Politicians warned ‘several times’ about cladding fire risk to London tower

Fires in France, Australia, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and the US have been linked to the aluminum composite panels used on the outside of the building. Eyewitnesses of the west London tragedy have suggested that the fire spread quickly through the facade of the building because the cladding contained flammable polyethylene or a plastic core.

Explosion strikes kindergarten in eastern China – police

Chinese police have yet to confirm the number of casualties, but the South China Morning Post is reporting that dozens of people have been left injured. BREAKING: Blast occurs near kindergarten in Fengxian County, east China, casualties unclear pic.twitter.com/ZhZs1qZGma— China Xinhua News (@XHNews) June 15, 2017

‘Pray for me’: Final messages emerge from people trapped in Grenfell Tower

While some of the victims begged for help, others simply accepted their fate and said their goodbyes. Khadija Saye, 24, who was in a flat on the 20th floor with her 54-year-old mother Mary Mendy, sent out a Facebook message reading “please pray for me” as smoke filled her flat.