Love unlocked: Paris auctions off tokens of amour that weigh down its bridges (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

“It’s now kind of street art because it’s made of love of people from all over the world,” said auctioneer Collin du Bocage, who expects the lovelocks to fetch between €100 (about US$109) for the smallest pieces and up to “€5,000 to we don’t know what” for the larger sections.

Eurozone labor market in much worse shape than official data indicates – ECB

According to the ECB bulletin, the eurozone unemployment and underemployment stands between 15 and 18 percent, nearly twice the official figure of 9.5 percent. “In France and Italy, broader measures of labor market slack have continued to increase throughout the recovery, while in Spain and the other euro area economies, they have recorded some recent declines, but remain well above pre-crisis estimates,” the ECB bulletin article said.