Shadow Brokers offer new secrets to ‘high rollers & govts’ after helping create WannaCry

In a message posted in deliberately garbled English, the collective said that they would release the next batch of data in June to subscribers prepared to pay 100 units of Zcash, a new hard-to-trace cryptocurrency – currently the equivalent of about $23,000.

Comedian Kathy Griffin apologizes amid backlash over bloody Trump beheading photo

TrendsViral The photos published Tuesday were taken by Tyler Shields, a photographer known for provocative work. “Tyler and I are not afraid to do images that make noise,” Griffin said in a behind-the-scenes video released along with the photo, adding: “We have to move to Mexico today, because we’re going to go to prison.

‘Rights are lost by cowardly laws’: Snowden says govts, not terrorists, undercut free speech

Speaking to the Estoril conference on global migration in Portugal via video from Moscow, where he has lived for the past four years after being granted asylum by Russia in 2013, Snowden argued that terrorists do not possess the power to destroy people’s rights or weaken a society’s strength.

U.N. chief warns if U.S. pulls back, others will fill leadership role

NEW YORK United Nations chief Antonio Guterres said on Tuesday he is trying to convince U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration of the value of investing in foreign aid and diplomacy and warned that if Washington pulled back as a global leader, other states would step up.