aburi meeting

Final Aburi Communique

The Supreme Military Council of Nigeria resumed its meeting in Ghana on the 5th of January and continued and concluded discussion of the remaining subjects on the Agenda. The Council reached agreement on all the items.

Bilie Human Right Initiative Inauguration Of Anambra State Chapter

Bilie Human Right Initiative Inauguration Of Anambra State Chapter; Debe Odumegwu Ojukwu Involvement In Biafra Legal Battle And Its Implication For Ndiigbo. Date 13 April 2013: Time: 12 noon. Venue Anuka Hall, Otolo Nnewi. A welcome address presented by Chief mrs Felicia Okeke alias mama “B” on behalf of the chairman,Chief A.U Uduchukwu , BILIE HUMAN RIGHT INITIATIVE(BHRI) on the inauguration ceremony of Anambra state chapter of BILIE HUMAN RIGHT INITIATIVE , Nigeria. The president (BHRI) Sir Engr Amadi, The Deputy chairman of Elders council Hon Dr Chief Dozie Ikedife(ikenga Nnewi) The state chairman of Elders council chief J.U Ezeh, All the National Executive members of BHRI present. Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen here present You are all welcome I am honoured and it is my pleasure to welcome you all to this ground breaking occasion, ground breaking in the sense that this is the first of its kind in this state, that BILIE HUMAN RIGHT INITIATIVE have stamped and seated their feet in Anambra state the light of all Nations Today we acknowledge the humble and modest service of Engr Amadi and his National spirit led Executive in the struggle of Liberating our people from slavery.

Biafran Group Says No To Amnesty For Boko Haram, Yes To A Sharia Country

The Biafran group warned the government that any amnesty to the terror group would be counterproductive as it would encourage other groups to carry their own arms and begin to unleash mayhem on innocent people. The group threatened that if government goes ahead to grant amnesty to the sect members, it would no longer continue to restrain militant Igbo groups from embarking on reprisal attacks against northern elements within the territory of Biafra or anywhere else for that matter.The group however suggested that government should give them a sharia country, but not amnesty. The group’s spokesman, Mr. Amaechi Nwaofia, in a statement urged the government of Nigeria to drop any plan aimed at granting any form of amnesty to the terrorists as such plan amounts to treating certified criminals like sacred cows and rewarding them positively for terrorism.

Radio biafra

At Last Bzm & Bilie Human Rights Initiative Merge

The decision by the leadership and entire membership of Biafra Zionist Movement (BZM) to merge and become one with Bilie Human Rights Initiative (BHRI) is a welcome development supported by Radio Biafra which demonstrates that unity is achievable within Biafra and by extension the Igbo society. We therefore commend BZM on their magnanimity and spirit of brotherhood which have so far been lacking in this struggle.

Nigeria anatomy of a failed state

These are pictures of riot policemen and women in Nigeria doing what they do best-which is extort, intimidate and brutalise innocent citizens going about their lawful business. You will be forgiven for thinking that there is war going on or a state of emergency in Nigeria going by the number of fire arms on the streets courtesy of the Nigerian Police. There is no riot or breach of the peace yet they are out on the road daily extorting money from long suffering law abiding citizens because they have guns issued by Nigerian government to kill anyone that refuses to hand over money when asked to do so at their shabbily constructed check points.


Boko Haram – Jonathan Sets up Amnesty Committee

Lagos — After several months of buck passing between the Presidency and stakeholders in the north on the emergence of Boko Haram Islamic sect and desirability of granting amnesty to its members, the Federal government, yesterday, took a major step towards granting them amnesty as it set up a committee to look at the feasibility or otherwise of the programme.


Achebe’s farewell to Nigeria and Biafra

ONE was not too sure if the foremost literary stylist from Nigeria and Africa foresaw his passing on so soon? With his most recent slightly vituperative literary outing titled, There Was A Country, a literary-cum-historical bombshell on the Nigerian civil war in which he lampooned the persons of certain key figures of the fratricidal bloodbath such as Chief Obafemi Awolowo, the vice chairman of the Gowon regime who propounded the theory that starvation was a legitimate weapon of war and General Yakubu Gowon, whom he accused of spearheading a genocide against the Igbos.

Tension in Onitsha

Tension in Onitsha

Tension in Onitsha as Hausa residents flee city by Emmanuel Obe, Awka from PUNCH Leader of the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra, Chief Ralph Uwazuruike, on Tuesday said there would be no reprisal on northerners in the South-East following Monday’s bus bombing in Kano where more than 30 people were reportedly killed. Calling for calm, Uwazurike said, “We are not known for bloodletting and Ndigbo cannot be cowed into shedding blood but we want an end to this senseless bloodletting of the Igbo in the North in whatever name called.”


Boko Haram: NSA meets AGF to draft amnesty pact

The National Security Adviser, NSA, Mr Sambo Dasuki will be locked in a meeting with the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Mr Mohammed Bello Adoke today to fine-tune the terms and membership of the committee that will work on the proposed amnesty programme for Boko Haram members. President Goodluck Jonathan had on Thursday after a meeting with his security chiefs directed that a committee that will work out the modalities of an amnesty programme for the Boko Haram islamist sect be constituted and a report of the panel submitted in two weeks.