Igbo-self-outcast Joe Igbokwe joins Hausas/Yorubas in defence of Obasanjo’s letter to Jonathan

Former President Obasanjo may not be the best hand to write a letter to President Jonathan on our State of Union judging from its antecedents, background and past records. He may not be the best hand to carry the message to President Jonathan because he was among the dubious leaders that created yesterday’s problems. He may not be the right man to advise President Jonathan because his 8 years in office despite little achievements was an unmitigated disaster for Nigeria.But nature abhors a vacuum . A friend tells me about the principle of Lacuna Alternative. It says that when a vacuum is created something must fill it. If you tell our Leader Asiwaju Bola Ahmed when he was the Governor of Lagos that somebody is encroaching on your oversight functions, he will tell you that when a vacuum is created in office someone would have to have to fill the gap. He will advise you to do your duty or leave others to do it.Former President Obasanjo is filling the gap because other leaders have gone deaf and dumb. Former heads of states are pretending that all is well. In the Executive Council Meeting they are settled to keep quiet, see nothing, and hear  nothing.Therefore I may not like Obasanjo’s antecedents and character but his message is timely and direct. As former Head of State, he understands  the workings of the government and he also gets privileged information even though the bearer’s hands are rotten.Open stealing of the common patrimony, lack of accountability, impunity,intimidation of opposition,weak leadership,insecurity, nepotism and gross abuse of office have been the hallmark of President Jonathan’s administration.


APGA National Chairman Calls for Obasanjo to be Jailed

The National Chairman of All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), Chief Victor Umeh yesterday enjoined President Goodluck Jonathan to ignore the antics of former President Olusegun Obasanjo in playing to the gallery in his letter to him.Speaking to journalists in Awka, Chief Umeh advised Chief Obasanjo not to misinterpret the Presidents humility as weakness, contending that he ought to be in jail for sundry crimes against humanity, citing the Odi and Zakibiam massacres as examples.Chief Umeh said Nigerians should hold Chief Obasanjo responsible for the present woes of the country as he bungle very bright opportunity of re-positioning and launching the country on course for sustainable greatness.He recalled that instead of uniting the country on assumption of office in 1999, the former President carried on a war of hate against Ndigbo and continued to undermine their growth and welfare.Chief Umeh regretted that Chief Obasanjo continued to promote ethnic and religion differences, that resulted in wholesale violence and loss of lives that qualified him to be tried for crime against humanity.He noted that under the former President, corruption and impunity became a way of life in the country when privileged few where given monopoly on economic powers.Chief Umeh said Chief Obasanjo’s letter was a confirmation of the heavy blow his administration dealt on democracy when election rigging and manipulations were used to muscle out opposition parties and recalled that APGA suffered the same terrible fate in 2003 when its victory was given to PDP and it took three years of legal battle to reclaim the mandate.He made clear that Chief Obasanjo had no positive reference point or legacy for the people of Nigeria and should therefore not to be taken seriously.


Okorocha gets more Islamisation powers from APC as Elected Chairman Of Progressive Governors Forum

All Progressives Congress (APC) governors under the aegis of Progressive Governors Forum have unanimously adopted Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State as their chairman.The choice of Okorocha as chairman of the PGF was contained in a statement by the Director-General of the Forum, Salihu Lukman, in Abuja on Friday.The Imo State governor would be in…


Northern leaders demand probe of Obasanjo’s allegations against Jonathan

A cross section of Northern leaders have called for a thorough probe of the weighty allegations leveled against President Goodluck Jonathan by former President Olusegun Obasanjo. They said the allegations border on national security andcapable of tearing the country apart.Obasanjo had in a letter dated December 2, 2013 to Jonathan and made public on Wednesday accused the president of funding a killer squad with 1000 Nigerians already on their watch list; of entrenching the culture of impunity and aiding corruption; of fueling the crisis in the ruling party, PDP;  and of desperately seeking a second term in of.ce after making a commitment to several stakeholders not to contest in 2015, among others.The president has in turn hit back at Obasanjo describing the allegations in the 18-page letter as in-decorous and provocative.But reacting to the letter and the president’s response so far, some Northern leaders accused Jonathan of only attacking the messenger rather than addressing the message.A high pro.le leader of the pan-North socio-political organization, Arewa Consultative Forum, ACF, Senator Joseph Kennedy Waku who is the National Vice Chairman of the body stated that the allegations are too weighty to be ig-nored by the nation.According to him” for the .rst time, I will agree with Obasanjo but the consensus among some of the Northern leaders so far spoken to on this matter is that the National Assembly should investigate these allegations thoroughly. We advise Obasanjo to send this letter of.cially to the National Assembly to enable them probe the allega-tions therein and call for a public hearing.“We elected a president, not a warlord who has to set up a killer squad for the purpose of eliminating 1000 Nigerians already on their list even two years before 2015.As such, we cannot brush Obasanjo’s allegations aside given his position as a two time president of Nigeria who has access to intelligence.


Senator Ekweremadu insists on no referendum on confab, despite Igbo leader’s stand

Senator Ike Ekweremadu, a lawyer and politician is the Deputy Senate President and Chairman of Senate Committee on the Review of the 1999 Constitution. Ekweremadu, who is representing Enugu West Senatorial District in the Upper Chamber of the National Assembly, in this interview, says it is critical to subject the National Conference to legislative process. The Deputy Senate President also speaks on the progress of work on the constitution amendment exercise, among other issues. TEMITOPE OGUNBANKE reports.What is your view on the issue of single term tenure?When the issue of single term tenure came up at the level of our committee, we were mindful of the political atmosphere. We also tried to draw inspiration from what happened in other jurisdictions, especially in Latin America in the 70s, where they had circumstances in which we found ourselves where the issue of transition from one administration was a major issue and was causing crisis within their region.So, they started to amend their constitution at that time to create a single term in each of those countries and it was for a transition period. This helped them to stabilise their democracy and now some of them are amending their constitution to go back to two terms of maybe four or five years. So, we thought it was something we can recommend to our country.Do you think Nigeria can benefit from it?If you look at what is going on in Nigeria now, all the core problems we are having in all the parties are based on the issue of succession. So, we believe strongly that, that matter can still be revisited. But I think some of the mistakes we made in our recommendations, was saying that the incumbent would not benefit from it and I think there was a kind of coalition of forces to defeat it. So, I believe that one of the ways to deal with the situation is for the stakeholders in the politics to come together. It could be a win-win situation for everybody. And I believe that the way it could work is now that people have been elected for four year.Now let everybody complete the four years tenure for which they were elected and then, through the doctrine of necessity, all sort of jurisprudential approach do some kind of transition of two years in which case those present occupiers like the president and state governors who are finishing their tenures, maybe, will now do another two years that would end in 2017.I hear that the complaint of some of those fighting the president is that if the president gets his second term when they are gone, he would start to chase them. So, if we all agree that, that is a way to solve the problem, after two years, both the president and those other governors will now exit and I believe that the fear would not be there and that would bring down the temperature of politics. Of course, we don’t have much problem with the legislative positions.We can go ahead and hold legislative election in 2015.

girl sold CRiver state

Abomination: Grandma sold daughter’s baby girl for $1,600 in Cross River state

A woman in Cross River state has been arrested by the police after her daughter reported her for selling her baby for N253,000 (about $1,600)Miss Ndidi Nkwegu, alleged that her mother sold her baby daughter to a child trafficker, who has also been nabbed, in the neighbouring Ebonyi state, after she sold the baby at a bigger price to another ‘baby business tycoon’ based in Abuja.“When I came back home and asked my mother for the whereabouts of my daughter, she couldn’t tell me anything reasonable.“I discovered that she had bought so many things which she never had before; actually, my mother was never happy with me when she discovered that I was pregnant, prior to my giving birth to my baby girl.“I had to call the police; my mother is now in police detention in Cross River State.“After interrogation, the police discovered that she was the one who sold my baby to a woman who is a child trafficker,” she told newsmen.The case blew open after the the Ebonyi State command of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) arrested four persons allegedly engaged in child trafficking.They were paraded Friday.Mrs Ego Echendu, the Commandant of NSCDC in Ebonyi, told a news conference at the NSCDC Headquarters in Abakaliki, said that the suspects were arrested on Thursday in Izzi Local Government Area of Ebonyi.“Yesterday we were able to arrest some suspects we have been trailing and monitoring for about one month now; they are involved in child trafficking,” he said.”The Traffic Unit of the Command foiled the suspects’ plot to convey their victims out of the state. However, other suspects are still at large but as soon as the command completes its investigation, the case would be transferred to the agency responsible for such matters,’’ she said.Echendu said that one of the traffickers was a dealer in the child trafficking business while the other suspect was a buyer.“We had to strike yesterday following the information that reached us.


NNPC snipes CBN over alleged missing $49.8bn

The spat over an alleged missing oil revenue worsened on Friday as the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) accused the governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, of playing politics with oil revenue, emphasising that no $49.8 billion is missing.The corporation has also clarified that the shortfall admitted at the Federation Account Allocation Committee meeting referred to monthly crude returns rather than the issue of missing money the CBN alleged.Addressing a world press conference in Abuja, the NNPC Group Managing Director, Andrew Yakubu, said Sanusi was playing politics over oil revenue accounts which the CBN on a monthly basis reconciled alongside other agencies like revenue service and petroleum resources department.Expressing surprise at the refusal of the CBN governor to retract the allegation, Yakubu said “if not for politics, there is no reason for the allegation on a matter in which CBN and other agencies sit monthly and on which the bank has never raised any objections.”Yakubu posited that the process for revenue remittance was clear and that the NNPC was not in the business of withholding any crude oil receipts due the Federation Account or any other statutory remittances.“All NNPC crude oil liftings is made up of the following: equity crude; royalty oil; tax oil; volume for third party financing and NPDC equity volume. Proceeds from equity crude was paid to Department of Petroleum Resources, (DPR); the proceeds from tax oil or petroleum profit Tax lifted by NNPC is paid directly into the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS),” the GMD said.Noting that the three accounts are domiciled with the CBN, Yakubu explained that NNPC is by statutory requirement responsible for direct remittances of only one stream of liftings, namely equity crude minus other streams which are the responsibilities of DPR and FIRS.

OBJ Umar

Obasanjo Leading A Mystery Agenda, Says Colonel Umar

A former military governor of Kaduna State, retired Colonel Abubakar Dangiwa Umar, has reacted to the ongoing political squabble between President Goodluck Jonathan and former President Olusegun Obasanjo.In an interview he granted to the Hausa Service of the Voice of America (VOA), which SaharaReporters monitored in Abuja, Mr. Umar called on Nigerians to stop celebrating Obasanjo as a sincere statesman. Instead, he accused Mr. Obasanjo of spearheading a secret agenda tied to his personal political interests.Mr. Umar, one of the former military officers to have opposed the annulment of the June 12, 1993 presidential election, stated that it was dangerous for Nigerians to uncritically take Mr. Obasanjo at his word. He added that Nigerians should realize from the former president’s antecedents that he is a deceitful and insincere man who was complicit in creating the mess Nigeria is in today.“What is it that [Mr. Jonathan] did not do with impunity?” asked the former military governor. “It was the same man that attempted third term and was confronted headlong. He is the [same] man that destroyed our nation. [He] wanted [former Governor Peter] Odili before it failed due to some challenges with EFCC. He later imposed a sick man as a leader and we are where we are today,” added Mr. Umar.He further described Mr.

C River community

3 killed, 18 houses burnt in C’ River community over village head scuffle

From JUDEX OKORO, CalabarThree persons have been reportedly killed and 18 houses burnt over the struggle for the village headship of Ofodua-Adun community in Obubra Local Government Area of Cross River State.Besides, over 30 persons were said to have sustained injuries with their property destroyed just as farm lands and crops worth hundreds of thousands of naira were destroyed.Daily Sun checks revealed that the two communities of Iva Egbe and Iva Egba of Ofodua Adun had been locked in a succession battle in the last three decades leading to alleged incessant attacks on Iva Egbe by Iva Egba natives.While the Iva Egbe paternal royal family among the other four traditional families claimed to be vested with the exclusive right to produce the village head, the Iva Egba and three communities of Iva Enang, Iva Obeten and Iva Awonokwe , were insisting on rotation of the Ofodua traditional political organization.This development had pitched the warring communities against each other as well as sowing seed of discord and disharmony between the hitherto two communities.It was learnt that the battle over who would take over the traditional stool got to a climax penultimate month when the Iva Egba, Iva Enang, Iva Obeten and Iva Awonokwe communities allegedly invaded the farm lands of the Iva Egbe family members, destroyed their crops and attacked the people physically.