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2014 will determine Nigeria’s future —Adeboye •Presidential ticket may tear APC apart —T. B. Joshua

GENERAL Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adeboye, has said the New Year, 2014, will determine the future of Nigeria.ADVERTISEMENT Adeboye gave the prediction during the crossover service, held at the Redemption Camp, Kilometre 46, Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, Ogun State. Adeboye, speaking on the New Year, said contrary to insinuations in some quarters that 2015 will determine the fate of the nation, “whatever will happen to Nigeria in 2015 will be determined this year, not 2015.” Disclosing to worshippers that he was permitted only to speak out two of the prophecies God had given him concerning Nigeria, he


CAN to President Jonathan, Buckle up or be ready to vacate Aso Rock

Christian body in the country; under the umbrella of Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, has warned President Goodluck Jonathan to ‘tighten his seat belt’ in the New Year, or honourably resign and vacate the Aso Villa.Chairman of the South- East chapter of CAN and the Anglican Bishop of Enugu, Rt. Rev. Dr. Emmanuel Chukwuma handed this warning to Jonathan in a New Year message released on Tuesday.The cleric said that President Jonathan must rise to the challenges facing his administration, especially the alleged cases of corruption in the polity, unemployment and epileptic power supply.The cleric avowed that if Jonathan fails to live up to expectation, he should prepare to vacate the Aso Rock in 2015.Bishop Chukwuma who said that doom awaits the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in the New Year noted that except the likes of Chief Tony Anenih and Alhaji Bamanga Tukur retire from active politics, the party would continue to face greater calamities.“If those elders I warned before to retire don’t retire, then the party will be in trouble in 2014. At 80, Anenih should retire; Bamangar Tukur should retire.These people should now serve as elders and advisers; if they do that, PDP will get its dignity back, but while you still have these analogue leaders and elders in the party and the polity, forget about PDP in 2015,” he warned.He called on President Jonathan to be focused in the New Year to avoid attracting the wrath of the greater percentage of Nigerians, noting that since the buck stops at his table, all blames of every failure in his government would be completely laid at his doorstep.Chukwuma said, “The letter between Obasanjo and Jonathan is a boomerang of Obasanjo’s selfish act in enthroning a president of his choice for Nigeria.“There are many better leaders out there than Jonathan who would have been elected, but Obasanjo selfishly maneuvered Jonathan into leadership by first putting a sick Yar’Adua in power. Because he couldn’t control him anymore, he started writing letters.“That is why Jonathan must be focused in 2014 in order to prove himself worthy for 2015.“Failure to do that and he gets distracted and doesn’t prove himself, and Nigeria continues with the way it is today with corruption, no light, poverty, unemployment, I beg him, he should just step aside, let us seek for a better leader in 2015.“He has tried in the last six years, and rather than the thing getting him into trouble, and cause him more tension, I think Nigeria is greater than everybody, all of them should give way and give room for new spirit to rule Nigeria from 2015,” he said.Bishop Chukwuma however called on Nigerians to be more faithful to


Major marketers back privatisation of refineries

The Major Oil Marketers Association of Nigeria has supported the move by the Federal Government to privatise the nation’s refineries, saying it is a step in the right direction.The Secretary General, MOMAN, Mr. Obafemi Olawore, during a press briefing in Lagos on Tuesday, urged the Federal Government to ensure that the privatisation process was transparent and open to both local and international bidders with requisite technical knowhow and financial muscle to transform the ailing refineries.He said, “I support the privatisation of the refineries and the reason is that it will bring in private sector efficiency. However, the privatisation should have some basic ingredients. Unlike the one that was done 24 hours before former President Olusegun Obasanjo left office, this one must be transparent, competitive and open to international bidders.“It should attract not only the serious bidders that know about running refineries, but those that have the money. If you make it private, people can buy the refineries and start stripping the assets. But if you make it open, competitive and international, investors who will come will be people who are serious and have the financial muscle to turn around the refineries.”The nation has four refineries with a combined capacity to process 445,000 barrels per day but they have been marred by sub-optimal performance over the years due to poor Turnaround Maintenance, among other factors.The Federal Government has said it planned to privatise the refineries in the first quarter of this year.The MOMAN secretary also condemned pipeline vandalism, saying it was a major hindrance to the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation’s efforts at ensuring efficient supply of petroleum product in the country.Olawore said, “If there is no vandalism, the NNPC can sufficiently meet the petrol demand of the country.  This is because the product that will fill up the pipelines alone is about 500,000 metric tonnes, which is about 500 million litres.“Meanwhile, we need only about 40 million litres a day. If you divide 500 million litres by 40 million, you probably will get about 12 days’ stocks stored in the pipeline network.”

Akpabio Governor

For Standing by the truth, Hausa-Yoruba-APC Blackmails Governor Akpabio averring he Milked Akwa Ibom State Dry Without Mercy

It is no longer news that Akpabio and his family squander the riches of Akwa Ibom State with reckless abandon. To what end do they squander the money? Close watchers liken the scenario to what was common in the colonial era when the colonial masters were only interested in milking the colonised people of their natural resources with reckless abandon, while the people remained impoverished and without a future.The nonsensical argument of Governor Akpabio that he has constructed x number of roads, fly overs, etc is just a ruse for the ignorant. What Roads? Even in his native Annang land, he has completely ignored Ukanafun, Ika, Etim Ekpo and Oruk Anam Local Government Areas.According to eye witness initiated by LVIT, the roads in these areas are just sore reminders of the historic times, a little more than bush tracks owing to increased traffic to the urban centers! With money in trillions and billions of US Dollars coming to Akwa Ibom State from 2007 to date, can anybody rightly claim that Gov. Akpabio can justify it with what is on the ground in a State that is just 3.7 million in population?Let us be honest with ourselves, nobody of good conscience should allow the brigandage to go unredressed. The Governor’s imprint must be measured in terms of matchable  projects and funds. All the Roads and other projects on the ground cannot be more than N300 Billion. Is it the Tropicana project you want to assess first? Any valuer would easily tell you that what is on the ground, in the name of  Tropicana is not worth more than N400 million Naira.Yet this is a Project that was originally estimated at N33 Billion and later increased to N67 billion, without any changes on the ground! What about the Airport project? Other States like Ondo, Delta, Imo got their Airports at reasonable cost. Not so in Akwa Ibom. The Governor wanted Akwa Ibom Airport to be a hub for maintenance and repairs of Aircrafts in the Gulf of Guinea Region; whatever that means.The result is a maintenance hanger that is hanging loose and uncompleted. An average Airport construction should not cost more than N5 billion. Our own Airport so far has gulped more than N500 billion. Little wonder Akpabio has been unable to come out with a White Paper after the Commission of Inquiry he instituted to probe Governor Attah’s modest expenditure on the Airport.How about the Ibom Power Company Ltd.; a company already completed by Governor Attah. To bring power from the project has been an issue since Akpabio took over in 2007. Yet about N300 billion has been spent on the project with no power. There was the charade in 2008 about Akwa Ibom State being the first State in Nigeria to obtain the license to operate an Independent power Station.The list is endless. The Inter-ministerial Direct Labour contract is a scam, pure and simple. It was conceived to dish out patronage to his praise singers without any iota of control. Imagine a situation where roofing contracts are awarded on the same projects twice, thrice, etc at the rate of N20 million for a regular classroom block? Where is all the money going?Akpabio traverses the entire country in a private jet.


Canada names Boko Haram terror group

Canada has designated Boko Haram and the Caucasus Emirate as terrorist organisations under the country’s Criminal Code. Canadian Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Steven Blaney spoke in a statement on Monday in Ottawa and posted on the ministry’s website. “Boko Haram is an organisation responsible for over 300 attacks in northern Nigeria, resulting in the death of over 1,000 people.

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Minister for Defence, Mr Maku, said the military would wipe out the Boko Haram terrorists in 30 minutes, if the terrorists would agree to line up in an area to face the troops

SUPERVISING Minister for Defence, Mr Labaran Maku, in Abuja, on Tuesday, said the military would wipe out the insurgents perpetrating acts of terror in the country in 30 minutes, if the terrorists would agree to line up in an area to face the troops.ADVERTISEMENT He said what made the battle against terrorism in the country a bit complex was the fact that the insurgents hid among the citizens to strike and had refused to be identified. Maku, who doubles as Minister of Information, spoke in Abuja, while presenting the scorecard for 2013, adding that the violence in the North East was as a result of violent politics allegedly played by certain unnamed politicians. He maintained that politicians stopped the Federal Government from deploying troops to the troubled region for years, noting that even when the


All hope is not lost, Bola Tinubu tells Nigerians

National leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Asiwaju Bola Tinubu has urged Nigerians not to lose hope in the country’s future. He said the progressives are poised to transform it into a fertile land of prosperity, when they take over power in 2015. In his New Year message, the former Lagos State governor said Nigeria is destined to be better than it is today. Tinubu said: “If put in the hands of enlightened progressive leaders, this nation can become a fertile land of prosperity, lawfullness, peace and dignity for us all. “This is why we formed the APC, a vehicle to generate and accelerate the process of change towards the most beneficial end for


President Jonathan’s make believe New Year message, ‘Nigeria remains a truly blessed country’

NEW YEAR MESSAGE TO THE NATION FROM PRESIDENT GOODLUCK EBELE JONATHAN, GCFRDECEMBER 31, 2013Dear Compatriots,I greet and felicitate with you all as we enter the year 2014 which promises to be a momentous one for our country for several reasons, including the fact that it is also the year of our great nation’s centenary celebrations. I join you all in giving thanks to God Almighty for guiding us and our beloved nation safely through all the challenges of the outgoing year to the beginning of 2014.Exactly 100 years ago today, on January 1, 1914, the British Colonial authorities amalgamated what was then the separate Protectorates of Southern Nigeria and Northern Nigeria, giving birth to the single geopolitical entity known as Nigeria. For us therefore, today is not just the beginning of a new year, but the end of a century of national existence and the beginning of another. It is a moment for sober reflection and for pride in all that is great about Nigeria.Whatever challenges we may have faced, whatever storms we may have confronted and survived, Nigeria remains a truly blessed country, a country of gifted men and women who continue to distinguish themselves in all spheres of life, a country whose diversity remains a source of strength. We pay tribute today, as always to our founding fathers and mothers, and all the heroes and heroines whose toil and sweat over the century made this country what it is today.As I noted, a few days ago, the amalgamation of 1914 was certainly not a mistake but a blessing. As we celebrate 100 years of nationhood, we must resolve to continue to work together as one, united people, to make our country even greater.I assure you that our administration remains fully committed to the progressive development of our country and the consolidation of peace, unity and democratic governance in our fatherland. Despite several continuing domestic and global challenges, for us in Nigeria, the year 2013 witnessed many positive developments which we will strive to build upon in 2014.We have diligently carried forward the purposeful and focused implementation of our agenda for national transformation in priority areas such as power, the rehabilitation and expansion of national infrastructure, agricultural development, education and employment generation.You may recall that our 2013 Budget was on the theme, “Fiscal Consolidation with Inclusive Growth”, and I emphasized the need for us to “remain prudent with our fiscal resources and also ensure that the Nigerian economy keeps growing and creating jobs”. I am pleased to report that we have stayed focused on this goal.Our national budget for 2014 which is now before the National Assembly is specifically targeted at job creation and inclusive growth. We are keenly aware that in spite of the estimated 1.6 million new jobs created across the country in the past 12 months as a result of our actions and policies, more jobs are still needed to support our growing population. Our economic priorities will be stability and equitable growth, building on the diverse sectors of our economy.In 2013, we commenced implementation of the National Industrial Revolution Plan (NIRP) aimed at industrializing Nigeria and diversifying our economy into sectors such as agro-processing, light manufacturing, and petrochemicals. We have also negotiated a strong Common External Tariff (CET) agreement with our ECOWAS partners which would enable us to protect our strategic industries where necessary.