The Checkup: Being the Voice in Your Child’s Head

When my son first negotiated for the right to take the New York subway to school alone, I thought I was agreeing that he could take a very particular train from one specific stop to another specific stop at certain times of day (and after all, if he didn’t arrive, I thought, the school would know something was wrong).

Trump’s Pick for Health Secretary Under Scrutiny for Investments

Representative Tom Price of Georgia, President Trump’s choice for secretary of Health and Human Services, has been assailed by Democrats in recent weeks over his investment in health care companies at the same time that he pushed legislation that could have benefited those businesses.

The New Old Age: Nursing Home Residents Gain New Protections

If you had to give the nation’s nursing homes a letter grade for quality, what would it be? Experts tend to sigh at this question and point out, correctly, that the country’s 15,600 facilities are vastly different — rural and urban, for-profit and nonprofit and government-run, home to the reasonably healthy and the extremely sick, high-quality operations and appalling ones.