail again after Obama commuted his last sentence

Gill was arrested after police said he bought 2 pounds of cocaine in a parking lot. According to filing papers, sheriffs in an unmarked car attempted to stop Gill, who instead took off on a high-speed chase that ended when he collided with another vehicle, the New York Post reported.

Trump: militant attacks ‘all over Europe,’ some not reported

TAMPA, Fla. President Donald Trump on Monday accused the news media of ignoring attacks by Islamist militants in Europe. Trump, who has made defeating Islamic State a core goal of his presidency, did not specify which attacks were going unreported, which news media organizations were ignoring them, or offer any details to support his claims.

Dakota Access Pipeline’s fate could be decided by Friday

TrendsDakota Access Pipeline The saga of the Standing Rock protests could come to a conclusion by Friday, according to a statement from Justice Department lawyer Matthew Marinelli. While Marinelli gave no indication about the outcome of the decision, President Donald Trump issued an order last month demanding that the review be fast-tracked, the Chicago Times reported.