B’Haram: Buhari,North Seeks Cover Up In Jonathan’s letter, Claims It exonerates North,Buhari Sponsorship

Chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Okoi Obono-Obla, has stated that President Goodluck Jonathan’s reply to an earlier letter sent to him by former President Olusegun Obasanjo has given the North and the party’s leader, Muhammadu Buhari, of involvement in the activities of Boko Haram.Obono-Obla, founding member of APC, who stated this on Tuesday in an online text he made available to Daily Independent in Calabar.In the text entitled: “Boko Haram Started in 2002, President Jonathan, ” Obono-Obla said: ”President Goodluck Jonathan in his reply to the Epistle of former President Olusegun Obasanjo confessed categorically and graphically that the insurgency launched against the Nigerian State by Boko Haram started in 2002 when President Olusegun Obasanjo was the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.“I hope this confession by no other person than President Jonathan would put paid to the speculation, rumour and insinuation in some quarters that the insurgency was a reaction by Northern Nigeria to the election of President Jonathan as President.“There is also a school of thought that attributes the surge in the murderous campaign of Boko Haram to some opposition leaders from Northern Nigeria who are unhappy that President Jonathan became the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the General Elections of 2011. “This school of thought falsely and maliciously accused General Buhari of threatening to make the country ungovernable and that insurgency is part and parcel of the plot to make the country ungovernable”.Obono-Obla, who is a close ally of Buhari, said the former Nigerian leader has been a victim of political blackmail and ethnic chauvinists, who would stop at nothing to beguile the ordinary Nigeria for their selfish reasons.“Indeed and factually General Buhari, a very quiet and taciturn man, never made such an inflammatory statement.“General Buhari only advised voters to ensure that they don’t leave the polling stations after casting their votes until the votes are counted and result publicly announced or declared.”“Even though a


Snipers: Jonathan reports Obasanjo to Rights Panel, seeks probe of raised allegations

The Presidency has taken its case against ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo to the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC).It asked the commission to investigate the allegation of keeping over 1,000 people on a political watch list and training snipers.Jonathan made the demand in a letter to the Executive Secretary of the NHRC, Prof Bem Angwe.A source in the commission, who confirmed the receipt of the December 23, 2013 letter, said Obasanjo may be invited for interaction on his allegation.The Presidency asked the NHRC to “investigate the allegations bothering on the human rights violations contained on pages 9-10 of the letter dated 2nd December 2013, written by former President Olusegun Obasanjo (GCFR) to President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GCFR) attached to the memorandum under reference.“In order to properly delineate the issues within your sphere of competence, particularly as other issues raised in the letter are being investigated by appropriate agencies of government.”The letter cited two offensive paragraphs in Obasanjo’s letter for investigation by the NHRC.The paragraphs are:“Allegation of keeping over 1,000 people on political watch list rather than criminal or security watch list and training snipers and other armed personnel secretly and clandestinely acquiring weapons to match for political purposes like Abacha, and training them where Abacha trained his own killers, if it is true, cannot augur well for the initiator, the government and the people of Nigeria. Here again, there is the lesson of history to learn from for anybody who cares to learn from history. Mr. President would always remember that he was elected to maintain security for all Nigerians and protect them. And no one should prepare to kill or maim Nigerians for personal or political ambition or interest of anyone. The Yoruba adage says, ‘The man with whose head the coconut is broken may not live to savour the taste of the succulent fruit’. Those who advise you to go hard on those who oppose you are your worst enemies. Democratic politics admits and is permissive of supporters and opponents. When the consequences come, those who have wrongly advised you will not be there to help carry the can. Egypt must teach some lesson.

Ihejirika Jonathan Amaechi

Dirty Politics: Amaechi Steps Up To The Play, Urges Military To Shun Partisan Politics

THE Rivers State Governor and Chairman of Nigerian Governors’ Forum, Mr. Rotimi Amaechi, has called on the country’s military to shun partisan politics.Amaechi expressed the need for them to remain neutral and avoid taking sides in the current struggle by politicians for 2015, adding that doing otherwise would portray grave consequences for the country.The governor also appealed to the Nigeria Police to remain neutral in the political crisis facing the country.Addressing legionnaires and representatives of service chiefs during the 2014 Armed Forces and Remembrance Day celebration and Emblem Appeal Launch in Port Harcourt on Tuesday, Amaechi described the military as the greatest source of unity.“Nigeria is too complicated for the military to be involved in Nigerian politics. Nigeria, as we are here, have so many tribes. I tell people, I am not Ijaw, I am Ikwerre. There are people who are from Ijaw, there are Hausas, there are Yorubas, there are Isokos, and there are Fulanis.“We are too many that if the military gets involved in Nigerian politics, the consequences will be too much. Currently, we thank all of you for remaining neutral and God will bless you for remaining neutral.“In the same manner, we will enjoin Nigeria Police to remain neutral because the consequences of taking sides will be too much. 2015 is a watershed for the country.


Northern agenda (B’Haram’s) attack in Bama: 50 insurgents, 15 soldiers, 5 civilians killed; 20 vehicles destroyed

THE military operation to track insurgents who carried out the last Friday pre-dawn attacks on Mohammed Kur Barracks, Bama, has led to the killing of 50 insurgents and destruction of over 20 vehicles conveying escaping terrorists.The vehicles were the ones used during the attack on the barracks and were sited through air surveillance, as the terrorists were making efforts to cross the borders back to their haven in Cameroun.Director, Defence Information, Major-General Chris Olukolade, also said that “although a good number of the insurgents escaped with bullet wounds while some have been arrested, over 50 of them died in the course of exchange of fire with ground troops in the ongoing operations to apprehend fleeing terrorists.“The military has lost 15 soldiers, mostly from the attacks, while some died during the pursuit. A total of five civilians also died during the attack.”He disclosed that intensive cordon-and-search operation was still ongoing to fish out the insurgents who might be lurking around communities in the area.Families affected by the attacks have been relocated to other military locations, Olukolade stated.Meanwhile, Borno State governor, Alhaji Kashim Shettima, met with President Goodluck Jonathan at the State House on Tuesday to brief him on the recent activities of the Boko Haram sect in his state, assuring that the terrorists had not overwhelmed security personnel.He told State House correspondents after the meeting that two or three of the female hostages seized by the insurgents in their last week attack on the 202 Army Battalion Barracks in Bama had escaped from their captors while he denied that children were still being held.Shettima also denied the allegation that the Bama Barracks had been deserted following the attack, saying, “it is not true. I am the man on ground and I can tell you authoritatively what is happening.“Women and children normally, during crisis, are moved to safer locations but the soldiers are on ground.They are right now in Bama and are doing their job very well.”Speaking on the apparent resurgence of the attacks, the governor said that the Federal Government was doing its best to put an end to terrorism.“I am just here to brief Mr President of what transpired in Bama. I believe that very soon, this issue will be frontally addressed and it will be a thing of the past,” he added.It will be recalled that a large group of suspected Boko Haram terrorists attacked the barracks last Thursday, killing troops and members of their

amaechi jonathan

Amaechi dares Jonathan, says he’s part of Obasanjo’s informants

Nigeria’s main opposition party, the All Progressives Congress, APC, has continued its nationwide campaign for more members with a rally in Rivers State, Nigeria’s South-South region.Top APC members, including the interim national chairman, Chief Bisi Akande, retired General Muhammadu Buhari, and former Lagos State Governor, Chief Bola Tinubu, joined the host, Governor Chibuike Amaechi at the Save Rivers Movement Sensitization rally held at the Liberation Stadium in Port Harcourt, the state capital.Rivers State Governor and Chairman of Nigeria Governors’ Forum, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, at the rally gave reasons for leaving the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.Amaechi said he joined the APC to protect the interests of Rivers State which had been neglected by the PDP led federal government.He said the state suffers neglect and victimization, absence of federal government projects in the state and the ceding of oil wells in the state to neighbouring states.Amaechi hinted on the reply of President Jonathan to former President Olusegun obasanjo where the former asked Obasanjo to show proof of those feeding him with information.Governor Amaechi emphasized that he was one of the people that gave Obasanjo information, adding that he did so to save the country from impending collapse.He urged people of the state to be politically conscious and become agents of progressive change to vote out the ruling PDP at the federal level.Amaechi said APC holds the light to the country’s rapid development and would reduce general impoverishment in the country.He said one of the reasons for his disagreement with the Federal Government was over the Soku oil wells in Rivers State, which were ceded to Bayelsa State and which the Rivers State government contested in court.He emphasized that if the President returns the oil wells to Rivers State, he will not hesitate to return to the PDP.“Legally, we have not lost Soku (oil wells). We have just lost Soku to the fact that the President is from Bayelsa. When a President that is not from Bayelsa comes, he will look at the facts and the facts are there. The Federal Government in writing the court said to court, ‘sorry, court, we made a mistake, we will correct the mistake’ and we have told Federal Government, ‘don’t call us for a meeting, go and correct that mistake.“How could you people wake up in 2011, suddenly changed the map of Nigeria and take Soku into Bayelsa State!”“That road to Bonny was awarded by former President Olusegun Obasanjo. They started, they’ve done just one bridge. The road has been abandoned. Yar’Adua tried to restart it but he stopped. President Goodluck Jonathan has forgotten about that road completely despite the fact that part of the money that feeds the Nigerian economy comes from that place, Bonny. That’s where you have the natural gas plant”.On his government’s bid to secure loan to provide potable water for Rivers people, Amaechi said the loan was being held up because of the challenge posed by the minister of finance who had not signed off on the loan.He said President Jonathan’s letter failed to make reference to the World Bank, urging the President to stop playing politics of calumny.“I will start from water, we got African Development Bank (ADB) and World Bank to give us a loan for which we will pay 0.4 per cent for 40 years which is a wonderful loan and we decided to give Port Harcourt people water first.“If everybody in Rivers State is drinking (potable) water, that will reduce the

dele ezeoba

Total Garbled Mismanagement Of Biafra Resources, 1,556 Illegal Oil Refineries Destroyed, 1,646 Suspects Arrested In 2013 — CNS

1,556 illegal oil refineries have so far been destroyed by the Nigerian Navy in 2013. 1,646 suspects have also been arrested, according to the Chief of Naval Staff, CNS, Vice-Admiral Dele Ezeoba.Ezeoba disclosed this at the launch of the Chief of Naval Staff Strategic Guidance, SG, 02 in Abuja, yesterday.“The Nigerian Navy destroyed 1,556 illegal…

Saudis plane

The Saudis Denies Its Cargo Plane That Closed Abuja Airport for 18 Hours Was Carrying Weapons

LEADERSHIP – It has been confirmed that the contents of the Saudi Arabian Airline that ran into some construction equipment at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport on Wednesday, December 04, 2013, were security hardware. The plane landed at about 9:19pm that day and blocked the only major runway at the airport, delaying takeoff and landing of flights in the airport for over 20 hours. LEADERSHIP had exclusively reported that the Saudi cargo plane was carrying 15 Armoured Personnel Carriers (APCs) made in Russia, which compounded its immediate evacuation from the runway. In a reaction to LEADERSHIP story, the Embassy of Saudi Arabia agreed that the plane originated from Saudi Arabia and was carrying bullet-proof cars made in South Africa. In a letter, dated December 20 to LEADERSHIP, the Saudi Embassy clarified that the Boeing 747 plane marked K 74798 “was chartered by Saudi Arabia Airline, carrying bullet-proof cars and its final destination is Murtala Muhammad Airport, Lagos, Nigeria. The detailed description of the content of the plane is as follows: a set of bullet-proof cars weighing 58 tonnes. Another set of five bullet-proof cars weighing 42 tonnes. “The goods were a portion of a supply contract for 10 bullet-proof cars to a government agency in Nigeria, which were to be conveyed from Sharjah (UAE) via Abuja, through Fast Forward Cargo US UAC, to Defence Industries of Nigeria (DICON), 45 Ahmadu Bello Way, Kaduna, through the company’s contact person: Mr Nwajpudu Livinston/CCC. The goods were manufactured in South Africa.”


Northern Elders Forum (Owners Of Nigeria), We Are Deeply disappointed With Jonathan’s response To Obasanjo’s Letter

Barely 24 hours after President Goodluck Jonathan replied his predecessor, the Northern Elders Forum, NEF, has expressed disappointment with Jonathan’s response to the issues raised by the former President.The NEF said Jonathan adopted what it called ‘pedestrian approach’ to addressing the core issues raised by Obasanjo and ended up creating more tension in Nigeria than what his predecessor’s letter had generated.“We feel highly disappointed by the tone and contents of Mr. President’s response to Obasanjo’s letter,’’ Secretary General of the NEF, Prof Ango Abdullahi, told Vanguard in an interview.According to the former ABU Vice Chancellor, Jonathan missed the point by not taking time to explain to Nigerians whether he had fulfilled the electoral promises he made to the nation and whether in his view, he had made the country better than he met it on assumption of duty.Abdullahi noted that despite the shortcomings of Obasanjo as a former president Nigeria, Jonathan should sum up courage as the current leader to address the germane issues raised in the letter so that the country could move forward.He noted that since the nation was passing through a turbulent period in its political history, it was incumbent on Jonathan to take appropriate steps to arrest the drift rather than pretend that all was well with the polity and the citizenry.The NEF bigwig said that it would have been better for Jonathan to keep quiet over the Obasanjo letter than offer a lame reply, which in the main, shies away from the bone of contention.He said, “By the response of Jonathan to Obasanjo’s letter, it seems clear to us that the President does not agree that his administration has failed to provide answers to the myriad of challenges facing the nation and its people.“By the response given by Jonathan to the Obasanjo’s letter, the impression seems to be that Jonathan lacks a clear understanding of the major problems facing the country and does not seem to appreciate the innocuous admonition given him by Obasanjo in his letter.“Our simply and innocuous advice to Mr. President is to use the remaining part of his tenure to find answers to the raging problems facing Nigeria and desist from acting as if all is well

Hope Uzodinma

Don’t turn Nigeria to Syria – Senator Uzodinma

Chairman, Senate Committee on Aviation, Senator Hope Uzodinma, has warned Nigerians against making unguarded statements capable of derailing the nation’s democracy and precipitating ethnic backlash that could turn the country into another Syria.Speaking at the weekend, Uzodinma, who represents Imo West Senatorial District in th Senate, regretted that highly placed Nigerians have lately resorted to making provocative statements against the leadership of the country aimed at inciting the public against the government.He reminded those behind what he described as “explosive, wild and baseless allegations” to be mindful of the fact that such ungodly utterances could precipitate an ethnic backlash that can create another Syria in the country.According to him, the impression many are beginning to have is that there are a set of ethnocentric leaders in the country who are yet to come to terms with the fact of a minority presidency in the country and the prospect of another four years of minority presidency.The senator said such ethnic bigots have become so obsessed with their disdain for a president from a minority ethnic extraction that they have lost all civility and decorum.“I suspect that these people are simply obsessed that a minority is President of Nigeria and are also paranoid about the prospect of another four years of a minority Presidency. It appears that this obsession has made them lose calm and maturity so much so that they have become like a loose canon mindlessly churning out warped logic and baseless allegations against the government,” he declared.Uzodinma said it was interesting to observe that even those who were released from prison and made president with a promise to do only one term but ended up doing two terms and wanting a third, are now in the forefront of trying to stop President Goodluck Jonathan from doing a second term.He wondered when it became unethical for the President, as leader of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), to be interested in who becomes the National Chairman of PDP or when it became the tradition that other party leaders will force a National Chairman down the throat of a President.Said he: “I know it for certain that presidents, as leaders of PDP, have also influenced, if not determined who the National Chairman of our party is. In fact, in some cases, some presidents even forced a chairman to resign at gun-point for having the courage to have a different view. So, why is it now that this president must be forced to have a chairman and must jettison  the one he approves?”

world bank

World Bank caveats Nigeria (Zoo) on borrowing to finance budgets

The World Bank has cautioned the Federal Government on the fiscal risks that may be associated with borrowing to finance budget deficit in two years’ time.The bank sounding the note of caution at the launch of the Nigeria Economic Report, NER, in Abuja yesterday. It submitted that if fuel subsidy was maintained at N97 per litre, cash call to the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, remained at 3 per cent of Gross Domestic Product, GDP, and Federation Account distributions increased annually at 3 per cent in real terms, Nigeria may borrow to finance budget deficit in 2015.Making the presentation, the lead economist of the World Bank, Country Office in Nigeria, Mr. John Litwack, pointed out that the current balance of the Excess Crude Account, ECA, may only be sufficient to pull Nigeria through one year following a sharp decline in oil prices. He cautioned that unless Nigeria can manage to accumulate a strong fiscal reserve, macroeconomic stability faces major external risks.The report stated that the world economic situation was still highly volatile, and an associated macroeconomic crisis would imply high inflation, currency depreciation and increased hardship for a large part of the population.While not outrightly canvassing the removal of fuel subsidy, the Breton Woods institution however presented some sets of assumptions, in which it said that subsidy represented a high and growing opportunity cost to the country. In the absence of the fuel subsidy from 2013 to 2015, under the maintained assumptions, the ECA would, already have accumulated to over $20 billion in 2013 and to well over $40 billion in 2015.“Thus, in the absence of fuel subsidy, under the first two scenarios, the country could succeed in both accumulating a sufficient reserve to protect itself from oil price volatility, and in realising strong increases in distributions to budgets of oil revenues,” the bank stated Under another scenario, the Economic Report states that “without fuel subsidy, the fiscal gap by 2015 would also be re-duced to less than $6 billion, which is a generally manageable situation, given Nigeria’s current strong debt position.”The report noted that Nigeria’s short-term macroeconomic outlook looks generally