Islamic State in financial pit, income halved since 2014 – study

TrendsIslamic State “In the years since 2014, Islamic State’s annual revenue has more than halved: from up to $1.9bn in 2014 to a maximum of $870mn in 2016. There are no signs yet that the group has created significant new funding streams that would make up for recent losses,” a report, released by the London-based International Center for the Study of Radicalization (ICSR) and accounting group Ernst & Young on Friday states, predicting that “with current trends continuing, the Islamic State’s ‘business model’ will soon fail.

The Interpreter: As Leaks Multiply, Fears of a ‘Deep State’ in America

WASHINGTON — A wave of leaks from government officials has hobbled the Trump administration, leading some to draw comparisons to countries like Egypt, Turkey and Pakistan, where shadowy networks within government bureaucracies, often referred to as “deep states,” undermine and coerce elected governments.