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State of the Art: Why Silicon Valley Wouldn’t Work Without Immigrants

SAN FRANCISCO — The workers of Silicon Valley make unlikely revolutionaries. As a group, they are relatively wealthy, well educated and well connected. While most here supported Hillary Clinton, tech workers are not the most obvious targets of President Trump’s policy ideas.

German Automakers Step Up to Silicon Valley Challenge

WOLFSBURG, Germany — One of the first things Ole Harms did after taking over Volkswagen’s new ride-hailing start-up was leave town. Staid Wolfsburg, Volkswagen’s home, was not the best place for the automaker to mount a defense against Silicon Valley challengers keen to upend the car industry, and he needed to move.

Economic Scene: How to Make America Greater: More Immigration

President Trump will make America smaller. He may not be thinking in these terms. But as he barrels ahead with his promise to restrict immigration — barring people from some Muslim-majority countries, limiting work visas, expelling millions who are here illegally — the president might want to ponder how this fits the theme of making America “great again.