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The Dow Hit 20,000. Now What?

Yes, it is just another number. But in an industry that lives and dies by the power (seen and unseen) of sums in all their varieties, that the Dow Jones industrial average closed above 20,000 on Wednesday was enough to give even the most hardened stock market watchers reason to smile.

The New Health Care: Blame Technology, Not Longer Life Spans, for Health Spending Increases

American life spans are rising, and as they are, health care spending is, too. But longevity is not contributing to the spending increase as much as you might think. The median age in the United States will rise to about 40 by 2040, up from 37.7 today.

Economic View: Federal Policy Will Shift. Not All States Will Shift With It.

Bitter divisions about the proper role of government in the United States have always been with us. Within broad limits, our Constitution’s response to this reality has been to empower states to adopt policies tailored to their own constituents’ beliefs and values.