For Brazil’s Zika Families, a Life of Struggle and Scares

Fluffy clouds fluttered over Maria Farinha Beach one Sunday morning and vendors traipsed through the coconut palms selling quail eggs. The clay-colored sand was soft, and Ms. Vieira brushed Daniel’s hand through it, trying to awaken his sense of touch, supporting his stiff torso while his head slumped forward.

A Zika Tale in a Favela

RECIFE, Brazil — At night, rats often scurry on top of the thin gray mattress where Maria de Fátima dos Santos and Paulo Rogério Cavalcanti de Araújo sleep with their two small children in a one-room house with a floor of dirt and concrete, and a green plastic basin for a toilet.

Scars of looting, destruction all that remain at Mosul museum

MOSUL, Iraq After two and a half years under Islamic State control, all that is left in Mosul’s museum are the traces of looting and destruction. Inside the rubble-strewn building, where militants filmed themselves destroying ancient artifacts, the large stone wing of a statue of lamassu — an Assyrian winged bull deity — lies on the dusty floor among other broken remnants of the past.