Junaid Mohammed

2015, Jonathan on a charm offensive,as sss makes Junaid Mohammed scapegoat

Nigeria’s secret police, the State Security Service, on Friday interrogated Junaid Mohammed, a staunch critic of President Goodluck Jonathan and the Federal Government, over inciting comments credited to him.The politician was reportedly summoned to the SSS headquarters in the Abuja, where he was quizzed for several hours over comments credited to him suggesting there would be violence should President Jonathan stands for reelection.A source in the SSS claimed Mr. Junaid told investigators he was misquoted out of context and that he would not do anything to undermine the peace and security of his own country.Our source said he was cautioned and then released after he gave an undertaken to refrain from making incendiary comments in future.Contacted by PREMIUM TIMES, Mr. Junaid confirmed the SSS  “invited” him for a chat and that he was released shortly thereafter.


Had Nigeria Continued, APC Assures Defecting Lawmakers Automatic 2015 Ticket, Regardless

Some of the faces at the merger includes Ogbonaya Onu, nPDP chairman, Kawu Baraje, Senator Bukola Saraki, Governor Rotimi Amaechi, former Lagos Governor, Bola Tinubu, chair of the APC, Chief Bisi AkandeIt has emerged that under the agreement reached between the All Progressives Congress (APC) and members of the faction of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), any member of the National Assembly and state assemblies from the ruling party who wishes to cross over to the APC will be given an automatic ticket to re-contest the 2015 elections, if he so desire. Also, the agreement between the APC and the PDP faction showed that the five PDP governors that have joined the APC will be given the powers to control their state structures.

Igbo leaders

Igbo Leaders commenced consultation in regards to National Confab

A cross section of Igbo leaders in the South East geo-political zone met in Enugu on Thursday to build a consensus in preparation for the proposed national dialogue.Speaking during the Igbo Political Summit organised by the South East Peoples Development Association, the National Chairman of the association, Sam Egwu, said it was to harmonise a common and strong voice at the confab.Mr. Egwu, a former governor of Ebonyi State, said the summit would also draw a road map for the 2015 general elections.“We want to come together so that we can have a common voice on issues concerning our zone at the forthcoming national conference.“We do not want a situation where the zone will have divided opinions.“Other zones are working tirelessly over this issue so, we want to harmonise the position of the South East,’’ he said.Also speaking, the President of Ohaneze Ndigbo, Gary Igariwe, lamented the lack of cooperation among some Igbo leaders over the conference.He pledged to work with other stakeholders from the zone


A lazy Idler APC Senator Sefiu Kaka claims anti-Biafra social media bill, says he ‘ll withdraw the bill

Sen. Sefiu Kaka (APC, Ogun East) who reportedly sponsored a bill to gag social media and online journalista from been critical of public officials has apologized for sponsoring the bill.Senator Kaka had inserted a clause in a bill called Computer Hacking, Anti-419 bill, where social media journalists and critics will be jailed for 7 years should they become hyper active about the government, but a public outcry and an investigation exposing the senator as the sponsor of the bill has forced him to apologise.Although the bill did not scale the second reading because the lead sponsor did not include the financial implication in accordance with Order 77, Rule 3 of the Senate Standing Orders 2011 (as amended), it nevertheless generated heated outcry.READ: REVEALED: APC Senator Behind Anti-Social Media BillThe Senator taken to facebook to apologize about his “oversight”.

nelson mandela dead.

The Legend Mandela dies at 95 ‘We’ll not see the likes of him again’

“I am one of the countless millions who drew inspiration from Nelson Mandela’s life,” Mr Obama said. “He did it all with grace, good humour and ability to acknowledge his own imperfections only makes his achievements more remarkable. “As long as I live I will do what I can to learn from him.” South African president Jacob Zuma announced this morning that Mandela died on Thursday night local time. He says their nation has lost its greatest son and flags across the nation will be lowered to half mast.


Igbo Political Prostitute Joe Igbokwe of Islamic party APC, Intellectuals must overthrow political traders in Igboland

It is the duty of intellectuals in every society to set agenda for leaders so that they do not derail. They set agenda so that services will be delivered as at when due. Intellectuals do not exhibit intellectual dishonesty; they speak the truth to power always not minding whose ox is gored. When any society goes astray it is simply because the intellectuals went to sleep or they have been bought over. But the real intellectuals do not subscribe to the politics of the stomach. The real intellectuals prefer to die of hunger than to sell their hard earned dignity. Understanding the dynamics of Nigerian politics has been the biggest problem of the Igbo in Nigeria. The Igbo, yes my Igbo don’t seem to place a neat handle on Nigeria’s intricate politics and how well it can be harnessed to improve the lots of the race. The annulment of June 12, 1993 presidential elections provided an opportunity for Igbo to join other Nigerians to defend democracy and rule of law but only a handful of Igbo stood with the Yoruba to defend June 12. The majority rather chose to be seduced by traders and illiterates to term the struggle a Yoruba struggle. The struggle for June 12 lasted for five years and the rest is now history. But Yoruba was not defeated. Presidency was ceded to them for 8 years. Leadership failure since 1999 has presented another opportunity for Igbo to work with other Nigerians to rescue Nigeria from rudderless and inept leadership PDP has foisted on the country. The Hausa/Fulani sacrificed ANPP and CPC to join APC.


Prof Okorie Nigerians should be ready for revolution

As many Nigerians welcome the convocation of the National Conference, a former member of the defunct Constituent Assembly and a university don, Prof. Aja Okorie, has said those calling for break up may be doing so because of selfishness and do not know where it would lead the country. He spoke on various issues and cautioned that there would be mass movement if the President tried to sweep the outcome of the conference under the carpet. Excerpts: What is your opinion on the national dialogue approved by President Goodluck Jonathan? In my opinion, it should not be Sovereign National Conference because the problem with it is that when you call it sovereign, Nigeria can break up; some


Senator Ken Nnamani Nigeria must step up war against corruption

Members of the National Steering Committee of the African Peer Review Mechanism led by former Senate President, Senator Ken Nnamani visited Vanguard Media’s head office, Lagos, recently, and interacted with senior editors on the mileage Nigeria has recorded in human index compared to her 36 peers on the African continent. The team had Professor Adele Jinadu, Professor Ben Amgbe, Mrs Yemisi Ransome-Kuti and Dr Fidelis Ugbo among others as members. With a mandate to carry out an unbiased all-inclusive evaluation and self assessment of Nigeria’s democracy and political governance, socio-economic development and corporate governance, the team, which has been on the job for five years said it is not all thumbs down for Nigeria. Speaking on why the team visited Vanguard and the need for the media to back the APRM process, Nnamani said the mechanism is aimed at enhancing and entrenching good governance in the continent by reviewing four thematic areas: democracy and political governance, economic governance and management, Socio economic development and Corporate Governance.


Why Nigeria’s refineries are not working, and how best to privatize them

It is with delight that I read about government’s plan to privatize our national refineries/petrochemical plants. Industry experts have been clamoring for some time now for this event to occur. I believe it’s an idea whose time has finally come, and would usher in an era of expansion of the downstream petroleum industry in Nigeria whereby new refineries/petrochemical plants would be constructed and existing ones rehabilitated and debottle-necked (i.e. expanded). Industries that derive feedstock from refineries and petrochemical plants could be established by private companies, such as ammonia and fertilizer companies, etc. Let’s briefly examine the state of play in our refining/petrochemical sector, and to appreciate why the government has decided to privatize these. Nigeria’s three refineries are over-aged and new refineries are yet to be constructed. For instance, the newest refinery (i.e. the new Port Harcourt refinery) was commissioned in 1989 which is roughly 24 years ago. All national refineries have been operating inefficiently for the past 15-20 years.