Immigration Jobs, All but 240 slots Allocated To Politicians (out of 4500 slots)

This is what goes on in Nigeria but you must be intelligent to understand it, don’t fall for their tricks !! Most of the Immigration jobs that hundreds of thousands turned up trying to get on Saturday have already been allocated to well-connected politicians, including state governors and federal lawmakers.***The needless deaths of our youth, which resulted from a combination of exploitation, corruption, greed and incompetence of the relevant authorities, represent a needless violation of their right to life and dignity. Out of sheer greed, 1,000 Naira each was collected from the over 770,000 unemployed applicants shortlisted. The Jonathan led PDP government therefore fleeced unemployed youth and their parents of Seven hundred and seventy six million naira (N770 million naira) using a consultant as conduit. Even then, the available vacancies of about 4,500 have already been filled through the back door by over 3,000 candidates of PDP Apparatchik and government officials.The pervasive corruption and incompetence that have become the hallmarks of the Jonathan Administration paved the way for this unprecedented greed in which hapless job seekers were extorted by the same government that has failed to provide jobs for them. Yet, this government has no social security or any form of safety net for the vulnerable army of the unemployed. It should be made clear that this government encourages and baby sits corruption stealing not only from the Pension fund of Nigerian citizens, but also from the unemployed and from our collective patrimony, the NNPC.That is why we are calling for a criminal investigation to unravel the circumstances that led to the deaths of those innocent Nigerians, to find out who authorized the fleecing of job seekers by a government agency, what happened to the money realized from the heist and why the relevant officials did not ensure a better arrangement that could have saved precious lives.

National Confab: Don’t trade-off Igbo future

BY EDWIN CHUKWUDIRE-OBIThe major problem facing Nigerians irrespective of tribe or ethnic affinity is the issue of insincerity on the part of those to whom we have committed the affairs of the Nigerian state. Because of this false sincerity of those in government, any plan, concept or project which worked in other countries, when it is introduced in Nigeria, Nigerians will on their own tell you ‘e no go work’, not because they don’t want it to work. If you follow up that project, plan or concept, you will find out it did not work.This is because Nigerians know from several years of bitter experience that those in whose hands such projects, plans or concepts are committed will end up pursuing personal interest above the collective interest and expectations of Nigerians. From past and present presidents, National Assembly members, governors, state House of Assembly members, down to local government chairmen and counselors, it has become extremely difficult to single out 5% of those who are not driven by personal selfish interest.The pursuit of personal selfish interest and the negative mentality of ‘let me get enough out this position before I’m removed or before my tenure runs out, is one of the motivators for self-seeking and corruption among those in authority.  Presently, many Nigerians have no iota of trust in those in positions of authority in the country.Unavoidably, it is in this atmosphere of mistrust, lack of confidence and deep-rooted insincerity that ethnic nationalities selected delegates to represent their interest in the on-going national conference. It would be an understatement to say that there is palatable apprehension and sense of uncertainty among the ethnic nationalities whether those they selected as delegates to represent their interest at the conference, will collect ‘Ghana must go’ to trade-off the collective interest and future of their zones. Ironically, this fear is more pronounced among Ndigbo, because of the age-long money conscious nature ascribed to Igbos and the erroneous misconception that every Igboman can betray the highest trust because of money.

More Bodies Discovered After Fulani Herdsmen Massacre In Southern Kaduna That Left Hundreds Dead

We have buried 119 corpses in three mass graves. …We are still counting,” says Nuhu Warney, Southern Kaduna on the latest Fulani massacreMore grim details are emerging as police and volunteers are finding the bodies of men, women and children in the forests near villages where hundreds died in raids by Fulani herdsmen over the weekend in Southern Kaduna, Central NigeriaThe attacks took place Friday night into Saturday when Fulani gunmen shot, hacked and burned to death at least 100 people and their razed homes.One of the survivors, Nuhu Warney said,“They came in such a large number, maybe about 200 of them, some in military uniforms, but with robber shoes. They divided themselves into three groups. There was a group that fired what may be a bomb, or some kind of explosives. The explosives brought down homes with flames. Then there was another group that shoot at those trying to escape from the fire. The last group used machete to cut down the shot ones and injured to death. These were mostly women and children.”

How Abacha looted $2b, by U.S. report

The United States has opened up on how the late Head of State, Gen. Sani Abacha , his son, Mohammed, a friend of the family, Abubakar Atiku Bagudu and others looted about $2.2 billion through security votes fraud.Money was also stolen through the Ajaokuta Steel debt-buy back and extortion of Dumez Group, a company operating in Nigeria.Mohammed Abacha and Bagudu might be imprisoned if they disobey the order freezing their assets.The highlights of how the late Gen. Abacha and others looted the treasury were contained in a March 10, 2014 note to the Federal Government by the U.S. Department of Justice.

A Biafra saboteur Senator, Florence Ita-Giwa Accuse Members Of Wrecking Nigeria

Delegates Ita- Giwa, and Nuhu Sanusi, say many of the problems Nigeria is facing were caused by some of the same delegates to the National Conference according to a report filed by Premium Times. Two delegates to the ongoing National Conference, the Emir of Dutse, Nuhu Sanusi, and a former Senator, Florence Ita-Giwa, have blamed Nigeria’s intractable problems on the country’s prominent leaders and citizens, including many delegates to the confab.Mr. Sanusi and Ms Ita-Giwa spoke in Abuja Tuesday at the first plenary of the conference, which turned out to be a dramatic session.

Five arrested in Akwa Ibom baby factory

The police in Akwa Ibom State have arrested five people for their alleged involvement in a baby factory. Seven expectant mothers are being held.Commissioner of Police Umar Gwadabe said the baby factory was located at 19, Nepa Line, Ikot Ekpene.He said: “The discovery came following a tip-off that two women, Ima Akpan (35) and Mma Nurse, now at large, were operating a baby factory where seven expectant mothers were camped.

Terrorism: Nigeria, France, 4 others countries join forces

Following the upsurge in Boko Haram insurgency in the North-Eastern part of the country,  Nigeria has entered into agreement with France, Cameroon, and three of her other neighbours in a bid to contain the menace of the terrorists.This is to increase the level of coordination and exchange of intelligence as well as hold regular meetings of experts with a view to containing the menace.This is just as 85 high schools in Borno State are being shut inefinitely amidst fears of massive attacks by Boko Haram terrorists.According to an online news portal, The Premium Times, Nigeria’s other neighbours who also agreed to ensure effective policing of

Foundation of Nigeria’s education policy obsolete

The Federal Government, yesterday, said that the foundation which formed the bedrock of the nation’s education policy had become obsolete.President Goodluck Jonathan made this known at the opening ceremony of the 20th Nigeria Economic Summit, with the theme, ‘Transforming Education through Partnership for Global Competitiveness,’ in Abuja.This was even as the government said that it invested N561.9 billion in tertiary and secondary education between 2009 and last year.The Chairman of the NESG, Mr. Foluso Philips, also called on Federal Government to make public the forensic audit of the alleged missing