The Look: Japanese Street Style: Woodblock Patterns, Colors and Pink Hair

The Look Japanese Street Style: Woodblock Patterns, Colors and Pink Hair Photographs by Mark HartmanFEBRUARY 18, 2017Mark Hartman, 35, a photographer and director from Brooklyn, recently spent three weeks in Japan, chasing a lifelong fascination with the country’s culture.

‘NATO should adapt to various challenges like Russia & ISIS’ – alliance’s ex-chief Rasmussen to RT

TrendsRussia-NATO relations The military alliance does not compare Russia with Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) terrorism since it does not measure whether one threat is worse that another, but deems them both as “challenges,” NATO’s former Secretary General told RT on the sidelines of the annual Munich Security Conference in Germany.

‘Post-truth’ & ‘post-fake’ crossroads: Russian FM’s top quotes at Munich Security Conference

TrendsRussia-NATO relations READ MORE: NATO expansion led to tension in Europe unprecedented in last 30 years – Lavrov On world order “They say that all wars begin in the minds of people, and by this logic, that’s where they are supposed to come to an end.

Ukraine’s war-torn Donetsk commemorates 2nd ‘anniversary’ of Minsk agreements (DRONE VIDEO)

TrendsUkraine turmoil The rally took place at the central square of Donetsk on Saturday to commemorate the second anniversary of the Minsk agreements and to protest Ukrainian aggression. Despite the wintery weather, thousands of people, including representatives of the self-proclaimed republic’s authorities, took part in the anti-war march and demonstration, according to local media.

How the Nuclear Threat From North Korea Has Grown

How the Nuclear Threat From North Korea Has GrownFEBRUARY 17, 2017By Rick Gladstone and Rogene Jacquette When North Korea tested a missile that fell harmlessly into the sea this month, it was more than just an attempt by its 33-year-old leader, Kim Jong-un, to jolt a new American president.