Barigha Amange North Nigeria will continue to drag Nigeria backward

Dr. Junaid Muhammed in a recent interview said the northerners fought and died to create South-South states. Do you agree?I believe that Junaid Muhammed must have been misquoted. If he said northerners fought and died to create South-South states, the statement is not clear. The issue here is that without the South-South, Nigeria would not have been one today. When you talk of South-South, two thirds of South-South are in Bayelsa, Rivers, Akwa Ibom and Cross River states. And they were supposed to join the South East to form the Republic of Biafra but because those four states opted out and wanted Nigeria to remain one, that is why Nigeria is one today.

Rescue of Cameroon Minister’s wife: Nigerian military has proved impotent

Only recently over 200 members of Boko Haram sect were alleged to have moved to one of the nation’s neighbouring countries, Cameroon and kidnapped the wife of the Deputy Prime Minister, Amadou Ali.Few days after the abduction, the Cameroonian Army in a successful operation, rescued the abducted deputy Prime Minister’s wife. The quick rescue came on the heels of over 200 Female students of Government Secondary Schoool, Chibok, Borno that have been held captive for 110 days now.

Muslims Butcher An Entire Village, And The Video That Was Taken Afterwords Will Break Your Heart; Obama, has authorized air strikes against Islamic militants

By Shoebat Foundation By Walid and Theodore Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive)Muslims, all members of ISIS, butchered a village in Iraq, and there was a heart wrenching video showing the aftermath.The caption says “Look at what ISIS did to the women in Iraq”. We do not know exactly where in Iraq this happened or where the footage…

How Imo Allocation From FG Goes Into Gov mallam Okoroch “ Task Force Project” Account As Accountant General Faces Sack Over Leakage Of State Secret

The days in office by the Accountant-General of Imo State, Mrs Udogu is said to be numbered, following accusation from high quarters in the Governor Rochas Okoroch administration alleging that the woman is not protecting the state Governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha on expenditures of the administration, attached to non existing projects and contracts.According to sources who spoke to this Newspaper, Mrs Udogu was accused of having granted an interview to a Newspaper in Abuja after attending meeting on Federation Accounts Allocation, where it was alleged she could not explain how the state account was being operated.

Nigeria United States trade hits $36bn

The trade volume between Nigeria and the United States of America has risen to $36 billion annually, President Goodluck Jonathan has disclosed.He made the disclosure in Washington DC late Wednesday at a dinner held in his honour by the United States Chambers of Commerce and the Corporate Council on Africa.President Jonathan, who called for more investments, noted that the trade volume would continue to grow with greater cooperation between Nigeria, its allies in the US government and the private sector.

United States Vice-President Joe Biden Africa’s natural wealth should not be stolen and repatriated

United States Vice-President Joe Biden, in a remark at the U.S.-Africa Business Forum on Tuesday , spoke about why America cannot do without Africa and vice versa.America isexcited about the prospects of Africa, because Africa present — possesses two incredible resources: an overwhelming abundance of natural resources, and the resources of its people.  And both — both its people and its natural resources warrant significant investment and development.I’d like to focus just for a moment on the people.  As I said when I spoke yesterday at the African Civil Society meeting, the people of Africa and their leaders are attempting to