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Nigeria was born deformed 100 years ago and has died long before, says Bakare.

PM NEWS LAGOS – The General Overseer of Nigeria’s Latter Rain Assembly, Pastor Tunde Bakare, has said that the country called Nigeria was born deformed 100 years ago, adding that it died when Major General Aguiyi Ironsi abolished the regions in 1966.The convener of the Save Nigeria Group, SNG, said this while speaking on the topic: “Birthing A New Nigeria Without Complications” during a live programme on Eko FM 89.75, on Tuesday, and monitored on the SNG’s twitter handle @savenigeria. Bakare added that the “Federal Republic of Nigeria” is a lie.He said with the way the Nigerian is currently structured, we can never produce the Nigeria of our dreams.“If we are going to become a united nation, we need to sit down and renegotiate our destiny. The foundation of our problem is that the British ensured that for 46 years there was little interaction between the North and the South. The British ensured that the military was basically north. Where ever there is economic interest you will see military. The British were here for the economic interest“The January 1 1914 amalgamation was merely administrative. The amalgamation of the judiciary was in 1916 and that was of the legislature was in 1947. Awo and Zik were nationalists, they set up AG and NCNC but the northern parties were given northern identities. Nigeria died a long time ago when Major General Aguiyi Ironsi abolished the regions“The “Federal” Republic of Nigeria is a lie. This baby (Nigeria) was already born deformed. The way the Nigerian government is currently structured can never produce the Nigeria of our dreams. If we don’t restructure and have a people’s constitution, we are deceiving ourselves. Elections cannot produce it. We must not put the cart before the horse,” he warned.Bakare wondered if there are still people in this nation capable of birthing the new Nigeria.“George Washington refused salary as president but Nigerian politicians go into elections to make money. But there are people who will put the nation first. I am a beneficiary of Awolowo’s free education policy”“Don’t trust anyone who has never been tested with power. The way we are going, America is beating the drum that there will not be a Nigeria by 2015 and we are dancing to it. We can avert disaster by going to the negotiation table,” he said.Speaking on the National Confab, he said,”no matter by what nomenclature the government sets up a national conference, let’s go to the negotiation table. Any constitution that will not bend will break.“Time has come to recaliberate prayer, evangelism and social activism. There is no time better than now for Nigerians to talk. This confab must produce a new constitution. There is hope for Nigeria.”


Release of 165 B’Haram Terrorist members while Charles Okah remained incarcerated, an injustice Jonathan must address.

In recent years, the Nigerian government has been accused of indiscriminate arrests, harassment, and prosecution in its fight against crimes and terrorism. There are allegations that many innocent citizens had been killed; while others had been starved, poisoned, brutalised and dehumanised in prisons.On Friday, January 10, 2014, however, The PUNCH reported that President Goodluck Jonathan ordered the release of 165 terror suspects. A similar directive was given in May 2013, when scores of women and children were released. According to the Director of Defence Information, Maj.-Gen. Chris Olukolade, these and similar moves are “meant to enhance peace efforts in the country.”But beyond the peace efforts, such moves are necessary because a democratic government must not be seen or thought of to be engaged in extraligalities. The innocent must not be falsely accused, prosecuted and or jailed. And those whom the government thinks warrant prosecution must be speedily tried. Keeping the accused, as is the case with Charles Oyintombra Okah, locked up for years and under inhumane condition is not only indecent and cruel, it is against what justice, humanity and democracy call for.It will be recalled that Okah has been in detention ever since he was suspected, amongst other crimes, of being the elusive Jomo Gbomo of the famed Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta. He is also accused of being an accessory to the 2010 Independence Day bombings at the Eagle Square, Abuja.  If these allegations are true, where is the supportive evidence? If indeed he is what the Nigerian government alleges, where is the incontrovertible evidence? Mere allegations are not evidence of guilt; and unfounded suspicion should not be the basis for a lengthy confinement.It is disturbing that without an iota of evidence, the Nigerian government locks up a suspect in jail and where, gradually, physical and mental illness are creeping up on him. All efforts at reaching President Jonathan to intervene in the matter have failed. All efforts at a speedy and impartial trial have also failed. What’s more, entreaties to the Judiciary and the Catholic Church – the Church to which Charles Okah belongs — have also failed.Okah should never have been arrested in the first place. This is so because there is no evidence linking him to any crime or terrorism. None! In the second place, the civil society – especially those engaged in human and civil rights campaign – should have come to his defence. Third, the President himself knew, and even said so in a televised comment he made shortly after the unfortunate incident that neither MEND nor the Okah brothers were responsible for the 2010 Independence Day bombings.  And fourth, the presiding judge should have, at the very least, dismissed the case. But he didn’t! What is he afraid of?And even Anthony Olubunmi Okogie –formerly Catholic Archbishop of Lagos who is known for truth, justice and human rights and for his defence of the defenceless – has been mute on this matter. He and the Roman Catholic Church have basically abandoned a life-long member of the Catholic faith to rot alone and in silence. Fourteen months after a Save-My-Soul letter to the leadership of the Church, there has been no response.With nowhere to turn and with no succour in sight, the family of Okah has decided to bring the matter to the public’s notice by releasing a press statement. The entire Okah family expressed concern over the “continued inhuman incarceration and deteriorating man-induced mental health of their son.” Frankly, Okah’s mental condition is so bad that in early December 2013, Justice Gabriel Kolawole of the Abuja Division of the Federal High Court ordered him to undergo a battery of psychiatric tests.Other than the long periods of solitary confinement, the Okah family alleged that: “The drug, known as Epilim 200 (sodium valproate or ESV), was prescribed by Prof. Bwala, a consultant Neurologist at the National Hospital Abuja, to treat the damage to Okah’s neurological system caused by exposure to high levels of fumigant chemicals, when he and his cell mates were locked up inside the cell that was being fumigated which led to the subsequent death of Francis Osuwo.”The family went on to say, “Our research however revealed that sodium valproate, which was administered in 200mg dosage thrice daily to him, is a medication primarily for epilepsy. Charles Okah is not epileptic. A fellow inmate in a single cell block where Charles Okah has been languishing in solitary confinement for three years, confirmed that he had complained to one Dr. Ajayi of the Kuje Prison clinic several times concerning the serious side effects the drug was having on him; listing some of them as hallucinations, memory loss, severe headaches, confusion and bed wetting.”


Nigeria ‘ll break if Jonathan is not allowed to contest —EZEIFE

Former governor of Anambra State Dr. Chukwuemeka Ezeife, has declared that Nigeria may break up if President Goodluck Jonathan was disallowed from running for a second term in office. Ezeife, who stated this in an interview with Vanguard in Abuja, said: “At this juncture in Nigerian history, President Jonathan’s interest in a second term and Nigerians’ interest in the continued existence of the country have become coterminous.” He also insisted that those opposed to President Jonathan’s convening of a national conference were also opposed to Nigeria’s continued existence as a united country. He said: “If you say because you oppose President Jonathan’s bid for a second term in office, you are also opposed to a National Dialogue, you are saying no to one Nigeria.


Boko Haram terrorists car bomb kills 19 in Borno

After a long lull, Maiduguri, the Borno State capital, was in turmoil yesterday. A car bomb killed 19 people and injured 40, according to witnesses. But, it was not immediately clear who was responsible for the explosion, which destroyed cars and caused panic in the city. The bomb, planted in a three-wheel rickshaw taxi, exploded outside the state television offices at around 1.30 pm (1230 GMT), witnesses told Reuters. “My men counted 17 dead as at 2:00 pm and they are still counting. I have instructed my men to go to the University of Maiduguri


Obasanjo the father of all evil urges religious leaders to pray for Nigeria

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo yesterday urged religious organisations, particularly the Christian faithful to fervently pray and fast for Nigeria as the country inches closer to the 2015 general elections. Chief Obasanjo spoke when the National President of the Pentecostal Federation of Nigeria (PFN), Revd Felix Omobude, visited him at his Hilltop mansion in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital. The former President, who described Nigeria as God’s project which existence is by His making, said it is only God that appoints leaders for a country notwithstanding the political scheming and campaign promises. Making a veil reference to the dark days of the despotic military regime of the late Gen. Sanni Abacha, Obasanjo said nobody had ever thought that the likes of late Abacha could become a leader in Nigeria.

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Confab Panel sets agenda, recommends political restructuring of the Zoo

THE Senator Femi Okurounmu led Presidential Advisory Committee on National Dialogue/Conference has drafted an agenda to restructure the country along a presidential or parliamentary system of government with a bicameral or unicameral legislature.The Okurounmu committee which recommended the commencement of the national conference next month before full blown campaigning for the 2015 general elections also proposed the election of one delegate per federal constituency as a way of drawing participation of the grassroots.“The advantage of electing Delegates on the basis of Federal Constituencies is that it allows for wider participation of the grassroots,” the committee reported.national-conferenceBesides the 360 delegates to be directly elected by universal suffrage, 185 delegates representing special interest groups are to be nominated including one woman per state, one youth per state, traditional rulers per state. In each of the special interest groups, the Federal Capital Territory would be represented while the Federal Government would make four nominations for each of the groups.Physically challenged, professional bodies including the Nigerian Labour Congress, NLC, Trade Union Congress and the Nigerian Bar Association, NBA are also to be represented. Others are the Organised Private Sector, 3, Faith based organizations, Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, 2; Christian Association of Nigeria, 2; and Traditionalists 2. State Governments and FCT, 37; Federal Government (2 Executive, 2 Legislature, 2 Judiciary) Armed Forces and Police 4; and Diaspora Representatives 2.The Okuruonmu committee nevertheless also suggested the election of direct delegates by senatorial constituencies as an alternative for electing delegates so long as the great majority of delegates are directly elected. The conference is to be managed by a Conference Management Secretariat to be headed by an Executive Secretary who shall be the administrative head of the conference.Excerpts from the committee report read thus: After a careful appraisal of the issues involved as well as their apparent complexities for national harmony, the Committee recommends as follows:That the structure of the National Conference as recommended in Chapter Six shall make provisions for representatives of interest groups through nomination, so their total number compliments the number of the Delegates to be directly elected through universal adult suffrage.The President should nominate the representatives from the identified key interest groups in active consultation with them such that, the interest groups themselves do the actual presentation of the names of those the groups want the President to nominate as Delegates to the national conference.Interest groups In addition to the interest groups listed earlier namely, Women, Youth, Traditional Rulers, Physically-Challenged, Professional Bodies, Organized Private sector, Faith-Based Organizations, the Diaspora, Executive, Legislative and Judicial arms of Government, Armed Forces and the Police, the credibility of the Conference will be enriched by nominating representatives of the main regional socio-political organizations such as the Afenifere, Arewa Consultative Forum, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Middle-Belt Forum, South-South Peoples Assembly, etc. Every State Government shall nominate one Delegate and the President through the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory shall nominate one Delegate for the Federal Capital Territory Abuja. In the event that any State fails to nominate a Delegate, the President shall nominate a delegate for the said state.The Committee recommends that the total number of Delegates from the socio-political groups should not exceed 36 at 6 per Geo-Political Zone. The socio-political groups invited to nominate the Delegates should decide for themselves who their respective representatives should be.Recommendations: To advise Government on a time-frame for the national conferenceIn view of the above, this committee now recommends as follows: 1: The National Conference should hold for duration of not less the three months and not not more than six  months.

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B’Haram: Abuja Court gives FG of Nigeria ultimatum to charge lecturer, others.

The lecturer(left) and other suspects being paraded by the State Security Service in Abuja…. on WednesdayAn Abuja Federal High Court on Monday gave the Federal Government a seven-day ultimatum to file charges against six suspected members of the Boko Haram sect, arrested by the State Security Service last October.Justice Gabriel Kolawole said he would set free the suspects, who have been in the custody of the SSS since October 2013, if the Federal Government failed to file charges against them before the January 23 next date of hearing.Among the six is an Assistant Lecturer in Arabic and Islamic Studies at Kogi State University, Dr. Nazeef Yunus.Yunus was alleged to be the spiritual leader and coordinator of the Boko Haram cell in Kogi State.The others are Umar Musa (aka Abubakar), Mustapha Yusuf (aka Habib), Ismaila Abdulazeez, Ibrahim Isa Hayafu and Salami Abdullahi.The SSS had on November 25, 2013, obtained an order of the court, which permitted it to detain Yunus and the others for 45 days to enable it conclude investigations into the suspects’ terrorist activities in Kogi State.Following the expiration of the 45-day detention order, the SSS approached the court on Monday, asking for an extension.The security agency informed the court that investigations had been concluded and that the case file had been sent to the Attorney-General of the Federation.But the suspects also filed an application, asking the court to order the SSS to immediately arraign them, or grant them bail pending arraignment.Justice Kolawole noted that there was no basis to continue holding the suspects without charging them to court.He therefore ordered the Federal Government to file charges against the suspects within seven days, or risk their discharge.The judge adjourned the matter to January 23.The SSS had accused the suspects of planning to carry out attacks in parts of Kogi State before they were arrested at a mosque in Zuba, a town near Abuja, while on their way to Zambisa in Maiduguri for training.The security agency said the suspects planned to install Sharia in Kogi State.Yunus denied the allegations.